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Eurokiller Suspended for 3 days

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Topic: Eurokiller Suspended for 3 days
Posted By: Don Quixote
Subject: Eurokiller Suspended for 3 days
Date Posted: 22-Feb-2012 at 00:49
eurokiller was warned twice by me on the -
thread and had a warning posted by Nick on the Warning Subforum, -
after which he posted another post
"...How stupid can you be to claim that there isn't a Bulgarian minority in Turkey? They never lived in Turkey in the first place, so of course there isn't! Yeah they massacred them, thats why they still exist unlike the Natives of North America and Australia. Typical shameless euro lies and BS..." -

which contained the following violations:
3. Trolling; Trolling is the act of posting witty, response-provoking comments that appear relevant in order to disrupt the discussion, annoy or create attention. Trolling can also be considered as Spam, inflammatory remarks, or annoyance.


5. Rude insults, defamatory remarks, offensive images, cursing, profanity intended as an insult towards another member, personal attacks, words of hate. Any remarks that stirs up anger. In dealing with flame wars, comments that started the flame war will have more weight in terms of violation.

 6. Nationalism and the belittlement of religious groups; derogatory remarks to religious, national or ethnic groups and members, jingoism, bigotry, racism, political propaganda. (see appendix below) 

forum_posts.asp?TID=6512&FID=71&PR=3 -

So he was suspended for 3 days.

Posted By: Nick1986
Date Posted: 24-Feb-2012 at 19:09
Tomorrow is the last day of Eurokiller's suspension. I hope he will learn from this and tone down his personal attacks

Me Grimlock not nice Dino! Me bash brains!

Posted By: Don Quixote
Date Posted: 25-Feb-2012 at 00:54
The suspencion for eurokiller has been lifted.


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