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Newsletter Nov/Dec

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Topic: Newsletter Nov/Dec
Posted By: Dawn
Subject: Newsletter Nov/Dec
Date Posted: 30-Dec-2006 at 20:45

Due to changes in the admin staff the November and December newsletters have been combined.

Staff News

We have had some recent changes and additions to the Staff of All Empires. Red Clay, Hellios and Kapikulu have joined the staff and I would like to extend a warm welcome to them on behave of all of us. You can find out more about them and most of the other staff at - Meet AE's Staff . Also new on the staff frount I, Dawn was promoted to Administrator. I look forward to the new challengers the position intails. Komnenos Has gone on extended leave from AE We wish him the best and look forward to his return.

AE is continuously updating its staff. If you are interested to join, please contact Seko by PM. Please read the - criteria for prospective staff members and please, do understand that not all applications can be accommodated.

Community News

Oct 26 saw the running of Total Quiz XIII and you will never guess who won ..... Ok so you can guess

Jeez the guys is harder to beat than a Canadian winter.

Congrates To Decebal for another outstanding performance and well deserved win. There was a strong field of players and a tie for second spot between Knights and Praetor and a tie for third between Dawn, Styrbiorn an Kilroy. Great Job everyone.

 The next TQ will be held around the 25 of January. See you all there. If you have questions to submit to TQ they can be entered Click Here for the Questions Page 

Our forum membership continues to grow at a good rate. We crossed the #5000 member mark on Nov. 8 with Costa getting the distinction. Welcome to all new members.


Post Of The Month

For November: Decebals post

I think that this may be a somewhat controversial topic, for reasons that I'll outline below, but I definitely think it warrants some thought. It probably doesn't come as much of a surprise to many that history, the way it is taught in schools around the world, is presented (I daresay even manipulated) in a certain manner to school-children, so as to correspond to the view of the respective nation-state on certain historical events. This official view is usually used to promote certain national interests, whether they be to justify the posession of a certain territory, the policy of a state towards another of its neighbors or the claim to some other territory not within that state's borders. This version of history is the first that people are usually exposed to, and so it is often the bias with which a regular person approaches history. What's more, this history is also reproduced in movies and literature produced in that state, and aimed at adults. The indoctrination is thus maintained throughout a person's life.

See the rest of the post and thread  at - National historical myths and bias on AE

For December: Brainstorms post
After years accepting "our" national education and under the influence of "our" creditable patriot historians as well as "our" mass media i came to a conclusion:
There are (at least) 7 absolute Truth about "our" glorious Nation.

See the rest of the post and thread at - Nationalism- 7 Absolute Truths
For some good threads try these:

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id West Roman empire collapse because of Attila?

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forum_posts.asp?TID=15787 - 'The Prince' by N. Machiavelli 1-9 - History of Drugs
forum_posts.asp?TID=16485 - And my all time favorite
History Rocks..!!!!!
 and last but not least a great picture posted by Zagros in a thread full of great photos from Iran. See the rest here - New: Amazing pictures from Iran

The Editors of the AE magazine are feverously working away on the new issue and say it will be published shortly. Look for it in the near future


Contributions to the Community Newsletter are always welcome. If you have to report anything newsworthy, please send a PM to Dawn.

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