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Enter Ghostnet

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Topic: Enter Ghostnet
Posted By: Kevin
Subject: Enter Ghostnet
Date Posted: 30-Mar-2009 at 18:20

TORONTO — A vast electronic spying operation has infiltrated computers and has stolen documents from hundreds of government and private offices around the world, including those of the - Dalai Lama , Canadian researchers have concluded. -
I found this yesterday on Real Clear Politics, it appears that ether nationalist mainland Chinese or the Chinese Government it's self (most likely the latter). Has been hacking and installing malicious software on computers of various government offices and other organizations around the world.
So what does everyone think about this?
One it could be a step towards furthering the legitmacy of the internet in terms of warfare and espionage. At least that is what I think about this.    

Posted By: Al Jassas
Date Posted: 31-Mar-2009 at 08:23

Hello to you all

So what?
Of course China is spying on other countries just as the US do or any other country for that matter. It is called national security and nearly all countries in the world have special electronic warfare and espionage units in their intelligence that are used to take down the enemy. Everybody have seen how effective they were during the Russian problems with one of the Baltic nations some years ago when the government was totally shut down just imagine what will happen if such a thing happens in the US.

Posted By: khshayathiya
Date Posted: 09-Apr-2009 at 14:49
I think the point was not so much pointing a finger at China for doing something everybody else is doing, but rather highlighting the new importance of the Net as a battleground.

Will this new type of warfare be more humane that what we've seen in WWII? That remains as yet unknown.


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