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Persepolis Recreated-Full-movie! *VIDEO

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Topic: Persepolis Recreated-Full-movie! *VIDEO
Posted By: Avicenna
Subject: Persepolis Recreated-Full-movie! *VIDEO
Date Posted: 08-Apr-2006 at 15:36
Persepolis was the greatest, richest, and most powerfull ancient city.  It was the greatest of the Persian empire, an empire that was the most multicultural of that time.  Persia ws based on Freedom and religous Freedom.  Here is a - video documentary of the remake of persepolis , what it would have looked like in the past.

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Posted By: Iranian41ife
Date Posted: 08-Apr-2006 at 16:08

damn alexander

a movie about the achaemenids is long overdue!!!! HOLLYWOOD, MAKE A MOVIE NOW!

amazing video.

"If they attack Iran, of course I will fight. But I will be fighting to defend Iran... my land. I will not be fighting for the government and the nuclear cause." ~ Hamid, veteran of the Iran Iraq War

Posted By: Behi
Date Posted: 08-Apr-2006 at 17:07
S***  FILTER!!

I know 2 groups are working on 3D recreaton of Persepolis. is Iranian-German group & they are working
another one is Sunrise film co. they has published their work in a book & Movie, I have it, it's really great work
Persepolis Recreated "Shokohe Takht-e-Jamshid" - ;KW=persepolis


Posted By: Maziar
Date Posted: 08-Apr-2006 at 21:56

Ever seen this one? ations.htm - ations.htm - ations.htm -



Posted By: Avicenna
Date Posted: 08-Apr-2006 at 23:24
shucks, the link doesn't work...

Posted By: Maziar
Date Posted: 08-Apr-2006 at 23:43

oh sorry, AE breacks the long addresses. click at the link, in the new window look at the address bar, remove the %20 in the address and press return.

this is placed in the word nation after n:



Posted By: Zagros
Date Posted: 09-Apr-2006 at 10:35
I saw this on the BBC three or four years ago.


Posted By: yazzmode621
Date Posted: 14-Apr-2006 at 00:53

All I get is sound I get no video.

Posted By: Laila112
Date Posted: 14-Apr-2006 at 04:24
Very interesting video !!

Posted By: GemScratch
Date Posted: 01-Dec-2018 at 05:45
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