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What If... 1967 Jerusalem Stands

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Topic: What If... 1967 Jerusalem Stands
Posted By: Cryptic
Subject: What If... 1967 Jerusalem Stands
Date Posted: 03-May-2007 at 17:14
What If....
The talented Jordanian General Ahmed Al Har' Cor commands the Jordanain garrisson in East  Jerusalem.  Knowing the importance of Jerusalem in any future battle, General Al Har'cor relentelssy drills the Jordanian regular, paramilitary and Palestenian militia units under his command in street fighting techniques that he learns by close study of Stalingrad, Arnhem and ironically, the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto revolt.   All building are secretely fortified with well thought out firing positions.   As war nears,  General Al  Har' Cor distributes arms and quality NCOs to Arab civilians to further supplement his forces.  He then stockpiles food and ammo.
1967... War starts.  Three elite Israeli paratroopers advance into East Jerusalem and are met with a hurricane of defensive fire.  Pinned down and suffering heavy casualties, the Israeli commander rushes the Israeli Jerusalem Defence Brigade,  the only uncommited Israeli unit available into battle into direct combat.   Unfortunalty, this Brigade was never itended for offensive combat (especially against skilled defenders). Several companies quckly panic and flee causing the Israeli attack to break down completely.  
After six days of combat, some things are very clear.  It is going to take alot longer than 6 weeks to clear out the Old City and East Jerusalem and fresh Israeli untis are going to be needed to do so.  What happens next...
- Does international pressure stop the fighting and leave East Jerusalem under Arab control?
-Do the Israelis slowly grind down the Jordanians, but destroy the Old City in the process?
- What does the alternative map of of Israel look like?

Posted By: Byzantine Emperor
Date Posted: 03-May-2007 at 22:44

What-if topics belong in the Historical Amusement forum.  I am moving this to that location.

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