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1910 Game: Role Playing

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    Posted: 29-May-2005 at 20:42
Designing a role playing game, where players represent the Head of State and other's for all the countries of 1910, including the semi-independent or autonomous British Empire states of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and British India.

Under another forum (Freedom Fighters Wargame Club), a 1934 based game was run for a few years - though we began with too much rush and the mechanics needed refinement. Conduct of the game was done by postings on threads, plus separate communications by e to moderators.

Each player is given a Military Almanac or Protfolio at the beginning of the game, providing details of his/her   Military Budget, outline of military forces and OOB information. The latter was provided on a text page but future game may use Excel if enough players can access software. Maps are widely available on the internet and can be utilised for national boundary, colonial details, etc - and in partial fulfillment of sending military plans to moderators. Each player would control his national and military budgets, including details to raise new units (costs), maintenance, time to train, new ship construction, etc.

Yet to be determined is how extensive the economic system maybe, including trade and commerce, national development projects, that could be included (as is prototyped for a 1934 game at this time).

A Jan I 1910 begin date is proposed, as the year prior (1909) had a very wide range of intersting events, including: (UK) First Sea Lord Fisher advocates 1909-10 naval building program; Russia orders four new Gangut class battleships; in Persia, constitutionalist are at near war with Shah in successful effort to oust Shah, who is forced to fleet to Russia; Japan is deeply involved in restructuring Korean government but has not legally assumed Korean as a colony, while Korean nationalists are conducting guerrilla attacks throughout the peninsula and assassinations in Manchuria, United States and other locations; Japan is deeply involved with unsettled railroad interests in Newchang (China's name for Manchuria) and in major debt over Russo-Japanese War; the Balkans are seeing Macedonian IMO nationalists regenerating against Ottoman rule, while Constantinople is in negotiations with London for new battleships; the US is expanding its States (New Mexico Territory and one District get statehood) and the USN General Board is pushing for adopting of new 14" naval guns for its future battleships, while naval advocate Theodore Roosevelt has just become president; Portugal may see revolution soon; Ayatollah Muhammad's forces in Somaliland continue to gain adherents and neither French nor British army forces have been able to defeat his forces; France is facing an insurgency, if not outright war, with various northern-central-southern Vietnamese in its efforts to gain control of the Three (Vietnamese) Kingdom's; in China, the Ch'ing (Qing) are presiding over a fairly effective fighting force after being rebuilt in the years after the Sino-Japanese War but the decay of the Emperor and eunics may still see its fall; while Russia struggles with extremists of all colours, yet the Army has nearly reformed itself from the days of the 1905 Russo-Japanese war - yet still has along way to go; and, military airplanes are now flying and being added slowly to newly created aviation branches of armies worldwide.

The Jan I 1910 date was also chosen because it is far enough removed in historical time terms to be removed from WW One, which if beginning 1914 would tend to force players into the historical situation.

It is planned to have an economic segment as well, allowing players to set economic policies toward development, and in return watch their national strength grow (or decline), trade and commerce w/merchant fleets will be included, and if the National Budget's are fully developed based on a prototype (for '34) already developed, each Annual Turn will see these policies implemented - while the game is otherwise proposed to be played in weekly Turns representing 1-Month of historical time, until such time as wars and mechanics force an alternation to this scale.

There would be positions for Heads of State, senior military commanders, warlords, insurrectionists and others of similar ilk - but the numbers will depend on interest and how many players sign on for positions.

Army OOBs should not be difficult to compile, as they differed in most case little from historical 1914 (widely posted on the internet). Naval forces and details of ship lay-down dates, commission dates (etc) will be posted separately to accurately guide players.

Moderator(s) will control all aspects of military combat (unless a suitable game system for battalion and larger formations is accceptable to all), but still managed by a moderator (suggestions welcomed for a system that would fit pre-WW One and be valid for 'decades' to come!).

This is intended as a game of learning and fun - and therefore no costs are anticipated. It is possible this Forum might agree to host (allowing thead postings) but must still be discussed and resolved - alternatively, another site can be chosen.

At this point, commentary and interest is all that is solicited.

Edited by WuCh'i440
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ALTERNATIVE to above would be 1934 game, which is at this stage more developed with data, OOB, etc.

Some have suggested in the past a software programme similar to "Storm over Europe" would be the ideal computer variant, controlling combat and removing this from moderator direct controls is the best solution. I too agree, a "better-SOE" is the best solution.

Posts regarding moves, diplomatic relations, economic decisions, etc would still be by posts to the editor, while a World Newspaper would avaiable for dialogue, position statements, moderator posts on events, etc.

Opinions wanted.
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