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what would have happened had the magyars

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Topic: what would have happened had the magyars
Posted By: maersk
Subject: what would have happened had the magyars
Date Posted: 17-Nov-2004 at 16:22
if they had been converted to buddism when they where roaming the steppes around the aral sea in the 700's by indian/sogdian/khotanese monks. do any of you think they would have retained buddism after they had established themselves on the pannonian plain?

"behold, vajik, khan of the magyars, scourge of the pannonian plain!"

Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 18-Nov-2004 at 12:42
magyars did not roam around the Aral sea...


Posted By: Berosus
Date Posted: 19-Nov-2004 at 18:42
The Magyars are closely related to the Finns, Estonians, and smaller groups like the Karelians and Samoyedes.  Therefore we believe they were living in the Taiga, the great forest of northern Russia and Siberia, before they started migrating.  The closest they ever got to a Buddhist country in their travels was in the ninth century, when they were in Ukraine.  That isn't close enough to Central Asia, and it was also too late, as Central Asia had already converted to Islam by then.  What's more, the Khazars would have been between the Magyars and the Aral Sea, so if the Magyars had decided at that point that they needed a modern religion, they probably would have chosen Judaism.

There was a Buddhist tribe that migrated into Europe, the Kalmucks (also called the Oirat).  They settled on the west shore of the Caspian, between the mouth of the Volga and the Caucasus mts, and are still there today.  Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe they arrived around 1600.  As for how they got there, well, that's another story.

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Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 20-Nov-2004 at 13:26
well, soem kalmucks returned home to central asia at some point, those that stayed were after ww2 accused of co-operation with the germans (wrongly) by stalin and deported to siberia.


Posted By: Scytho-Sarmatian
Date Posted: 22-Nov-2004 at 04:20
The Kalmyks were allowed to return to the west shore of the Caspian in I believe it was 1957.  Today they have their own republic within the Russian Federation.

Posted By: Chono
Date Posted: 22-Nov-2004 at 05:59
Well not wrongly, some kalmyks did cooperate and they did go to west when the german troops pulled out. They settled from Yugoslavia to New Jersey in the following decades.

Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 22-Nov-2004 at 12:46
are you sure? do you have sources?


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 22-Nov-2004 at 14:29
Yes, there is quite number of Kalmyks live in NJ and MD.

Posted By: Chono
Date Posted: 24-Nov-2004 at 05:59

Originally posted by Temujin

are you sure? do you have sources?

well I'm sure that there's been some cavalry division or something that consisted of mostly kalmyks that the germans organized. The deeds of those kalmyks are extremely obscured. You could look into some german WW2 sources.

Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 24-Nov-2004 at 11:40
well, that's why I'm asking, accordign to what I know there hasn't been any cooperation of any sorts. I know about Cossack regiments and volunteers from Turkmenistan in the Wehrmacht but never heard of Kalmyks. and as far as I know Germans never reached the homeland of the Kalmyks after all.


Posted By: Chono
Date Posted: 25-Nov-2004 at 11:57
ahh ok, let me try to find some sources then.

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