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Champions League 2008/2009!

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Topic: Champions League 2008/2009!
Posted By: Kaysaar
Subject: Champions League 2008/2009!
Date Posted: 28-Aug-2008 at 20:34
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you the UEFA Champions League groups stages!

Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
W. Bremen
At. Madrid

Group E
Group F
Group G
Group H
Manchester Utd
R. Madrid
Bayern M.
Aalborg BK
D. Kyiv

To me it looks like some of last years favorites are going to have a rough time around this year. Groups B, D and G look like the toughest to me. Arsenal has three strong teams to go through if they hope to make it out of the group stages, especially after the very strong run Fenerbahce made last year, and they've only become stronger with Dani Güiza and Luis Aragonés. Both Porto and Dynamo Kyiv are also teams not to be taken lightly.

Liverpool's matches against Atlético de Madrid will provide some nice drama as Fernando Torres faces off against his old team in group D.

In group H, Real Madrid might have their hands full with both Juventus and Zenit.

I think that my querido Barcelona made off well, with their real only challenger being Sporting de Lisboa. Yay!


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 28-Aug-2008 at 20:44
....well, out of all the English sides, on paper, it looks like my team Chelsea appear to have the 'easiest' group although as all managers are fond of saying, 'at this stage, there are no easy teams'!!!...
.....i cannot see it being an all English final again, but then i did not think it would be an all English final at the start of last seasons Champions League campaign...Wink...
..still, i am really looking forward to the competition as we football fans are pretty much guaranteed a feast of quality footie from all the teams involved...and i for one, will try to watch as many games as i can......
..all the best then and 'come on you blooz'!!!!!


Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 28-Aug-2008 at 20:49
first of: big LOL at Schalke. i hope Bremen does well in their group. i also hope that Bayern fails vs Lyon like Stuttgart did. i'll take that one as a benchmark (if bayern loses as well) Embarrassed

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 28-Aug-2008 at 21:04
Bayern in a Champions League once again


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 29-Aug-2008 at 05:24


Arsenal v Manchester United
Chelsea v Liverpool
Very unlikely I know, but the I would not have predicted 3 English sides in the semis two years in a row, nor would I have thought it would be Liverpool the winner in 2005. Though I still say; that was not a penalty!


Posted By: King Kang of Mu
Date Posted: 29-Aug-2008 at 06:36

Yeah!  My favorite thread is back!

Starting with Group A
Chelsea.  Wow, Scolari, Deco and I hear Robinho finally last minute?  I think it's great!  I wanted Robinho to succeed in Madrid.  But Schuster wasn't much different than Capello.  With Scolari he will feel much more comfortable.  Plus at Madrid they had no one like Deco to serve him the ball.  Only guy who was serving him the ball consistently was Guti, perhaps the only one whose ego wasn't threatened by Robinho's skills.  And think about all the protection he would get from guys like Essien, Lampard, Makalele, Ballack, Mikel...   I also hope that Scolari brings up Ashley Cole more.  High hopes on Bosingwa and I also like Belletti too.  Alex used to be Robinho's teammate back in Santos days. 
But It's not just what they added but also they didn't lose much.  Funny how some rich teams seem to do that.  Who did they lose?  Schevchenko?  C'mon, now.   I think he might do well actually back with AC Milan and now that means Ronaldnho and Kaka.  But as far as Chelsea goes you can't hardly call him a loss. 
Makalele, I wish they still have him.  I can see why though.  He was little inconsistent toward the end when it counted the most, almost looking like aging.   I still think he's a world class.  What I like him the most about his game in Chelsea is that he allows Essien and Lampard to push up same time if they choose to.  Now you got Deco instead of Makalele and Essien and Lampard has so stay back more.  But Deco can defend actually.  He's no Makalele for sure.  But he doesn't have to be. 
Drogba's hurt but he didn't leave.  Lampard didn't leave.  Terry didn't leave.  Carvalho didn't.  When Drogba Comes back it will be something like this.
           A. Cole
                           Terry        Carvalho(Alex)
I like that line up.  If Lampard or Essien gets hurt, go get Senna.  Villareal's a small club.  They will sell him to you.   Next year, get Deigo and Elano.  OK I'm dreaming now but who knows it might happen. 
Anelka's actually doing fine in injured Drogba's place but we will see....  He's not really known for his consistency. 
Sorry, it got kinda long on Chelsea with Robinho deal.   Next up, my favorite Italian club for past three years, AS Roma!  


Posted By: Kaysaar
Date Posted: 29-Aug-2008 at 14:29
Shaun Wright-Phillips won't be with Chelsea this year - he left and signed with Manchester City. The pairing of Drogba and Robinho will be an exciting pairing to watch - an intriguing mix of a power striker and a Brazilian Samba striker. 


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 29-Aug-2008 at 14:51
I am surprised that Drogba stayed; he was 99% responsible for Chelsea losing the Champions League Final.


Posted By: King Kang of Mu
Date Posted: 29-Aug-2008 at 19:44
Originally posted by Kaysaar

Shaun Wright-Phillips won't be with Chelsea this year - he left and signed with Manchester City. The pairing of Drogba and Robinho will be an exciting pairing to watch - an intriguing mix of a power striker and a Brazilian Samba striker. 
He did?  Good news for Man City.  Finally Elano will have someone else other than Petrov to feed off of each other.  I like it. 
I got four English teams to cheer for this season.  Chelsea for Robinho, Man City for Elano who has three goals in two games btw, Arsenal because I've always liked them since the days of Bergkamp, and Man U when my Korean boy Ji Sung Park is on. 


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 17-Sep-2008 at 16:02 team Chelsea have got off to a cracking start with a convincing 4-0 win over Bordeaux..Clap..although by all accounts 'Big Phil' was not that impressedShocked!!!!! - See here
..lets hope Chelsea do better next time eh!!!!...


Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 17-Sep-2008 at 19:31
Bremen pissed me off yesterday. hope Bayern won't do any better tonight

Posted By: ulrich von hutten
Date Posted: 17-Sep-2008 at 20:19
Originally posted by Temujin

Bremen pissed me off yesterday. hope Bayern won't do any better tonight
your homecountry could be very proud of you, traitor of bavaria..
but i can't agree more.


Posted By: King Kang of Mu
Date Posted: 17-Sep-2008 at 20:48
Ahhhhhh, already the games have started.  I missed all the games yesterday and it looks like I will today too.  I hate it when the life gets in the way of football. 
Well since I wrote that post on Chelsea, much has changed.  Of course the biggest event was the Robinho deal to Man City.  But we had another thread for that so I won't go into that here.  But Chelsea also lost SWP who I thought they could only afford to let go if they were getting Robinho.  I think this puts more pressure on Joe Cole and Deco to pick up more wing duties and most of all stay healthy. 
But I would assume their biggest challenge is actually losing Essien(how long AoO?).  Drogba's hurt too but I don't think his injury will keep him away as long as Essien's.  Plus, Anelka is actually holding his own as the replacement for now.  But in Essien's case, well you guys know how I feel about Essien.  I think he has been the most important player on this team.  But losing Essien is one thing, losing Makalele thins out the solution even more.
But having said all these possible problems, Chelsea has responded well.  Joe Cole is keep stepping up instead of stepping over, not just for Chelsea but even for England!   Deco has proved his first few games with Chelsea why some considered(like me) that even at the height of last Barcelona run, Ronaldinho, Messi, Eto'o might have been the Footballer of the Year kinda players but still Deco was MVP for Barca.
I would also like to say a praise on Belletti.  I've always liked him of course since his Barca days.  But after he joined Chelsea he was more of a bench player.  After Scolari signing, I hoped that he would give Belletti more chance to show his skills.  But same time they also signed Bosingwa who was like Scolari's new phenom during the Euro 08.  So Belletti stays in the bench.  But with Makalele's departure and Essien's injury, they need another player who can defend and also handle the ball in the middle.  Of course, Deco, Ballack, Lampard and Mikel are great.  But they need another guy in the rotation least until Essien is back.  And it looks like Belletti is that guy.  I love when a player adjust his game for his team's needs.
I was gonna write a series of major contenders before the first game but never got around to it.  So I will try as the games go on I guess.  So next up was AS Roma.  They have been absolutely my favorite Italian team in past three years.  Along with Sevilla, Barca and Arsenal, they have been playing 'the beautiful game'.  But this year I expect a nasty down fall from them.   Totti is still recovering from a major injury perhaps the most important player in their club history.  
But another key loss was Mancini to Inter and Mourinho.  Mancini is amazing if you you haven't noticed him yet.  One of those Ze Roberto type who can play any position from right behind the striker to right in front of the backline. Although I don't think he is as good of a defender as Ze Roberto(then again very few are), but when he has the ball very few are better than him.  It was Mancini that defined the style of this club for past three years. 
Although I still believe in De Rossi, Perotta, Taddei, Vucinic, Juan and Julio Bapstista, it's just not the same without Mancini.  I think actually them picking up Julio Baptista for losing Mancini illustrates how this team will be affected by the moves they've made very well.  It makes sense in some ways because both of them are Brazilians and both can play offense and defense.  But they are completely different players as far as how they go about it.  Let's just say one plays the 'Small Ball' and the other plays the 'Power Ball'.  There are many big players who can play the 'Power Ball', there are very few who has the skills to play the'Small Ball' the way Mancini does. -
Next up, I will follw Mancini to Inter!
Yesterday's Results - - UEFA Champions League (2008 First Phase) (Group A) - - Standings
Stamford Bridge
Collapse - - Chelsea - 4 - 0 - Bordeaux
14' - Frank Lampard Goal 1 - 0    
30' - Joe Cole Goal 2 - 0    
82' - Florent Malouda Goal 3 - 0    
90' - Nicolas Anelka Goal 4 - 0 - Report | - Match | - Gamecast
Stadio Olimpico
Collapse - - Roma - 1 - 2 - CFR Cluj-Napoca
17' - Christian Panucci Goal 1 - 0    
28'     1 - 1 Goal Emmanuel Culio
49'     1 - 2 Goal Emmanuel Culio - Report | - Match | - Gamecast - - UEFA Champions League (2008 First Phase) (Group B) - - Standings
Athens Olympic Stadium
Collapse - - Panathinaikos - 0 - 2 - Inter Milan
27'     0 - 1 Goal - Alessandro Mancini
85'     0 - 2 Goal - Adriano - Report | - Match | - Gamecast
Collapse - - Werder Bremen - 0 - 0 - Anorthosis Famagusta - Report | - Match | - Gamecast - - UEFA Champions League (2008 First Phase) (Group C) - - Standings
Estadio Camp Nou
Collapse - - Barcelona - 3 - 1 - Sporting Lisbon
21' - Rafael Márquez Goal 1 - 0    
60' - Samuel Eto'o (pen) Goal 2 - 0    
72'     2 - 1 Goal - Tonel
87' - Xavi Goal 3 - 1 - Report | - Match | - Gamecast
St Jakob-Park
Collapse - - FC Basel - 1 - 2 - Shakhtar Donetsk
25'     0 - 1 Goal - Fernandinho
45'     0 - 2 Goal - Jadson
90' - David Angel Abraham Goal 1 - 2 - Report | - Match | - Gamecast - - UEFA Champions League (2008 First Phase) (Group D) - - Standings
Stade VĂ©lodrome
Collapse - - Marseille - 1 - 2 - Liverpool
23' - Lorik Cana Goal 1 - 0    
26'     1 - 1 Goal - Steven Gerrard
32'     1 - 2 Goal - Steven Gerrard (pen) - Report | - Match | - Gamecast
Philips Stadion
Collapse - - PSV Eindhoven - 0 - 3 - AtlĂ©tico Madrid
9'     0 - 1 Goal - Sergio Leonel Aguero
36'     0 - 2 Goal - Sergio Leonel Aguero
54'     0 - 3 Goal - Maniche - Report | - Match | - Gamecast
cookieState('254667|254670|254671|254672|254676|254675|254682|254679',false) - - UEFA Cup (First Round) -
G S Pancypria Stadium
Collapse - - Apoel Nicosia - 1 - 4 - Schalke 04
25'     0 - 1 Goal - Heiko Westermann
36'     0 - 2 Goal - Ivan Rakitic
41'     0 - 3 Goal - Vicente Martin Bragunde Sanchez
72' - Nenad Mirosavljevic Goal 1 - 3    
88'     1 - 4 Goal - Halil Altintop - Match
Farum Park
Collapse - - FC Nordsjælland - 0 - 2 - Olympiacos
74'     0 - 1 Goal Kostas Mitroglou
90'       Red%20Card - Ieroklis Stoltidis
90'     0 - 2 Goal - Sebastian Leto - Match
Collapse - - Hertha Berlin - 2 - 0 - St Patricks
50' - Maximilian Nicu Goal 1 - 0    
77' Santos Cicero Goal 2 - 0 - Report | - Match


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 17-Sep-2008 at 21:30
Originally posted by King Kang of Mu

But I would assume their biggest challenge is actually losing Essien(how long AoO?).  Drogba's hurt too but I don't think his injury will keep him away as long as Essien's.  
But having said all these possible problems, Chelsea has responded well.  Joe Cole is keep stepping up instead of stepping over, not just for Chelsea but even for England! 
..Hi KK.....
...Reports have it that Essien might be out for about 5 months and Scolari has been suggesting that he will have to 'buy in' some form of back-up/replacement in the January transfer window although he is keeping tight-lipped over the names on his 'shopping' for Drogs, rumours are that he will be ready for this weekend's game against Man Utd.....
..Joe Cole had a pretty decent game against Bordeaux and somehow managed to score from a corner a headed goal on the near post while be marked by three players all much taller than him..bizarre!!!..even John Terry saw the funny side of that goal!!!....Cole was substituted later in the game by Belletti who managed an absolute long range cracker on goal which hit the cross-bar and dropped nicely for Anelka who popped it in the net for Chelsea's fourth far so good.......
..all the best...AoO...


Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 18-Sep-2008 at 14:08
Bayern made some unimpressive win yesterday, they won't last long... Big%20smile

Posted By: Kaysaar
Date Posted: 02-Oct-2008 at 01:23
Ha ha!

Leo Messi comes on as super sub, and scores Barcelona's two goals in the last 15 minutes of the game!


Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 03-Oct-2008 at 19:13
Bremen didn't failed me, they drawed Inter in an overall balanced match. Stuttgart almost got knocked out of UEFA Cup if it was not for Hitzelsperger and Gomez, but Dortmund despite a magnificent match got eliminated in penalties...

Posted By: Kaysaar
Date Posted: 23-Oct-2008 at 21:27

Matchday 3 - 21 October 2008


E - Villarreal 6-3 - AaB javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »
E - Man. United 3-0 - Celtic javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »
F - Bayern 3-0 - Fiorentina javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »
F - Steaua 3-5 - Lyon javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »
G - Fenerbahçe 2-5 - Arsenal javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »
G - Porto 0-1 - Dynamo Kyiv javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »
H - Zenit 1-1 - BATE javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »
H - Juventus 2-1 - Real Madrid javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »

Matchday 3 - 22 October 2008


A - Bordeaux 1-0 - CFR Cluj javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »
A - Chelsea 1-0 - Roma javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »
B - Internazionale 1-0 - Anorthosis javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »
B - Panathinaikos 2-2 - Bremen javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »
C - Shakhtar 0-1 - Sporting javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »
C - Basel 0-5 - Barcelona javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »
D - Atlético 1-1 - Liverpool javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »
D - PSV 2-0 - Marseille javascript:fnOpenWindow%28,,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,650,%20450,,%29;">video - Report »


A few tight games these matchdays - but a whole mess of goals nontheless, with my Barca, Arsenal, Lyon, and Villarreal dropping five or more goals on their opponents! A couple of surprise games, with an injury plagued Juventus defeating Real Madrid, as well as Sporting falling to Dynamo Kyiv. I think that the other big surprise is that Fenerbaçhe has rolled over and died in the champions league this year after a deep run last year.

I am, of course, please that Barcelona thrashed their opponent, even if it was a club that is outside of the main contenders. It was nice to see that all of the goals they scored came from players who developed in the Barcelona youth ranks.


Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 05-Nov-2008 at 19:01
Bremen was an utter failure. coupled by their bad performance in the Bunfesliga it will have some major consequences...

Posted By: Kaysaar
Date Posted: 19-Dec-2008 at 20:49
Ladies and Gentlemen, your round of 16 Champions League Draws:

2008/09 UEFA Champions League
First knockout round – to be played 24/25 February and 10/11 March
Team named first at home in first leg
Chelsea FC (ENG) v Juventus (ITA)
Villarreal CF (ESP) v Panathinaikos FC (GRE)
Sporting Clube de Portugal (POR) v FC Bayern MĂĽnchen (GER)
Club Atlético de Madrid (ESP) v FC Porto (POR)
Olympique Lyonnais (FRA) v FC Barcelona (ESP)
Real Madrid CF (ESP) v Liverpool FC (ENG)
Arsenal FC (ENG) v AS Roma (ITA)
FC Internazionale Milano (ITA) v Manchester United FC (ENG)

A lot of great match ups here - my initial picks are bolded

I think that the single two best match ups this round are Real Madrid v. Liverpool, and Inter Milan v. Manchester. I think that by February Real Madrid will have righted their ship a little, so they could be dangerous for Liverpool. I think that at this point in the season Liverpool is the superior team, and I think that they will remain the better team.

For Inter V. Man U., I think that Inter is simply in better form than Manchester. Manchester has floundered some this season against stronger opponents, falling to Arsenal, and finding themselves incapable of gaining leverage against Villarreal. Even smaller teams like Celtic, although defeated, gave Manchester a run for their money. Inter simply hasn't suffered form the same lack of form.

I think my Barça will be able to handle the potent attacks of Karim Benzema enough to be able to advance beyond Lyon.


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 20-Dec-2008 at 00:20
Im glad Bayern made it. They werent exactly at their best performance in some of the games.


Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 21-Dec-2008 at 19:48
Stuttgart will play Zenith St. Petersburg in UEFA Cup...not exactly the opponent i wished for.... Dead

anyways, Schalke after failing to qualify for Champions League now also fell out of the UEFA Cup group stage LOL

Posted By: Kaysaar
Date Posted: 23-Feb-2009 at 21:51
Much has changed since I made my initial picks in December... but since games start tomorrow, I might as well update a tad.

I think that the most interesting match-ups will still be Liverpool and Real Madrid, along with Manchester United and Internazionale. Real Madrid has recently recovered much of their form from past years, which may pose problems for a Liverpool side which is stumbling their way through the premiership. It's not an impossible task for Liverpool, I think that Madrid may now have the upper hand, as they are coming off of a series of wins, rather than the series of draws that Liverpool have had of late. I think that Madrid will edge out Liverpool tomorrow - especially if Gerrard doesn't play.

Manchester United have also recovered some of their form from last season, which will pose problems for Inter. I still think that Inter have been playing better than Manchester of late, in spite of the fact that both teams have been winning.


Posted By: Maharbbal
Date Posted: 24-Feb-2009 at 10:52

Unfortunately I wouldn't be s sure, I'm praying for Inter to kick the ass of Man U but I am less than sure it is going to happen. Actually, when you see how lucky Inter got against Milan two weeks ago it makes you wonder. I'm afraid they are going to be eaten alive.

I'll particularly be watching the Roma-Arsenal match, my two fav teams ... sad they meet so early.

I am a free donkey!

Posted By: Kaysaar
Date Posted: 24-Feb-2009 at 19:35
I'm with you Maharbbal - I'd prefer that Inter win as well.

Edit - Now that Barcelona v. Lyon has finished, here's some analysis!

Lyon exploded out of the gates, and seemed to be taking control of the game early, and even as a Barcelona fan, I can't even be all that angry about Juninho's goal. It was a piece of free kicking brilliance - just about perfectly placed, with a tricky curve. If Valdés had been standing exactly where he needed to be, he may have had a chance to stop it. This took some of the wind out of Barcelona's sails, and they almost allowed Benzema another goal, but Barcelona keeper Victor Valdés managed a slick save to gather up the cross. Once Barcelona settled into their rhythm, the began to attack, but Lyon played very solid defence, stifling the creativity of Messi, Xavi, and Alves. Toulalán and Cris in particular shut down some promising Blaugrana attacks. Barcelona pulled one back off of Thierry Henry's diving header. Rafa Marquéz headed the corner kick right to the back post, where Henry threw himself towards the post to head it home.

Barcelona's defense was very suspect at the beginning of the game, and Lyon had a few stellar oportunities to score. However, as the game went on, they settled in and managed to thwart many of Lyon's attempts. Marquéz in particular played well. One of the only things that I would have changed about the game is that if I were Guardiola, I probably would have taken Sergi Busquets out of the game earlier, as he wasn't adapting to Lyon's playing style, and seemed awkward and out of place.

Messi started playing better as the game went on, and the whole of the team started to elevate their play. I think that if the game had been a little longer, they may have been able to put it away. I did notice that Barcelona hasn't been playing the full field defense that they had been playing at the beginning of the season, probably due the the physical stresses that it entails. After watching Benzema play, I certianly wouldn't mind if he made his way over to Barcelona one day, maybe when Henry decides to hang up his boots and retire.

Not a bad game, all in all.


Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 26-Feb-2009 at 17:38
today is second game Stuttgart vs St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg won 2:1 their home match, so actually it would suffice that Stuttgart ends the game 1:0 but we all know it won't happen, still i hope they will make it somehow, afterall even dumb Bayern won 5:0 yesterday.... Angry

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 08-Apr-2009 at 20:24
Bayern 0:3 Barcelona 38 minutes. Devastating game so far.


Posted By: Maharbbal
Date Posted: 09-Apr-2009 at 11:21
I'm not sure I understand the Bayern... they score 13 goals against Sporting (granted not the best team ever, but still) and then lose 5.1 in Germany and 4.0 against Barça... makes no sense! What the heck was Kaiser Frank doing?

I am a free donkey!

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 09-Apr-2009 at 17:06
I have no clue either, but it is pretty much over for them - I don't see them scoring enough goals in the second match to advance.


Posted By: Kaysaar
Date Posted: 09-Apr-2009 at 19:50
I must say that I enjoyed the Barça v. Bayern game very much. They dismantled the German defenses, and probably ought to have scored more goals. Messi probably should have had a hat-trick, but he was robbed by the referee. The Barcelona midfield did a great job holding the ball and preventing the Bayern midfielders from getting into their rhythm. I think that Barça will have a more difficult time at the Allianz Arena, and after seeing Bayern dismantling the Portuguese, I know that they're more than capable of dicing through our occcasionally suspect defense. If they can get Klose, Lahm and Rensing back, they'll be a much more difficult team to defeat.

I do think that the referee did an atrocious job calling fouls on both teams. He was very erratic, somtimes calling little fouls, and then letting crunching tackles, or very dangerous play (Van Bommel leveling his shoulder into Messi's face) go unstopped. I know it worked out as Henry managed to score, but he didn't even stop play, which probably would have been the correct call. Van Bommel was lucky not to be booked, or even sent off. Is consistancy too much to ask for?

I was impressed with FC Porto. They managed to contain Manchester's attacks, and has Bruno Alves not been completely incompetent, they could have made off with a win at Old Trafford. Either way, they grabbed two valuable away goals, so kudos to them. I still think that Manchester can come back and score the goals needed to advance, but it won't be easy playing in Portugal.

Chelsea may have destoryed Liverpool's Champion's League ambitions but scoring three in Anflied - this will be very very difficult for the Reds to overcome.

I'm looking forward to the other leg of the Villarreal and Arsenal game - this is the one I fell like is the most in the air. Both teams played well, scoring beautiful goals and Arsenal grabbed the away goal, but I think that Villarreal's stout defence can make the game interesting at the Emirate's Stadium.


Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 10-Apr-2009 at 18:17
Originally posted by Maharbbal

I'm not sure I understand the Bayern... they score 13 goals against Sporting (granted not the best team ever, but still) and then lose 5.1 in Germany and 4.0 against Barça... makes no sense! What the heck was Kaiser Frank doing?

no one does! Franck should better look for another team because Bayern sucks. i'm just glad Bremen and Hamburg won their UEFA Cup matches. Bayern defense and Goalkeeper are serious crap (except Philipp Lahm).

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 14-Apr-2009 at 22:02 heart attack (or was it two?) major sore throat, and 20 cigarettes later and Chelsea go through against the Scouse....Clap
..Chelsea 4 Liverpool 4...what a game...i am exhausted....Big smile....
..there i was two weeks ago thinking Bayern v Barca was the the tie of this round....i was sooooo wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 14-Apr-2009 at 22:30
At the office both days, so I will sadly miss tomorrow's game, too :(.


Posted By: Kaysaar
Date Posted: 15-Apr-2009 at 02:50
Bayern's defense played well today - stifling a fair number of solid Barcelona attacking options.

The second half of the Chelsea v. Liverpool game was fantastic!


Posted By: Knights
Date Posted: 15-Apr-2009 at 05:45
I completely agree - Chelsea vs. Liverpool was epic. A fantastic game to watch, finishing with a victory for Chelsea Cool


Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 15-Apr-2009 at 16:35
i wish i could have seen that one... Unhappy

Posted By: Knights
Date Posted: 16-Apr-2009 at 01:45
Oh you missed it, Temujin? Shocked Well if you get a chance, you must watch a repeat!


Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 16-Apr-2009 at 18:06
funny enough, national TV didn't even broadcasted Barca vs Bayern - Honni soit qui mal y pense.....i still hope eurosport will eventually show a repeat.

Posted By: Kaysaar
Date Posted: 07-May-2009 at 02:22
Unfortunately, it looks like the Barça v. Chelsea series will only be characterized by terrible refereeing.

For better or worse, I'm glad Barcelona won.


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 07-May-2009 at 02:42
Well Klinsman is out and people in Munich are happy.


Posted By: Basmachi
Date Posted: 27-May-2009 at 05:43
I hope Barça will win the cup :)

"Yesterday is but today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream." (Khalil Gibran)

Posted By: Frederick Roger
Date Posted: 27-May-2009 at 10:17
Terrible cup final, whatever the result may be I know I won't be happy about it... 

Posted By: Kaysaar
Date Posted: 27-May-2009 at 11:09
I just hope that Manchester doesn't camp in the penalty box- otherwise the game will be very boring...


Posted By: Kaysaar
Date Posted: 28-May-2009 at 00:27
*pulls his shirt over his head and runs through the thread*

Liga, Copa, Champions League!


All silliness aside, Barcelona started the game terribly, but after that first goal by Eto'o, Manchester seemed to lose all ambition and drive to win. Xavi and Iniesta just controlled the midfield brilliantly. Puyol also had a great game - running everywhere and doing a little of everything. Messi had a great header, right over the top of Van der Sar, which is surprising because he's not known for his heading skills. Cristiano Ronaldo showed during the first twenty minutes why he is one of the best in the world, testing Valdés a number of times. He also showed his biggest fault - his complete, utter lack of class and composure. He was the orchestrator of a variety of dirty tackles, and thrown elbows. He seemed to fall apart and acted like an angry kid - disappointing from a player of his caliber.

I think that Barcelona played the game like they wanted to, and earned this victory. Vamos Barça Campeones!

EDIT - typo fixed


Posted By: gcle2003
Date Posted: 28-May-2009 at 14:47
Originally posted by Kaysaar

I just hope that Manchester doesn't camp in the penalty box- otherwise the game will be very boring...
Apart from Messi it was boring anyway. Barcelona well deserved to win though.


Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 31-May-2009 at 19:10
Originally posted by gcle2003

Originally posted by Kaysaar

I just hope that Manchester doesn't camp in the penalty box- otherwise the game will be very boring...
Apart from Messi it was boring anyway. Barcelona well deserved to win though.

win the finals, yes, but if you include the match vs Chelsea they didn't deserved to play the finals in the first place.

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