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Who rules the World? Popish Plot 101.

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    Posted: 24-Jan-2017 at 00:44
Since the regime refuse to stop forcing their poison fluoridated (etc) water on me (9 years begging/asking), i am continuing to expose the "Pope" [Roman Emperor] as the seeming ruler of the new world order. (Though i know that my only hope is God's/Yhwh's mercy (with my repentance) not own efforts.)

This is only/just a quick first, very rough compilation of just some evidences that i have noticed in the last few years. (Some may possibly not be connected since English and European has alot of Roman words and things in it, but some are pretty convicting.) We will try to update and improve these lists if/when we are able (if they don't cut me off or destroy me) (unless they stop poisoining me).

Britain part of Roman empire.
664 synod Whitby (Roman christianity triumphs over Celtic church)
717 Nechtan mac Der-Ilei adopts Roman usages.
[854 pope Joan (English)]
"Rob Peter to pay Paul".
Cardinal Wolsey [one world order]; Thomas More 'Utopia'.
Italian ww2 pows Notts UK affairs 1946.
metric (UK) [1960].
'Vindex' of Order of 9 Angles is a Roman word.
"2010: Pope Benedict XVI received by Queen Elizabeth at Holyrood Palace at the start of his state visit to Great Britain."
2010 [Rufford Abbey hosted outlaws, kts & combat at weekend as part of RH month.]
2010 Pope Benedict addresses both houses UK Parliament
2014 "pope" Francis gives orb with cross on it to Queen Eliz which bbc said symbolises "christian" royal dominion over the globe/world.
2015 Graham says to me he is on "Hiatus".
Bishop Sean Manchester "double agency".
2016 my friends website host changes to Go Daddy [daddy ~ papa?]
Damo visits Italy.
Windsors/Hannovers are Welfs (popish). have article "Jack Chick: In Memoriam" (note the latin memoriam not english memory?) Comment claims [in a way that looks suspicious to me] that Chick's anti-RC was "strong delusion" in difference to having "no guile".

1951/2 treaty Paris.
1957 W Germany, France & Italy form EEC;
Is a Roman Catholic country.
Marie (le Pen) is a Catholic name (Mary)?


Smurfs/Schtromps (stormtroopers?) : 'Papa Smurf' / 'Le Grand Pere' (grandfather), father, paternal Nature, central father like figure, fatherly nature, "the leader of all smurfs", aged 542/553, with Phrygian cap? "bushy white beard" [like Peter (like Nero)].  angry with smurfs for being disobedient. vs chaos. "Smurfs are all one family with one father".
["Romeo & Smurfette".].

(1949 "10 powers form Council of Europe")
1951/2 treaty Paris.
1957 W Germany, France & Italy form EEC;
1957/8 Treaty of Rome;
"Revival of the Roman Empire" Maastricht 1992.
Lisbon treaty 2007/9.
Mainland Europe bans water fluoridation [now after the Vatican has secured Europe].

Opus Dei 1928/1950.
Lisbon treaty 2007/9.

Red Cross.
[Swiss guard?]

Italy & Vatican:
Saturn is Stur in Aramaic with numeral value 666.
Latinus has numerals value 666.
Growth of Rome by encouraging criminals/outlaws/fugitives to seek refuge
509 bc Gaius Papirius 1st known pontifex maximus ~ whence Papa/Pope.
[2nd cent bc Cicero calls Rome a city formed from confluence of nations.]
Julius/Dionaeus Caesar ~ "John the Baptist"
comet/star of Julius Caesar 44 bc
pubic portent (birth Augustus) 63 bc?
Augustus Caesar 'divi filius' ~ "Jesus Christ"
Lucan says Rome not peopled by its own citizens but by scourings of world.
Nero(n Caesar) [value 616/666] d 68 ~ "pope Peter/Cephas" "d 67"
Vespasian (Flavian "yellow coloured hair") ~ "pope Linus" ("flax coloured hair").
comet/star of vespasian [66 ad].
Domitian ~ "pope Clement"
Trajan "thinking aloud of Alexander at Charax" ~ "pope Alexander"
Hadrian; complaint indigenous natives that capital had attracted vices of universe & manners of opposite nations.
Antoninus Pius ~ "pope Pius (1)" (both coincide 140-155).
Severus ~ "Pope Zephyrinus".
Caracalla ~ "Pope Callixtus".
Heliogabalus ~ "Antipope" Hippolytus.
Constantine ~ "pope Silvester".
313 Constantine, edict Milan (tolerance of Christianity)
[Constantius marvels at haste with which all human being of world flock to Rome.]
[c410] Telemachus (Rome) [~ "Antipas" ("Pergamos")?]
(Bible says Pergamos [which seems to match Rome]  is Satan's seat/throne.)
590/597 Gallinicus ~ "pope Gregory"?
726 East/Leo 3 vs West/Gregory 2
751 Lombards take Ravenna the last Byztanine hold in Italy
754 Pepin (Franks) gives Rome to "pope/papacy"
[854 Pope Joan?]
12th cent copy of Peutinger map with Emperor on throne at Rome.
Aqua Tofana.
Protocols of Zion 1901/2/3 based on Macchiaveli
1920s Prof Tenney Frank's 'Economic History of Rome'
1922/1929 Mussolini has numerals value 666.
"Hitler's Pope"?
CS Lewis got Narnia from Narni in Italy, 1949-1954.
1954 Marian year
1957 W Germany, France & Italy form EEC;
1957/8 Treaty of Rome;
1962-5 2nd Vatican council
1965 Catholic & Orthodox
Marian year 1987.
1990 Vatican has an academy of sciences.
"Revival of the Roman Empire" Maastricht 1992
Cesare G De Michelis (Protocols), 1998.
novo Millenio Ineunte 2001.
2001/3 treaty Nice
Picture of John Paul 2 looks alot like an emperor/caesar.
2005 pope funeral "broadcast to every corner of the globe".
2009 Benedict xvi encyclical "super-UN".
"spammers target new pope" 2013.
Pope Francis has 'Gog' in his real name.
266th Pope Francis 1, 266th day (2015) [666/616?]
Pope Francis person of the year on cover of Time a magazine.
Catholic Encyc & fathers "all for only $19.99" [666].
[?2015 Pope Francis "new global authority"/"fix world"]
'Kepha[s]' promoting keys of Peter claim on christianityboard, 2015.
My popes/emperors discovery, 2015.
"pope has had a stroke", 2015.
Mafia boss is called the "Pope".
Goldman-Sachs have a branch/office in Italy.

Italy & Vatican (unsorted dates):
"they make a desert and they call it 'peace' [pax]"
"divide and conquer".
"all roads lead to Rome."
"when in rome do as the Romans do."
"Rome wasn't built in a day".
"wolf in sheeps clothing" (Fabian)
"give to Caesar what is Caesar's and/or/but to God what is God's".
- Roman numerals (i, v, x, l, c, d) add upto 666.
- 666 in Revelation numerals like letters of sex.
- Ludovicus (Romance for Louis &/or "chief vicar of the court of Rome") value 666.
- he Latine basleia has value 666.
- italika ekklesia has value 666.
- vicarius filii dei has value 666.
- dux cleri has value 666.
- Paul V vice deo has value 666.
- Romiith has numerals value 666.
Vatican bank; Vatican radio; Vatican library.
The word Aspergers is like Catholic "sprinkling" "baptism".

Pope Benedict was German.

Charles 1 of Austria (1916) was  RC.


Pope John Paul was Polish.
Pope John Paul II visited Poland in 1979. solidarity

Eastern Bloc / USSR:
The choice of Wojtyla as pope (JP2), and his "soft/smart power" and his visit to Poland in 1979 are claimed to be major reasons for fall of Iron curtain & end of cold war in 1989.

Eastern Empire / Eastern Orthodox Church:
325 council Nicea
330 capital moved to Constantinople
395 division Roman empire into WRE & ERE.
527/529-533/534-565 Justinian/Theodora, legal code
610 ERE henceforward Byzantine empire
726 East/Leo 3 vs West/Gregory 2
751 Lombards take Ravenna the last Byztanine hold in Italy
1054 schism between western & eastern church
1965 Catholic & Orthodox.
Pope John Paul: [John was elder of 7 churches of Asia.]

Protocols of Zion 1901/2/3 [probably a popish attack on jews?]
2016 Francis & Russian Patriarch meet & sign declaration

395 division Roman empire into WRE & ERE.
Constantinople "most cosmopolitan city of the world".


christianityboard forum:
Kepha thread/topic on "pope's office in the bible" 2015:
Kepha = Cephas = "pope" Peter [= Nero].
Kepha said "don't drink the kool-aid".
Kepha said Vatican sent lots of Jesuits as fake pastors.
Kepha said "you will be assimilated" (with picture of cyborgs).

Mary Baker Eddy has Catholic name (Mary), is a baker like the baker in Joseph story.

Palestine/Judea part of Roman empire.
Jews betray Jesus to Romans who Crucify him.
1095 Crusades.
Protocols of Zion 1901/2/3 [probably a popish attack on jews?]
Cesare G De Michelis (Protocols), 1998
Italy and Israel side by side in 'Kings Rulers and Statesmen' book.
My ceramic top oven is "Simpson Jupiter".
"Jewish pope" [Petrus Romanus or Andreas?].
Bible says "Babylon"/Rome is behind the globalist free trade not Israel (which is called "Sodom & Egypt") (though a prophet does say "... for from the prophets of Jerusalem is ungodliness gone forth into all the land.").

2008 Benedict & Muslims solemn declaration/agreement.
"2016 terror attack Nice"
Isis = "Mary" = harlot Babylon (Rome).
[Miswaks have fluoride on them?]

"Phillipines part of Mexico" "forgot what like to be Latin", 2004.
"voting for Dutere: a bibical response", philippines, late 2015.

pope visits NZ 1986
homosexual law reform (NZ) 1986
[sunday trading (NZ) 1989]
Catholic schools like St Patrick's & Sacred Heart.
1999 Holiness Data Ministries booklet on prayer: 1999 = 666; his holiness the pope.
1999 Smartmeters planned for NZ [= 666].
Bolger was catholic.
prostitution (NZ) 2003
civil unions (NZ) 2004
impact world tour (NZ), 2004.
NZ PM John Key 2008-2016 [~ "keys (authority) of Peter/Pope"?]
2013 same sex marriage (NZ).
Mercury Engery is Roman name.
My ceramic top oven is "Simpson Jupiter".
Hope International church Lower Hutt ~ his holiness the pope ruler of world.
[Egyptologist Peter Sullivan like Peter Graham has biggest popish name Peter?]

Pastor Chris Finlay made a lock for water container which had a pad that strangely had the name "RV Flynn" on it facing front. Net/web search came up with Rev Flynn who died in Australia in 1993. Chris claimed it is his relative-in-law Rebecca V Flynn.
Chris used Roman word "subterfuge".
Pastor Chris Finlay gave me link to antivirus site that had "diamond ring scanner" and had blog article on the Pope.

My popes/emperors discovery, 2015.

dec 2015 - feb/mar 2016 computer shop takes 8 weeks to fix my computer hdds and among the files that go missing is my Atlantis Tiahuanaco paper. (Moslem Pakistani shop owner could haveno interest in that, but the pope Francis from Argentina/America would.)

Ceres Organics is a Roman name.
Fluoride is a new latin word.
(Plumbing is a Roman word.)
Peter Dunne promoted "disruption". His name Peter is popish. United Party coallition with "christian" Future NZ party.
Winston Peters ~ Peter = popish?
Fonterra is a Roman word (and they have "99.9 %" [666])
2016 Auckland transport/housing advert has amphitheatre like formation.
2016 (12th/13th feb) lots of Valentines day eve parties.
2016 Nova Energy is Roman/Latin name.
2016 Legacy Metering is a Roman name.
EGCC word commissioner & staff names are Roman/Catholic eg Jerome, Markus.
Heart Foundation 2016 calendar only feature is sundays all red.
Feb 2016 "I am Aryan [Arjen] and i am calling from Pulse energy".
2016 computer shop tech says "no problemo" (Roman/Latin word)?
Quinn says alot of foreigners in Auckland now/recently esp in the churches social services.
Many things have "99.9 %" or "$ 9.99" [666].
["John West" ~ gone west?]
Organics here have lots of Roman products (eg zito tomato passata, mixed beans). Zito means young bachelor [like popes?]

USA, Puerto Rico, Cuba:
(Philo-)Publius a pseudonym used by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton (Jewish) and John Jay in writing The Federalist Papers.
Mormons ~ Romans? Myrmidons? Moroni & Jerome both 400-421.
"Empire State"?
1960 JFK jnr was catholic; died same day as CS Lewis (& Huxley).
Pope John 23 intervended Cuban missle crisis 1962.
Yockey's 'Imperium' is a Roman word/name.
Publius Enigma.
'Clementine 2', 1996/2003 [recalls '1 Clement' [Domitian persecution]?]
2001 Bush visits Pope JP2 at Castel Gandolfo
2005 Bush & Clinton pay respects to Pope John Paul 2.
2013 Pope Francis advises US & Cuba to exchange prisoners
2013/2014 secret meetings Obama & Pope, Cuba "miracle".
Picture of the last 4 presidents of the US in wikipedia list: they all look weird like either/both poisoned/fluoridated and/or deceived by pope.
Mar 2016 "why Trump is the best thing to ever happen to the USA" by psychic Danielle Egnew who promotes "one family".

John Kasich "Religion ... formerly Roman Catholicism"
"Kasich was raised a Catholic, but considers denominations irrelevant, and stated that "there's always going to be a part of me that considers myself a Catholic."

Cruz [name is Latin for cross?] said "I'm Cuban, Irish, and Italian, and yet somehow I ended up Southern Baptist."

2016 Sandars spoke in philadelphia [like 6th church in Revelation].
Bernie Sanders: "... and this is not Judaism, this is what Pope Francis is talking about, that we can’t just worship billionaires and the making of more and more money."
"Sanders's wife is Roman Catholic, and he has frequently expressed admiration for Pope Francis, saying that "the leader of the Catholic Church is raising profound issues." (Wikipedia.)

2016 Hillary Clinton promotes "smart power", Hillary is Roman name.
Nicholas Riccardi [Roman/Italian name?]

Trump's name related to Schtrompfs/Smurfs; & Trumpkin?.
2016 "Trump retracted his criticism of the Pope: " I don't think this is a fight," said Trump. "I think he said something much softer than was originally reported by the media." " (Wikipedia, 'Donald Trump'.)

"Peoples Commissar" Jamaran / John Emerson sends email "from Abba" about how he & his life has the number 562 [similar to 666] suggesting he is messenger of God.

South America:
dec 2015 - feb/mar 2016 computer shop takes 8 weeks to fix my computer hdds and among the files that go missing is my Atlantis Tiahuanaco paper. (Moslem Pakistani shop owner could haveno interest in that, but the pope Francis from Argentina/America would.)

Bible says "Babylon"/Rome is behind the globalist free trade.
Pope JP2 visted 129 countries.
2009 Benedict xvi encyclical "super-UN"
2014 "pope" Francis gives orb with cross on it to Queen Eliz which bbc said symbolises "christian" royal dominion over the globe/world.
[?2015 Pope Francis "new global authority"/"fix world"]
[2015 game of thrones.]

web/net: worldhistoria forum
Franciscosan on "pythagorean coins":
(John) Francisco(san) ~ pope Francis? (John Paul? Prester John?)
Pythagoras = was in Italy/Sicily, lived about the same time as first known pontiffex maximus, "philo-sopher", "transmigration of the soul", "new moral order", "mystic", "founded a brotherhood", "key to unerstanding the universe", "most ardent scientific investigator" [omni-scient?], "focus of a sort-of religious brotherhood", "amzing intellect", "study of harmony", "geometry", "strict discipline of purity", "secrets of nature", "metaphysician of genius and one of the great figures of hermetism", "was considered a demi-god", Iamblichus called him a harmonic deity", "he wasthen named the 'northern Apollo with the golden thigh'". Name means "persuader of the agora/assembly/market-place" or "something like 'speech of Apollo'" ("Pytho/Delphi" or "priestess of Apollo" or "Pythius/Apollo") (slayer of the serpent/dragon Python). [Paul vs Python woman in 'Acts'?] [Knights of Pythias?]
Coins ~ economic? Popes & Emperors & kings on coins?

A forum poster said "You will be assimilated".

web/net: allempires forum:
Justinian in middle of top banner.
Latin in picture uploader.
Centrix's name is Roman.

web/net: Graham Hancock forum:
Heron said "sometimes think that the gnomes built them".
Heron said his name short for Hieronymus/Jerome; heron also may refer to Nero(n), hierophant "an explainer of mysteries" (the pope in tarot), phoenix/bennu/heron. heron is a European bird?
Dictionary says a gnome is a small misshapen being or supernatural dwarfish being of subterranean race, orig guarding treasures of the (subterranean) earth. [Similar to Elves/Welfs/Guelphs, Smurfs, Hobbits?] &/or International (esp Swiss) financier. Coined/invented by Paracelsus.
Also a word meaning a pithy saying, aphorism, maxim, sententious..
Apkallu = "pontiff".

Dr Troglodyte has Roman signature.

web/net: Historum forum.
Historum and forum are Roman names/words.
Coloseum on Historum banner.
Peter Graham : Peter is the biggest Popish name; he uses Roman words.

Unallocated as to which countries:

['Senate' books.]
'Cardinal (Books)'.
Lenovo computer.
Gregorian chant music popular a few years ago.

Sci Fi & Detective fiction ebooks:
Roy Glasham's Library has Latin motto.

Marvel Comics:
has Zeus/Jupiter & Roman eagle as the head of all the gods of world.

Smallville: Veritas is Roman name.
Peter on 'Fringe' had Roman Catholic name.

CS Lewis:
CS Lewis got Narnia from Narni in Italy.
"High King Peter" [Peter is the biggest popish name].
Died same day as JFK (& Huxley).
(More here : )

has noticably Roman words & phrases sentences in articles.
'Granpa' in is like Granpa Smurf, and Papa/Pope.

"Tit for tat".
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"In 2004, Pope John Paul II's efforts to unite Europe were honoured with an "Extraordinary Charlemagne Medal", which was awarded for the only time ever."

"Most recently in 2016, the Charlemagne Award will be awarded to Pope Francis."

NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.
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