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Civilization Began in Nubia

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    Posted: 28-Nov-2018 at 17:54


The Qustul incense burner depicted below for decades was the proof of Nubia being the first dynastic civilization on Earth. It depicts a pharaoh identical to what would later characterize Kemet prior to Kemet's founding dynasty by Mena Narmer. The finding by Keith Seal also depicted 12 other African kings before the one presiding on the incense burner. This gave it hundreds of years on Kemet's first dynasty (which is when Western scholars will call Kemet a civilization). Many scholars place the origin even further back. According to Boyce Rensberger it was around the early 6th millennium that dynastic Ta-Seti is said to have came into existence. The migrants into the Fertile Crescent at the time were still getting agriculture together, while Nubia had a monarchy (a clear social order for humans) established. Boyce Rensberger reports in the 1979 NYtimes article about the discovery;

"Nubian Monarchy Called Oldest"...."Evidence of the oldest recognizable monarchy in human history, preceding the rise of the earliest Egyptian kings by several generations, has been discovered in artifacts from ancient Nubia.".... "The first kings of Ta-Seti may well have ruled about 5900 BC. During the time of the fifth generation of their rulers, Upper (ie, southern) Egypt may have united and became a greater threat to Ta-Seti." - Boyce Rensberger​

Within this last decade however there have been newer findings in Nubia that show what appears to now be the oldest depiction of Dynastic civilization and use of proto hieroglyphics;

Nag el-Hamdulab Rock Paintings

The abandoning of these pre-dynastic sites in Ta-Seti lead to the rise of Kemet's first dynasty by 3,100 B.C.E. as those Africans from Ta-Seti moved slightly north from Lower Nubia into Upper Kemet. The location of the rock art was slightly north of Aswan within what Western scholars defined as Nubian territory and culture.  

According to Rensberger coincides with the beginning phases of desertification. The second phase of desertification during the 5th and 4th millennium B.C.E. brought a new wave of Kushites (dubbed the "Ma Confederation" by Dr. C. Winters) from the Sahara, and subsequently the spreading of post ice age "civilization" followed as those Africans (which included Dravidian "Indians") migrated onto the Nile Valley and into the Aegean (the "mysterious" Palesgian populations) and the Near East establishing the city state of Sumer and the Indus Valley. The abandoning of dynastic Ta-Seti lead to the rise of Kemet's first dynasty by 3,200 B.C.E. as those Africans from Ta-Seti-Qustul moved north from northern Sudan into Kemet. The culture's were so identical that first dynasty Kemet was referred to as a "Sudanese transplants" by some scholars. This correlates with what the ancient Greek historians reported regarding Nubia being the mother of "Egypt" and the "longest lived" (and even the most beautiful people at the time according to the Greeks) people on Earth;

‘the tallest, most beautiful and long-lived of the human races,’ - Herodotus

‘the most just of men; the favorites of the gods.’ - Homer

It was recently found interestingly that one of the oldest permanent structures on Earth has been found in Sudan (Nubia) with a date range of 17,000 to - 70,000 BP. This finding referred to as Affad 23, Sudan is older than any permanent structure outside of the African continent (as should be expected);

 It's sad how Western officials are trying to revert back to promote to the ignorant World the same racist ideologies of the 18th - 20th century that have already been debunked. They've resorted to blatantly hiding artifacts found in Africa because of the paradigm shift in academia that would follow when it's out. Notice how despite this fact being known for about half century now, it's not reflected in what we teach our kids. Notice there is NO mention of Nubia (the third most mentioned place in the Bible outside of Israel and Egypt) in the list of World ancient civilizations. They keep trying to promote this narrative African promote this narrative that Africans have only lived in Sub Saharan Africa and only recently invented civilization our own. That's crazy because in reality the truth is the opposite of what's clearly implied about intellectual capacity.


 He took the secret of his discovery to his grave, because he did not want it to be known that Africans were the first to create civilization.


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It began in Nubia, yeah, I guess it is possible. Now this place is not economically well off, though.
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