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Genesis Flood global

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    Posted: 01-Jun-2019 at 17:35
Evidences for that the great flood during Noah's life in Genesis (in the bible) was a global flood not just a regional/local flood. ("Global" as in at least all dispersed/diffused humanity if possibly not all earth's surface?)

(There was one other topic/thread 'ancient global flood' but it was not necessarily specifically the same as the Genesis flood.
So i hope it is alright to start another topic?
Two other threads/topics were specifically on pre-deluge/pre-flood civilisation(s) not the flood , .)

1. First evidence is worldwide human records/traditions/memory/"myths".

One evidence is that the flood/deluge is a universal myth/legend found in the traditions of many nations all around the world.
"Well over 200 cultures worldwide have been found to have preserved accounts of such a Deluge." "More than 80,000 flood accounts in over 70 languages describe a cataclysmic deluge. More than 85% of these accounts mention a large vessel that saved the human race from extinction."
 Some of the details of the stories are the same or similar to the details in the Genesis account, eg the sending out of the bird(s).

Here are some examples:

- Nemed settled Eire after flood (refs Hoeh, etc)?
- Addanc/Avanc/Abac caused lake Llyon-Llion to burst/overflow flooding all lands. Dwyfan & Dwyfach escape in a ship (refs Gaster, Isaak).
City of lions/Lyonesse a sunken/submerged land between Cornwall and Scilly isles.
- Boann linked with Flood/overflowing of Boyne.
- Flood of Bith & Birren.
- "A woman had a magic cask which when opened flowed for so long that the water covered the earth".
- Druids tell of 2 catastrophes - fire and water/flood.
- "The Celtic myth of creation refers to the appearance of a giant serpent who emerges from the sea and fertiles the ovum of the cosmos. The movements of the monster cause the world to be flooded leaving only a small parcel of land uncovered by the deluge". (Ref Cologne.)
- "Heaven and Earth were great giants, and Heaven lay upon the Earth so that their children were crowded in the darkness between them. One of their sons led his brothers in cutting up Heaven into many pieces. From his skull they made the firmament. His spilling blood caused a great flood which killed all humans except a single pair, who were saved in a ship made by a beneficent Titan. The waters settled in hollows to become the oceans." (Refs Sproul, Isaak.)
- Ship burials at Snape, Prittlewell, Sutton Hoo, etc? (The wounded King Arthur's body taken by boat to Avalon.)
- "Megaflood 'made Island Britain'." (A thread/topic found in allampires search.)

Note similar details of: Noah & Nemed (m/f/v)? Adam & Addanc? number of pairs saved? both global; caused by serpent/fall/cutting-up/giants.

Classical Greek and/or Roman
- Philemon & Baucis saved from flood (ref Ovid, Isaak).
- land of Phoenix escaped flood (ref Gadd)?

- Zeus sent 9 days flood, Deucalion & Pyrrha advised how to escape, ark lands at Mt Parnassus/Othrys, men created from stones/bones (inverse of men turned to stone/lime?) (Refs Apollodorus, Ovid, Gaster, Brewer/Cooper, Isaak.)
- Triton blew conch, flood waters drained away through orfice at Bambyce/Membij/Carchemish.
- Ogyges sought salvation from flood in mountains/heights (refs Brewer/Cooper, Gaster, Isaak).
- Flood of Megarus, escapes to Mt Gerania (refs Gaster, Isaak).
- Flood of Phoroneus.
- Flood forced Dardanus to leave Samothrace on a raft.
- Argolid rain erosion?
- Atlantis account deluge/sinking?
- Oceanus first?
Water the origin of everything in Thales?
- Boat in Minoan "epiphany" seal?

Note similar details of El/Yhwh/Zeus sent flood, etc.

- Nu/Nun/Num primeval waters.
"Nu told Ra to flood the earth"?
- Atum/Atmu sent flood/water to destroy earth (refs Sykes, Faulkner, Budge, Isaak.)
- Flood sent by Thoth (ref Hancock).
- Hathor & Sekhmet drown world in blood, Ra floods world with beer.
- Bennu bird glyph associated with flood.
(Land of Phoenix escaped flood.)
- Atlantis account flood/deluge (ref Plato/Timaeus/Critias/Solon/Sonchis, Zangger).
- Osiris coffin thrown in water, Osiris "saved from water", compared with [Varuna?] (refs Hancock, Kak/Frawley/Feuerstein?)
- The 1st of the 3 seasons was named Inundation.
- Set/Hermes builds 2 pyramids in Siriadic land to survive flood and fire.
- Flood 300 yrs after Surid (ref Masudi).
- Sphinx rain marks (ref Schoch)?
- Sphinx may mean Leo/fire & Aquarius/water (ref Tomas)?
- 9 days tempest of Sh(o)u?
- Typhon related to typhoon? (Typhon drowned in Serbonis?)
- dyking myths of Ptah and Menes (post-flood still-wet delta, refs Sitchin)?
- Ra's boat Uaa Nu of cubits 7?
- Menes connected with ark (ref wikipedia 'Menes')?
- Predynastic boat picture at Gebelein/Naqada similar to Fasold's Noah's Ark (even with drogue stones, ref F Raffaele).
- Naqada 2 pot(tery) "ship theme"?

Note similar details such as Noah & Nu/Nun/Num; Japeth & Djeheuty/Thoth? Atum & Adam; comparable early date before start of dynastic history; Seth & Set; drogue stones like found near Dogubayzit.

- 2 world ages of Capricorn/Aquarius/water/ice and Cancer/Leo/fire in Babylonian (ref Berosus).
- Enlil decides to send flood to wipe out mankind, Ziusudra/Xisuthros/Utnapishtim/Atrahasis warned by Ea/Enki/Chronus, ark lands at Nimush/Nisir/Amasis/Masis/Abaris, Ziusudra translated to Dilmun (Epic of Gilgamesh, Atrahasis epic, Smith).
- "Three times (every 1200 years), the gods were distressed by the disturbance from human overpopulation. The gods dealt with the problem first by plague, then by famine. Both times, the god Enki advised men to bribe the god causing the problem. The third time, Enlil advised the gods to destroy all humans with a flood, but Enki had Atrahasis build an ark and so escape. Also on the boat were cattle, wild animals and birds, and Atrahasis' family. After the flood, the gods regretted their action, and Enki established barren women and stillbirth to avoid the problem in the future."
- Apsu  "subterranean sweat/fresh water".  Apsu is annoyed at constant noise of mankind and intends to wipe them out. Flood waters of Apsu held back by a spell after the flood.
- Bel/Marduk vs dragon Tiamat/Thalath/Omoroka "bitter/salt water" (Enuma Elish creation epic, Sykes, Heidel)?
- Flood in Sumerian king list after 8/10 antediluvian kings.
- Fishmen/Amphibians/Annedoti (Oannes etc)?
- Abubu "flood personified, name of a winged monster" (Agubbu/Ayabba?)
- Uruk vase picture of Noah & wife & son stocking up ark with provisions/supplies, with (part of) ark represented by ring-post symbol (ref Fasold)?
- "Sharur destroyed Asag, demon of sickness and disease, by flooding his abode. In the process, "The primeval waters of Kur rose to the surface, and as a result of their violence no fresh waters could reach the fields and gardens." (Kranmer.)

Note similar details like: Elohim/Yahweh & Enlil or Ea; 10 preflood kings/patriarchs; Yahweh & Tiawath/Tiamat? Both have fountains of great deep.

- Yima/Jemshid forewarned by Ahura Mazda of destruction of world in the form of winter, frost, and floods, and instructed to build a 'var(a)' cave refuge in mountains (refs Sykes).
- "the earth had to be cleaned by a flood, and the raindrops were as large as a bulls head".
- "In early times, the earth was full of malign creatures fashioned by the evil Ahriman. The angel Tistar (the star Sirius) descended 3 times, in the form of man, horse, and bull respectively, causing 10 days & nights of rain each time. The 1st flood drowned the creatures, but the seeds of evil remained. Before returning to cause the 2nd flood, Tistar, in the form of a white horse, battled the demon Apaosha, who took the form of a black horse. Ormuzd blased demon with lightning, making the demon give a cry which can still be heard in thunderstorms, and Tistar prevailed. The poison washed from the land by the 2nd flood made the seas salty. The waters were driven to the ends of the earth by a great wind." (Refs Vitaliano, Isaak, Spanuth.)
- "Beneath this earth there is water everywhere." (ref Dresden, Isaak).

Note similar details like: earth had to be cleansed; both forewarned; ark & vara (compare Fasold's Dogubayzit ark).

- Kung Kung / Gong Gong caused flood by butting down pillar of heaven.
Kun/Gun tried to damn the flood waters.
Yu the Great damned the flood waters. (Refs Sykes, Walls, Isaak.)
- "The god/goddess Nu Kwa fought and defeated the chief of a neighboring tribe. The chief, chagrined at being defeated by a woman, beat his head against the Heavenly Bamboo, knocking it down and tearing a hole in the sky. Floods poured out, but Nu Kua patched the hole with a plaster made from stones of five different colors." (Refs Vitaliano, Isaak.)
"Chinese man Nu-wah on boat landed on mountain"?
- Pictograph/ideograph for boat = vessel + 8 + mouth;
glyph for flood = water + total;
glyph for total = 8 + united + earth.
-  "told of how a brother and sister had escaped the flood waters in a wooden drum and how all post flood humanity was descended from them."
"The first two human beings, a brother and sister, supposedly appeared after "the earth was flooded by the ocean".
Patriarch Nuah. (Refs: Miao.)
- "In primeval times, men were wicked. The patriarch Tse-gu-dzih sent a messenger down to earth, asking for some flesh and blood from a mortal. Only one man, Du-mu, complied. In wrath, Tse-gu-dzih locked the rain-gates, and the waters mounted to the sky. Du-mu was saved in a log hollowed out of a Pieris tree, together with his four sons and otters, wild ducks, and lampreys. The civilized peoples who can write are descended from the sons; the ignorant races are descendants of wooden figures whom Du-mu constructed after the deluge." (Refs Lolo, Gaster, Isaak.)

Note similar details like Noah & Nukwa/Nuah; Adam & Dumu? woman Eve/Nu-kwa? both in times of 10 patriarchs/emperors; ark & wooden-drum; Chinese glyphs confirm it was global & only 8 souls survived? Bible has 2 x 4 souls, Lolo has 4 sons.

(That is just some for starters. More to come from other nations/areas later.)

Of course critics claim that some may only be from christian missionaries influence, and some claim that they may only all be local/regional or known-world floods traditions. However there are plenty that are surely not post-christian. The details of lots of the traditions/stories imply a world-scale/-size catastrophe, and the similarity of even small details like sending out of the bird(s) surely confirms the stories are related or referring to the same event. (Though i am not saying that all the flood stories are all the same, some might be different later floods.) This event can not be the same as the Atlantis "sinking" event because the Atlantis Account details tell us that the Atlantis one was the "3rd deluge" and was not global, plus other details differences about the type of event and duration (1 day versus 40/150 days). But the Atlantis account might have conflated in the biblical flood with the Atlantis flood.

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