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what if chin didnít get overthrown?

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Topic: what if chin didnít get overthrown?
Posted By: coolstorm
Subject: what if chin didnít get overthrown?
Date Posted: 05-Dec-2004 at 02:24

qin dynasty was the first dynasty to unify china after four years of internal conflict. but it was overthrown soon after.

what would've changed if it didn't get overthrown?

please dun say anything like it would be overthrown anyways and stuff.

we are assuming that it didn't get overthrown. what do u think would have happened instead? would china have been strong like the han dynasty under the rule of chin?

Posted By: Zhuang
Date Posted: 05-Dec-2004 at 07:19
Hard to say... It depends on the emperors. But I think Qin was not weaker (if not stronger) than Han. Qin was overthrown due to its ruthless rule but the regime was still powerful.

Posted By: mongke
Date Posted: 05-Dec-2004 at 20:35
I think the empire would have fractured into different states. People would have been fed up with the ruthless regime and would have ceased taking order but the regime would have been strong enough to cling to power. I'd say a civil war would have been likely. Back to the warring states with the Hsiung Nu taking advantage of the mayhem.

Posted By: hansioux
Date Posted: 05-Dec-2004 at 23:52

Some form of government like present day Japan and England will have to form for Qing to last.

But you spell Chin... are you talking about Qin that conqured all 6 other states?  In that case....... it will collapes like all other monarchy.

Begging plea of the weak can only receive disrespect, violence and oppression as bestowments. Blood and sweat of the weak can only receive insult, blame and abuse as rewards.

Lai Ho, Formosan Poet

Posted By: ChineseManchurian
Date Posted: 05-Dec-2004 at 23:56

Qin must be destroyed, if not, China will be like Roman empire destroy and never came back.

The reason why is because of Qin's ruling is too hard for most of the people, they use the rule to turn a country become a war machine just like Alexander need money invade Persia, that is not good, Qin will conquer and conquer will never end.

Posted By: coolstorm
Date Posted: 06-Dec-2004 at 00:13
qin =  chin = the state that unified the chinese world and ended warring state period.

Posted By: ChineseManchurian
Date Posted: 06-Dec-2004 at 00:57
I know, but their rules of the country is like a war machine, it is not good for a country.

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 07-Dec-2004 at 02:15

The fall of the Great Qin Dydasty is a tragedy.I have just read something about that.

Yes,the rule in the Qin Empire is ruthless,but it can be changed gradually.As we all know,every Empire had been ruthless when it was just founded.And the fall of the Great Qin Dydasty costs too much ,because many splendid techniques have lost for ever.After two thousands years,many wonders finished by the Qin Empire still make us so confused. 


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