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Mobile Suit, next potential weapon of tom

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Topic: Mobile Suit, next potential weapon of tom
Posted By: pekau
Subject: Mobile Suit, next potential weapon of tom
Date Posted: 28-Jan-2007 at 20:58

Some of my friends introduced Gundam anime... and it's not cheap Japanese anime either. It actually has logical and possible reality of mankind's future.

There's an interesting anime named "Gundam Seed" which talks about genetically enhanced people (minority) are hated by normal people (majority... since the elite people are not taking all the jobs, lands, money, etc.) To avoid the persecution from the majority, the minority built then space colonies known as PLANT, and slowly began to rival Earth's economy. Alarmed, the Earth Nations united themselves in stronger factions. (Ex. Most of the North American nations allied themselves as Atlantic Federation. 3 large Federations made temperory alliance to eliminate the threat of PLANT. Vastly outnumbered, people from PLANT created new style of military (Kind of what Nazi Germany did prior to WWII...) They needed war machines with strong armor as tank, fast as airplane, and mobile as infantry. In the end, they produced mobile suit- which is the humanoid robot that could be only controlled by genetically enhanced people to function properly, cause they have better reflex, and other physical characters... Imagine an infantry as fast as planes that could move as freely as people with wings, have firepower like heavy tanks, and are piloted by enhanced aces? PLANT, despite being heavily outnumbered, managed to make a stalemate with Earth Alliance.
Now could that actually happen to us? Not too much into politics, but the weapons. Currently, humanity uses mobile armour (Tanks, fighters, and others) but with usage of mobile suit (humanoid robots with greater capability than normal tanks or fighters simply because they are more mobile due to their infantry-like structure.
Yes, controlling mobile suit would be difficult... but as the technology advances... perhaps there would be some kind of advance program that would allow normal humans to control robots like controlling their own body... though the reflex would be less compared to controlling our own body since our nerve system is still superior than any machines we have so far...
I'll be looking forward to your comments...LOL Who knows? Maybe we could be talking about a revolution of warfare yet to come. It's like predicting blitzberg....LOL

Join us.

Posted By: west49ur
Date Posted: 28-Jan-2007 at 21:04
I feel that modern weaponry like you are talking about is to far advanced for humankind (even though there are some prototypes in USA and probably other parts of the world). I feel that human kind is to involved in other things to concentrate on where they would like to go in the future. They keep coming out with new modifications on new equipment whcih in the long run is not benefiting us. We need to start to think about how we should be perceived in the future and act on that

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