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Topic: Khayyam
Posted By: Cyrus Shahmiri
Subject: Khayyam
Date Posted: 18-May-2010 at 10:41
Today is the birthday of Khayyam, a great Persian mathematician, philosopher, astronomerm physician, and poet. It is enough to know his Robaiyyat has been translated to more than 40 languages in verse by some great poets.


Posted By: TheGreatSimba
Date Posted: 18-May-2010 at 13:47
Perhaps he was very hard working, dedicated, and driven! But I cannot believe that people from that era could do such remarkable things unless they were unique from the rest of the population, he was surely a genius.

Posted By: opuslola
Date Posted: 22-May-2010 at 13:30
A greater question!

Where are these "multi-talented" genius' today? "Oh, where, Oh where, have they gone?"

I agree with TGS!


Posted By: p,c,ma
Date Posted: 23-Nov-2010 at 21:52
Their still here its just nobody wants to listen to them.


Posted By: opuslola
Date Posted: 23-Nov-2010 at 22:22
Pardon me, the correct English is "they are still here.....!" If you wanted to abbreviate it is would be "they're still here...!"

I am not a prude, but the usage of correct or mostly correct English by native speakers, would be most appreciated!

If one want's (wills to become) a part of the world of entertaining discussion of Ancient History, then one should be ready to at least use the language with which they were trained with, to respond with some type of correct English!

I am not responsible for the incredible lack of of education found today in our American Educational System, but I can bitch about it upon this forum!

So, regardless of your point of view, and since you do not claim a bias towards an education in a foreign language, then I, at least, expect you to respond or argue, in the correct form of English, at least as far as I understand it!


Posted By: p,c,ma
Date Posted: 23-Nov-2010 at 23:27
Only to make you happy Opusola (a name which no one understands).
If we are getting so specific about our English, I feel it neccesary to point out the misuse of the word, "bitch" ,in your last statement. Unless you are saying the site is a pregnant dog.


Posted By: opuslola
Date Posted: 24-Nov-2010 at 00:05
Then p,c, ma, you must have a poor dictionary in your possession! To "bitch" has other meanings as opposed to "dogs!" which anyone in America at least knows!

And by the way the unknown person that I hate to refer to as "p,c, ma", if you in your childish hurry had ever chanced to look, I have signed every post of mine with my real name, which exists at the bottom of every post of mine over the last few years as "Ron Hughes!"

You must be rather blind not to see it!

And you must also be rather stupid not to recognize the names "Opus" and "Lola!" "Opus" as you should be easily able to find out, is the name of a very famous news paper cartoon, of a "pinguin"! And "Lola" was his girlfriend!

Now I may be unnecessarly harsh with you? Since your very problem is most likely to be a result of your young age, and just possibly your lack of a well rounded education?

So, as you see, young man or young woman, if you had taken either the time or the respect, to check the sources you would have both found my real name "Ronald Hughes" as well as the relationship of "Opus and Lola?"

That is one of the reasons that scholarship is so poor today!

Please see this to see why I used Lola to depict my present wife;

I am, of course the one in the formal suit, with webbed toes!

Regards anyway,


Posted By: p,c,ma
Date Posted: 24-Nov-2010 at 14:46
Calm down now your the one who put it down as one word (thus destroying the use of google search).
And as for not using Ron Hughes, I didn't think to use your name instead of your screen name.
Sue me.
Hunter Johns 


Posted By: opuslola
Date Posted: 24-Nov-2010 at 16:02
Sorry p,c, uh! Hunter! I thought I was being "tounge in cheek!", did not mean to offend!

My sincere apology!


Posted By: p,c,ma
Date Posted: 24-Nov-2010 at 19:42
Its all right.
Your wife might get mad if she found out though.


Posted By: Don Quixote
Date Posted: 02-Mar-2012 at 02:48
Great. Very complex and interesting figure, with accomplishments in more than one field. I can never get tired of his 4-liners, they always make me think and always sound fresh and with something to offer. My only regret is that I cannot read them in original.


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