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Topic ClosedAfrican lion vs Grizzly Bear

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Direct Link To This Post Topic: African lion vs Grizzly Bear
    Posted: 05-Feb-2015 at 19:48
Fight 1: Parnell Kills Monarch:

The large pit dog in the ground to hold the huge grizzly bear, Monarch, is completed. He will now have an opportunity of putting himself in good condition in his proposed fight with the man-eating lion, Parnell. A good many people are under the impression the bear would stand no show. Well, if one saw the size of this monster, be would think the show was all on his side. He is really the largest bear ever bald in captivity, and is as furious as he appears. In my opinion the trick lion, Parnell, notwithstanding bis reputation for killing people, would soon be made into mincemeat. The Monarch weighs in the neighborhood of 1750 pounds, besides baying claws' fully four inches in length. Perhaps a fresh lion from the wilds of Africa might succeed in besting tbe bruin, but the belief existing in regard to tbe lions at the grounds is that they would be no match for tbe mighty roamer of the Sierras. Colonel Boone is now arranging with tbe authorities for the fight. Should tbe fight take place, which is doubtful, the assurance is that one of the most desperate battles that ever took place in the anuals of the country will be seen at the lion arena on the grounds.

Fight 2: Parnell kills Siskiyou:

Boone acquired an 850-pound California grizzly bear whom he named Siskiyou. He
cruelly arranged to pair off the bear with one of his trained lions, Parnell, in what...Parnell up to his old tricks, killed a bear.

~Sandow the Magnificent: Eugen Sandow and the Beginnings
~American Museum of Public Recreation, 1937 - Coney Island (New York, N.Y.) - 24 pages

Fight 3: Parnell vs Ramandan

Extension of the fight:

They were turned into an arena like a Spanish bull pen. And the lion flew at the bear instantly. The bear missed his lead and the lion landed on the jaw of his adversary and hung there. The bear tried a lot to uppercut the lion with both claws but he could not tear him loose. The fight was a rough-and-tumble, so there were no breakaway.

Presently the bear took a note form Shakespeare’s book and began to squeeze the king of beasts. When the grizzly got the pressure up to about 1,700 volts, the lion let go of his jaw hold in order to stick his tongue out and to get a breath of fresh air. He wiggled out of the bears embrace and went to his corner.

The second round was brief. The lion made a leap and the bear swung with both paws and the monarch of the African desert failed to land and returned.

In the In the third round the lion made another spring, got a swiping jolt from the bear's paw and withdrew for the third and last time. No self-respecting lion ever springs more than three times. This is well known. If he misses his Kill three times he throws up the sponge. When his work has been that lumpv there is not another spring left in him no more than if he were a wire mattress that had been worked for 50 years.

But Colonel Boone was not satisfied and he arranged another meeting. He starved the animals some more, and fetched them together again. He tried a new scheme. He pitched the bear a chunk of meat The lion promptly waltzed up and grabbed it, and the bear stood for his work. Another bologna was tossed to the representative of California prowess. The lion got up front where he was gnawing his calf’s liver and annexed that too, and the bear never made a protest. The bear seemed to have quit flat at the start. The contest was awarded to the lion on default and the bear was drummed out of the fighting fraternity. But Colonel Boone still holds his opinion about the California grizzly. Parnell was afterwards fought against four bulls, one at a time, and in the last encounter lost his life. The first bovine gladiator was old, and he was killed easily by the lion- The second and third made a better fight, but were put out of time in a little while, the fourth bull caught Parnell in the mouth with its horn and drove the horn up through the roof of the mouth into the lion's brain, killing him.

Menelik the lion Kills President the Kodiak bear:

Boltimore kills Kamchatka bear:

Lion kills bear, tiger and cow in one fight:

Lioness kills bear in roman arena:

Lion takes prostrated bears kill:

Siberian bear dies from wounds with young lion:

Lion breaks grizzly bears back with one swipe:

There are only two species of bear in the Park, the black and the grizzly. Of these the black tear is the less timid. At least we never encountered a grizzly upon the road.—to our entire satisfaction,—while we saw many black beai-s. We did see | grizzlies, though, at the "Bear • Feeding Grounds" which are maintained near the big hotel and tourist camp near Old Faithful, and they are an impressive looking beast. While the black bear rarely attains a weight ofmore than 400 pounds, the grizzly when full grown generally weighs around 1.000 pounds. And his strength is in proportion to his size. A few years ago an Englishman who had hunted lions In Africa ventured, upon a visit here, to express the opinion that an African lion could whip a grizzly in fair fight. His' opinion was so warmly disputed by partisans of the grizzly that he determined to settle the matter. He brought a full grown lion to this Park and it was put into a cage'along with a grizzly. The lion at once sprang to the attack^ leaping upon the bear's' back and trying to dig in with claws and teeth. The grizzly sincerely shook him off. The lion again sprang and was again shaken off. A third time it was shaken off, but this time the lion, annoyed, gave it a swipe with one of its paws, and broke its back. killing it with a single blow.

King of swedens Barbary lion kills a european brown bear with one blow:

The king, of whom I have just narrated so many anecdotes, had a very large lion‘ presented to him by one of the Barbary powers. There were at this time several bears kept by the butchers about the shambles in Stockholm, and his majesty, being anxious to witness a rencontre between one of these animals and the lion, ordered them to be brought into contact with each other. lu the lion's den there were two apartments, into one of which the bear was introduced. On the lion, however, getting access to that animal, he found him posted in a corner; when, going up to him, he gave him a slight rap with his paw, as if to see of what materials his visiter was composed. The bear, not liking this kind of salutation, growled, and endeavoured to parry it. This made the lion angry: when, ‘ with one- fell swoop,‘ with -his paw, as the story goes, he laid the bear dead at his feet.

Brutus the lion kills Polar bear:

Roosevelt the lion mauls Peary the polar bear:

Artifact of Lion defeating a bear:

Alfred courts lions kill polar bears:

Although it is some, the day of the arisen accident to Artis, the repetition extended itself to noon.  For five hours of clock Anton and me had lived in the cage to the big cats.  One will believe me maybe if I assert that we in went out exhausted, broken fatigue.  The next day this lut the turn of the tigers, then I practiced alternation: a day the lions, a day the tigers.  The constant concern of the tamer has 'to be first to assure itself that every beast perfectly possesses l'a.b.c. work that it will have to execute.  That obtain, it can risk "the mixture".  First the lions and the meet tigers, but that demanded a months and half of repetitions, then the leopards, the Danish dogs, at last the bears of the Himalayas.  In the month of August, I began, as early as delivery, the training of the six polar bears.  To the first essay of "mixes" the one of them was égorgé by a lion.  It immediately was replaced, thus besides that the aggressor that dut to yield his place to another lion less hargneux

Another lion attacks a polar bear…

On the big pyramid, a white bear, neighbor of a lion mordit the latter, the lion jumps on the bear, both of them ran down of their perchoir, rolled to the ground and immediately a tiger jumped them over.  Instantly Drilled e burst, with his habitual music of blows of mouth, of roarings, of hilarious claws the air.  Helped of Schultz that I had taken with me in the cage, I arrived to bring back peace.

~Pages 131-132,

When fights break out, always protect the weaker animal, for I have seen a small leopard kill a large tiger, a lion kill a polar bear.

page 204-205.

Leo the lion mauls a polar bear:

Two lionesses maul a polar bear beyound recongnition:

Artifact of lion defeating a bear:

4 lions fight 3 polar bears:

Lion mauls polar bear:

Lion bowls over polar bear:

Lion kills sloth bear:

Poor Sampo, the recently acquired sloth bear at Mundy's Zoo, is no more, because Bully, a pugnacious young lion literally "cut him dead",%201906&author=&pub=The%20Sun%20&edition=&startpage=&desc=

Calif A mother bear, defending her two cubs, fought a losing battle with a powerful African lion early yesterday at the Alameda County Zoo.
~Daytona Beach Morning Journal - Apr 6, 1950

Polar bear attacks lion, lion gets polar bears throat:

Lion defeats black bear:

The big lioness queenie, that has been ill for a week... was permitted to go into the runway for a little excersize yesterday afternoon the same time the bear was there...Bruno didn't like the intruder in his domain when queenie was passing, the bear struck her with his huge paw, she retreated and the bear followed her. She crouched in a corner, and he raised himself on his haunches to strike her again. The lioness circled to one side and dodged the blow. Then with bristling hair and tail stiff, she shot one of her great paws and caught bruno in the back of the ear felling him to the floor.

The force of the first blow from queenies paw really settled bruno, it was what a boxer would call a short-arm blow with alot of steam behind it...when the attendents came rushing in queenie sprang off and ran into her cage, where upon bruno had his head crushed and neck broken.,%201902&author=&pub=Boston%20Daily%20Globe&edition=&startpage=&desc=LIONESS%20KILLS%20A%20BEAR.

Fight In Boston Zoo Between Two Mddened Beasts Bostock's zoo, in Boston, was the scene of a vicious sanguinary encounter between a full grown lioness and a big black bear a few days ago. Poor bruin was killed, but not before he had convinced his fierce feline antagonist that a hand to hand fight with a husky bear is far from being a picnic. The keepers at the zoo, all of whom havehad long experience in the care of wild animals, pronounce the encounter between the beasts one of the most sanguinary and ferocious they have ever witnessed. The lioness gained the victory, but it was only after a long and terrific struggle, during which the fur flew in such quantities that the bloody floor was carpeted with it. The cage looked like a slaughter house after the battle. The lioness has been but recently secured by Mr. Bostock, and the bear was also a new arrival at the zoo

Artifact of lion defeating bear:

Fight between 3 lionesses and 3 bears:

From Lemberg the Vienna correspondent of the 'Daily News' learns that a terrible battle has been fought at the railway sta tion at Rawaruska. A menagerie was being conveyed by rail, and when the train stopped at the station a great noise was heard. The guards went to the wagons containing the wild beasts, and found the wooden partitions which separated three lionesses from three bears, and these again from three hyenas broken down and the animals engaged in battle. One bear was missing. The lions had eaten him, skin and all. They had bitten another bear's paw off, and a hyena lay dead on the floor. Two lions in a' neighboring compartment remained calm. No one dared interfere between the fighting beasts, until the owner arrived in a sledge and -se- parated them — not before he had been bitten by a bear however. - He claims damages from the. railway administration because the partitions gave way. One of the judges, or presidents, of the Tribunal of the Seine in Paris has acquired celebrity owing to the rapidity with which he disposes of the divorce cases brought before him.

Pete taylor, saves bear from lioness

CROWD IN PANIC AS LION ATTACKS TRAINER HUNDREDS WITNESS DESPERATE BATTLE BETWEEN MAN AND BEAST IN A CAGE. New York. A great rush to Coney marked the first Sunday following the official opening of the amusement city. It was estlutttod that there were 300,-000 persons on the Island In the early evening. About 800 of these received an alarming thrill, not on the program, when they went to an animal show. Peter Taylor, a lion trainer, was Just finishing his act, in which he handled four lions, a polar bear and a cinnamon bear. The finale Is the mounting of the beasts upon a large , pedestal and Taylor had two of the lions in their places and was leading Lioness Sprang Upon Him. the polar bear to Its station, when Duchess, another lion, sprang at the bear. She fell upon it and both beasts rolled on the floor of the cage, roaring with rage. Taylor drew his revolver and fired two blank cartridges In the hope of frightening the lioness. Then he prodded her with the steel-pointed stick which all trainers carry. This merely turned her attack upon him and she rushed him against the outer bars of the cage, while the crowd was on the verge of panic.

People had to save Polar bear silver king from lion who was trying to eat him:

It states silver Kings weight here:

Arifact of a lion conquering a atlas brown bear:

LION. VS. POLAR BEAR Jacksonville, "Pla., Nor. 10. During a performance last night at Mundy'a menagerie here, Negro, ths big African lion, broke into the cage of the polar bear and s Here fight followed. Spectators shrieked and endeavored to get out of the tent, and several women fainted. The keeper used club and hot Irons, and finally released ths bear, but It was in a dying condition. The polar bear Is a big beast, but not extra fierce.

Three Lions Against a Bear.

An exciting scence was enacted at a performance recently given by a travelling menagerie at Kronenberg. the animals, three lions and a bear, were kept in cages divided from each other by iron partitions, and went through their tricks when the keeper entered their various compartments, The man, ingoing from the lions'cage into tho bear'a cage, inadvortently left tho communicating door unlatched.: The lions rushed into tho bear's den after the keeper, and, growling savagely, fell upon the bear with one accord, That unfortunate beast made a brave stand against its three opponents, and tried to hug' them all in succsssion,. but was completely overpowered by numbers. The keoper bad a marvellous escape; the beasts, as they rolling over each other in their desperate struggle, several times nearly crushing him against the bars of tho cage; but, seizing a favourable momont, he managed to slip through into tho next den. With the assistance of the owner of the show, the man at last succeeded in driving the lions into their own comparment by means of long iron bars, The bear died a few hours afterwards, being almost torn to pieces by the lions' claws, The tent at the time of the accident was crowded, and several persons were hurt in the rush to get out at the narrow doorway.

Lion kills bear with one blow:

Lion Kills Bear. In a phorl battle at the carnival grounds in Corry Monday night. bettween members of the bear and the lion families the latter was returned the victor an Having delivered a vicious assault on the bruin's head quarters. There was nothing to the skirmish, for the bear was outclassed outgeneraled and outslugged and never had a ghost of a show with the African jungle King, it was all over in the twinkling of an eye and the bear lay quite dead on the floor of his cage which the lion had invaded in making the attack.

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I think its noted the bear is still suspect as every animal is able to be killed by having their throat ripped open, suphicated, having their trachea crushed ect, as it is no different from any others. Most seem to give out the opinion bigger bears would just crush there competitors with little accord, as if they dont feel pain them selves. The records show that the bear is capable of being killed by animals much smaller in size and lighter in mass, who is the brown and black bears natrual competitor, the Puma:

Paul Hepgood. of Susquehanna, had a lively experience near Coudersport the other day (says an American exchange). One day, with a farmer named Saunders, they were looking for a strange cow, and presently they sat down on a log to rest, a.t the .mouth of a dark glen. While seated they heard a bear growling up the slen, and as the sound came nearer Hepgood's companion cocked his rine, which he generally carries when in the woods. In a moment a panther came trotting through the bushes with a squealing bear oub in its mouth. It carried the cub as a car does a mouse, and it was in a hurry.

Close at the panther's heels lumbered the> walling mother bear; and when the panther, which knew the bear was afraid of him, put the cub on the ground, as i£ *n get a better hold, the bear gained courage, plunged at the panther, and caught It around the body just in front of the hind legs. Quick as thought, the panther threw the cub into the*air, tore himself loose, and pitched into the bear. At the first stroke the bear knocked the panther to one side, and a second stroke Rent him flying into the bushes.

But at this stage of the fight the cub squealed once more, and the mother bear, forgetting everything except her young, rushed to thfi rescue. She had not taken three steps when the panther sprang at her and settled his claws in her shoulder and his teeth in her neck. The bear etraggfled hard to shake off the great cat, but she couldnt do it.

Just as she gave her last kick and the panther rose in triumph, Saunders took a hand in the fight, and with two bullets killed the panther. The cub also lay dead, the panther's teeth having, crushed the tender bones in its neck; and farther up the glen the men found the bear's den, with a live cub in it, which they carried home.

~Phillip R. Goodwins~Book of hunting records

If the lion should openly approach his prey and challenge it to combat, his intended victim would immediately take to flight. In a fight to the death, the mountain lion is more game than the black bear. He will fight to the last breath, when the black bear will quit and cover his head with his paws and bawl like a calf.

The Marion Star from Marion, Ohio · Page 9

Their roaring and screaming awoke a thousand echoes in the canyon, which made the fight seem more dreadful still. It was a fight to the death. Struggling and rolling, biting and clawing, scratching and screaming, did the monsters fight, only breaking away from one another long enough, seemingly, to regain their breath and strength, when at it they would go again with roar and scroam. Thus they fought for over an hour, when, torn, bleeding, and completely exhausted, evidently dying, they rolled apart, only to lie and snarl at each other, unable from their terrible exertions to do more. But there were near worse enemies to them than they were bo each other. Quietly the two brothers, knowing there was nothing, to fear from the two exhausted champions, levelled their rifles, and after five shots had been fired the two mighty beasts had ceased their struggles, having gained what each had tried to do for the other, for the two fighters of Old Baldy lay dead. There lay a Californian lion that measured eight feet four inches from tip of nose to tip of tail a king of his race. The bear, a cinnamon, was a monster of his species. As near as they could estimate he would have weighed 1000 pounds. Each was a mass of cuts and wounds. The lion had one fore-leg crushed and mangled, as though from a bite, and the bear was cub from muzzle to tail .by the knife-like claws of his more active opponent.—" Buckskin," in the Ontario Observer,

The lion had buried its teeth in the bear's throat, and before he could move a paw in self-defeuso had torn him literally into shreds with its powerful, sharp claws. The whole thing had happened so quickly that I had scarce time to catch my breath when the fight was over, the bear dead, and the lion gone. The bear's ribs were torn asunder and one of the sharp claws had cuthia heart in two. His intestiaes were threads, and the grass and brush for ten feet around were covered with hair, hide, and blood. I think the American lion is the quickest thing on earth.

Mountain lion kills bear in fair fight


With all her wonders, there are few persons at a distance who will be willing to believe that California produces an animal like that represented in the above engraving; yet, strange and remarkable as it may appear, it is true. A veritable A gentleman who passed through the northern portion of the State in the fall of '50, describes a fight which he witnessed between a Grizzly Bear and Lion. Upon facing each other, the Bear showed signs of distress, and commenced " back-

Lion, of which the above is a correct sketch, is found within the limits of our State. Hence, we choose to refer to it as the California Lion. We have seen one of them, and a splendid fellow he was, too. In point of size, strength, or beauty, we hesitate not to pronounce the California Lion equal, if not superior, to|any that we have ever met in the famous menageries of the Atlantic States. It will be observed that they differ greatly in appearance from the Lions of other countries, resembling more the ferocious tiger drew himself forward very cautiously, until within ten or fifteen feet of his adversary, when coiling his tail under his body, he made a spring, with a hissing noise. He missed his object, but suddenly gathering his energies, he made a second leap, landing full upon the Bear's back. The result of the struggle soon became apparent. The Bear fought with desperation, but was finally compelled to yield beneath the huge jaws of his antagonist. The fight lasted about half an of the old world. ing out.

bear mounted on the body ot the tree in the lap of which ha was hidden, and that the bear proceeded to cross over the stream on this log, and that when the bear had reached about the middle of the stream a panther suddenly sprang up- out of the midst ot the treelap in which father was concealed, alighting on the same log on which tht bear was crossing over. The bear and panther met about the middle ot the stream and at once engage in furious combat the bear at first stroke of hit mighty arm send ill those eyes shine with the same...On approaching the stream the deadly conflict between the bear and panther was still raging, but right soon the bear gave a tad moan, which told...that the fight was over and the bear killed

~The Dispatch » 1910 » February » 16 Feb 1910, Wed » Page 6

Bear kills pumas cubs, puma than slaughters entire family of bears

In a fair fight A pair of mountain lions can kill a bear in fact have been known to do so when defending their young

He was wounded and bleeding profusely from a deep gash in his breast; great strings of hide dangled loosely from his sides, where the bear had tried to hug him. Blood poured from Bruin's neck as he caved up and down before the ledge, and I noticed that one arm hung limp and helpless. But he was none the less eagei for the next assault as he cried in impotent rage. ; The tawny brute above him licked the bWd from his horrid mouth and again sprang at the bear's throat; but he received a stunning blow on his head, and went spinning. Following up his advantage,Bigfoot piled on and endeavored to hug him. I saw the lion's back heave and straighten convulsively; the bear delivered a powerful blow, then broke away. He reared upright as the lion flew at his throat. I saw the bear's entrails fall out upon the ground, where they were literally torn away by his feet. Again the lion sought the safety of the shelf of rock, as the famous Bigfoot fell dead. My tawny deliverer sat and licked hla many wounds.

Puma kills 800 pound she bear

PANTHER KILLS A' BEAR. It was In the fall of whoa my uncle said wo would put out a line of traps. 2 wish to say that at-that time the section of Illinois where we lived was a vast wilder-ness, and asettlement were miles apart. My uncle had a hut built of log, well chinked and daubed, and made Quite comfortable. It was a number of mile to the nearest settle ment, and It was a matter of bard labor to supply ourselvo with thf necessary provision for winter At that time bears were plentiful, and that Were also quit a few paninera. After taring everythiog In shape we proceeded to set our tra-", among them several... uncle and I were visiting our traps, and on our way to camp sat down to rest oa the trunk of a fallen tree. We heard a crashing through the brush, aa of some animal that seemed to be -rira monstrous hurry to 'get away from something that be seemed to think wasn't . a great, ways off. Presently a bear rushed by us over the ridge, grunting and talking to himself, an is the way of the animal. Bometimes he seemed to be awifully afraid of something, but he had no idea that we and our rifles were around. ."Them things weren't very healthy for bears, and if that one had known where they were I've a notion It wouldn't have quieted bla feelings any. ' ' In another minute we heard the long bounds of another animal racing like death ton the trail of the bear. Then a great panther, with every hair turned toward his head, rushed like fury ay us over me nage la pursuit. We didn't feel sorry that the bear ost his life, STORIES the bear had been meddling with something he had no business with.

PANTHER KILLS A BIG BEAR. April 30. Paul Hep-gocd of Susquehanna had a lively experience near Coudersport, the other day. One day, with a farmer named Saunders, they were looking for a strange cow," aid presently they sat down cn a log lo rest, at tbe mouth of a dark glen. While seated they beard a bear growling up the glen, and a the sound came nearer Hepgood's companion cocked bis rifle, whjph b? generally carries when In the woods. In- moment a panther came trotting through the bushes wltb a squealing bear cub in Its mouth . It carried the cub as a eat does a mouse, and it was in a hurry. Close at tbe panther's heels lumbered the walling mothsr bear; ar.d when the panther, which knew the bear was afraid of blm, put tbe cub on the ground, as If to get a better bold, the bear gained courage, plunged at the panther and caught It around the body Just In front of the bind legs. Quick as thought, the panther thrsw tbe cub in tbe air, tore himself loose and pitched Into the bear. At the first stroke the bear knocked the panther to one sideband & second stroke sent him flying Into tho bushes. But at this stage of tbe fight tbe cub squealed once more and tbe mother bear, forgetting everything - except her young, rushed to the rescue. ' She had not taken three steps when tbe panther sprang at her and settled his claws In her shoulder and his teeth in her neck. Tbe bear struggled bard to shake off tbe great cat, but she couldn't do 1U . . Just as s ho gave her last kick and the panther rose In triumph, Saunders took a hand in the fight. and with two bullets killed the panther.,%20but%20she%20couldn't%20do%201U%20.%20.%20Just%20as%20s%20ho%20gave%20her%20last%20kick%20and%20the%20panther%20rose%20In%20triumph,%20Saunders%20took%20a%20hand%20in%20the%20fight.%20and%20with%20two%20bullets%20killed%20the%20panther.&spell=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&gbv=1&prmd=ivns&ei=8e_jVO61LNH2oASd84C4Aw&sa=N

The bear cast one look over his shoulder and made off faster than ever. The panther bogan an jearnest pursuitand gained rapidly. The bear, seeing that the panther iwas overtaking him. hastily ascended tree. The panther sprang into the lower branches, and in a second had Hoped two big bunches of brown hair from the bear's back, as that animal, in his terror, climbed the tree with the celerity of a school-boy. He crawled out on a branch, but the panther followed. The bear was now in extremities. There was but one remedy. So he wound himself up In a brown ball and dropped to the ground. fie struck with a sort of a smash, unbound himself, and started on a frantic lope" for safety. But with ftwo or three bounds the panther was low,h the. tree and near to him. She sprang upon the bear, burled her leeth in his throat and with her pow-'erful claws tore out his entrails. The hunters then shot the panther

Puma kills black bear:

Bear dies in fight with puma:

Bear dies in fight with female puma:

Mountain lion kills a near half ton bear:

As they neared the spot, the victorious ainnita passed before them Into the jungle. On coming to the place of the deadly struggle they found dead and bleeding a large she bear, that would weigh probably 900 or 1000 pounds.

Puma kills bear:

They waited there Bite a little while, the lion in the position of a it about to spring, working his tail, with his Irs laid back and getting ready for a jump as |moved his feet back and forward, as you will le a tomcat do. Once in a while he would toul. The Major and the Indians kept quiet ud looked on. At last the lion charged the fear and grabbed him, and they both went down bgether and the dust flew up so that it almost hd the two fighters. In a little while the lion Bddenly let go and sprang back to where he Bd been before. Both animals were bleeding ind each was licking its wounds. The bear kept up his moaning and screaming and would kit been mighty glad to get away, but he did wt dare to expose his back to the lion. The two animals spent some time licking their rounds, but at last the lion charged the bear igain and this time with his claws he tore open he bear's back and his claws must have reached iome deadly part, for presently the bear fell »er dead and the lion went off to his old place ind began to lick his wounds again.

Puma kils bear:

Two pumas beat up bear and take his kill:

Most bear fans seem to always state that the bear is too big, and therefore no damage, harm, and wounds can be inflicted upon him, appearntly donkeys, mules cattle, moose, bulls and bison must have missed that memo:

Down came the outstretched paws, and at that moment Pete seemed to become aware for the first time of the presence of the grizzly. He sprang forward, the paws struck only the air and then I saw a gray form double itself into a ball and bound upward. Out of that ball flew two legs, which shot back and forth with the rapidity of piston rods, going thump, thump upon the body of tho grizzly. Up and down went the body and back and forth went tho two pile drivers. The bear was struck all over, on his head, on his shoulder, on his side, on his paws. He fell in one direction and then in another. He was kicked into the air and pounded into the earth. The breath was driven out of him and life followed, and at length he lay upon the ground a shapeless mass, every bone in his body broken, while Pete had quietly returned to his interrupted grazing without a hair injured.

The grizzly had no sooner abandoned his attack on the bull than the latter was on his feet, bearing himself aserect and as fierce as ever. "Giving his head a shake, he lowered it for the fourth time, and again charged. As the bull hurled himself against the grizzly the latter braced himself for a last desperate struggle. He struck out wildly with his paws and the bul' fell back with the force of the grizzly's blows. The bear sank to the ground. writhing in agony. The indomitable courage of the bull here prevailed. Blinded and crippled as he was, he dashed wildly at his foe again. With a last frantic effort the bear sought to make his escape, scrambling and staggering through the dust. But it was useless. His great strength was gone. The bull plunged his horns again and again into the huge form of the dying brute as he lay stretched helpless in the dust. The bear's muscles quivH1 THE BULL'S TRIUMPH. ered and contracted. He drew his immense paws up once or twice in convulsive clutches, raised his huge head, gave one agonizing groan and fell back dead.

Cattle kills bear:

Bull kills bear:

But the brave bull fought on until the bear had had enough; and tried to run; the bull •was after'him like a flash, 'bowled him over and gored him to death. Even this did not satisfy his rage: he stood back a little to get bis breath, and then charged the body again and again, fairly lifting it off the ground with his horns. Finally, having glutted his wrath, he left the dead bedy of the bear and went off to find the herd, and. at let us hope, recover from his dreadful wounds.

The boar, protecting his little pigs'and their mother, had ripped into the bear hour after;hour, and killed it. The claws and" teeth of the bear cost the boar an eye, an ear and several gashes

Boar kills bear:

Group of peccaries (smaller boars) kills 3 bears in pit fight:

Turning too quickly, a bear sapped and fell from his pedestal. In a second there was • I mass of_reddish brown... and cracking his bones like pieces of glass...He sat the{« and beat the peccaries away, knocking fully a dozen into kingdom come before the hogs succeeded in overcoming him.

Bear is killed by wounds from a boar

Mule beats up bear:

Even an escaped liger from a circus, met up with a massive wild grizzly bear and killed him:

C'mon bear fanatics, grizzly bears are not some indestructable beings, all brown bears evolved with hunting fish, berries, grass, honey and vegatation...they rarely hunt anything formidable other than bison, as donkeys, peccaries, boars, cattle, pumas and bison have on record pulverised them into nothingness. Bears although are fast for their shape are still not as atheletic as the Panthera genus, the hunting diveristy of lions are beyound a hundred different type of sub-specific ungalates in africa, which keep the lion game.

The eco-system evolves the predator in what he becomes and sculpts his attributes, the lions evasive-manuverability, parrying-agility, and fighting-skill comes from a constant competeing with animals just about twice as tall as a standing bear via giraffes, twice as heavy as the bear via giant eland, alot more aggresive animals such as hippos, the most dangerous and aggresive the bovine cape buffalo aka the black death, who resides in large herds up to a thousand, probably the most formidable fauna on the planet the black and white rhino and the heaviest land animal on the planet, the bull african elephant. These animals on a week to week basis sculpts the lion into what he is, he must contend with hyenas who are larger than wolves, bigger in size, aggression and bigger groups, the lion has no choice but to be in a fighting mode through out his entire lives, brown bears can take vacations from conflict via hybernating, and also doesnt need to fight or keep himself game, (can turn to other sources of food) instead of animals that offer struggle and potential threats to his health, and polar bears are notorious sled dog huggers, aka gental giants, other than a meal, polar bears rarely show signs of aggression.

A big cat 1/10th the size of a bear has been shown killing a

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A scene in the movie the red stallion, shows a horse defeating a bear

Before he could laso the bear managed to get to Its feet and pounced upon him. Instead of rushing away, the horse kicked It. with both feet, knocking It to the ground, and then jumped upon It with Its forefoot, stamping It to death.

A fight between a fire-crazed bear and a mule, in which the bear was worsted occurred at L. Mason's ranch, at Bednesti, B. C- The .forestrfire routed the bear from it lair, and In its dash from the flames into the open country it collided violently with a jackmule. The bear-was promptly stretched out on the ground by- a double tattoo from the capable hind hoofs,/and the mule calmly resumed its interrupted grazing.

Mule Kills Bear. ' Huntington, Pa. Daniel Shawley, a local farmer, tells a story of how he ! escaped death through tho sagacity of a pet mule, which kicked n black bear ' to death

Top left corner

Stallion Kills Bear On Leesville Farm A 600-pound black bear was killed by a horse in a field within 25 miles of Dover Saturday. The bear apparently attacked a mare in an enclosed pasture adjoining a. woods on the farm of William Thomas, RD 4, Carrollton, in the Leesville lake area, and was stomped to death by a stallion named Prince in the same field with the mare. The Best In Comics The incident took place within 400 feet of the Thomfes farm home and apparently took place while the family was eating the noon meal. Members of the family heard a brief commotion in the field but did not investigate until after the meal when Joe Thomas, 22, a son, found the dead bear. Approximately 50 feet of barbed wire fence had been ripped down and the stallion was missing, but was found later with the marks of bear claws on his hide. There were also claw marks on the mare. Head. injuries apparently killed the bear in this pasture field battle of hoof and claw. The bear had a 60-inch "arm spread" and its hind feet were six inches wide and 10 inches long but it was apparently an aged animal, as its long claws were worn down and dulled. Horses ordinarily will run- from See BEAR KILLED

Again the stallion sprang Into the air, with his four reet gathered Into a bunch, and again there vraa a sickening crunch of bone and flesh. Both bears were now dead, crushed and kicked Into two bloody masses of wool, bone and flesh. After his lpist dash the horse walked y a iew steps, men; turning, stag gered up to the first bear ho had knocked out, knelt down and literally tore skin and flesh from the bear's body; then, with bloody head jand glistening teeth, the Savage brute man aged to stagger over to the other mass of wool and flesh, which he served la tne same manner.- I - . After tearing and battering the body into a mass of broken bones and mangled flesh, the stallion tossed his head from .which the bloody foam flew in long flecks, gave a neigh' of triumph ana leu lifeless to the around.

One bear, however, met with his match in a vicious stallion, kent on a ranch in Montana. The stallion had been erazine, during Towards near a thicket of bushes. evening the stockmen were surprised to see him come galloping home, with three or four long gashes in his haunch. The cow-boys, knowing that he had been attacked by a grizzly, rode off to tho thicket to hunt the bear. Immediately on the thicket being surrounded, the bear sallied forth, evidently in a bad temper. A spirited fight ensued, and it was not until the grizzly had made several charges that he was killed. On examining his body, it was found that his under jaw was broken, and part of his faco smashed in, evidently by the stallion's hoofs'. When the bear leaped upon the feeding horse, he had failed to kill hit victim by a single stroke. The strong stallion had shaken off the bear, and then kicked out behind with such force as sovercly to damage his foe

Mule nearly breaks bears jaw

This discredits the bears supposed strength:

Finally a vaquero, a superb reatero, whose name J. Prank Dobie gave as Pablo Romero, decided he would rope Star Breast and drag the great bear to death behind his fine roping horse…." Pablo Romero scoffed. "A bear is a bear," he said. "I have a fine horse and a fine reatapure rawhide, and as strong as iron. I will rope and drag this bear as I have so many others."

Horse kicks a bear to death:

Mule beats a bear to near death:

Grizzly dies in fight with mule:

points, and one of its most readable parts is a graphic account of a fight between a grizzly and a mule, in which both were losers.

Artifact of moose defeating brown bear:

Moose defeats rival and then two bears at once:

A trapper, arriving upon the. scene at the close of this pitched battle, found 'one of the Bears dying from ahorn-thrust in the abdomen. The other Bear had taken to * tree and clung there with his tongue hanging out, plainly willing to admit he bad more than met his match.

Moose whips bear:

Bull moose kills full grown kodiak bear:

The Alaska brown bear can kill a moose, but along the AHagash the moose is master. The Old Guide was witness to a fight between a bear and a moose, an event the moose won by breaking the bear's back with his forefeet

Along the Allagash the "lordly moose" is aptly named. It is master of the woods. In a fight between bear and moose the moose usually prevails, even capable of breaking the bear's

Buffalo kills bear in pit-fight

Ox kills bear:

Bull gores bear to death:

Bull whips bear:

Turning, the bull made charge the second, which much resembled the first, but soon after the bull charged a third time upon the bear when he was in a corner, when Bruin for a short time made lively use of both teeth and claws, showing more fight than at any other time during the evening. The bear went off and got in another corner of the cage, when the bull approached him and stood looking at him, and pawing the ground (for nearly ten minutes before he made another dash jammed him against the side of the cage. The bear clawed a little, uttered a roar, and slunk away to another corner. The bear was evidently afraid of the bull from the moment he first caught sight of him. From this time forward it was necessary to stir the animal up to get them together, when there would be a rush by the bull and a roar or two by the bear, and the round was ended. Person! got on tha roof of the den and poored blood upoun the bull who stood pawing and gazing upon the bear. A red cloth was fastened to a pole and waved about the bear, but both animals stubbornly kept the peace. After this the bull was let alone, and the business of stirring up cchfined to the bear, who stood it too. It seemed impossible to get the bear upon his feet, and Charley Palqer, chief engineer of the show, cans forward and said that the bull had whipped the bear and the bear was just about dead, and could fight no more.

~ Press, Volume XVIII, Issue 2667, 16 November 1871, Page 3

The bull roared with madness, regained bis feet and dashed toward Bruin. He gored him in the sides, felling him to the earth, but made no attempt to take advantage of his antagonist while down. Third Round. The result of the second round completely surprised the bear, and he lay upon the ground until the men with the poles compelled him to get up and renew the battle. The bull sent the bear four feet in the air...

The bull rolled him over and over until he groaned with pain. Bruin bounded to his feet and into the corner at the first opportunity. The Twelfth Bound. In the round Bruin added new wound to the bull' torn ear, and the latter was willing to withdraw. Brum lanced tbe bull's neck in a dozen places with his keen claws, and, to all appearances, the bull was completely subdued. Bruin seemed to be proud of bis victory, and on his bind legs paraded about the track. The Thirteenth Round. This was the last round and tbe most desperate of all. The round lasted but a few minutes, Every movement made by he infuriated bull seemed to have its effect Finally the two beasts became separated. The bear stood upon his bfnd leg, both eyes being displaced by tbe horns of his antagonist. While Bruin was standing, moving his bead to and fro, not knowing In which direction to move, the bull plunged towards his antagonist, stuck both horns Into his body, lifted him up and threw him to the top of tbe pit among the spectators, Tbe bear wined in agony, but it was soon over, for the horns of the hull had touched a vital spot, and poor Bruin was vanquished by death.

A movie of a grizzly bear and bull fight:

Bull kills bear name ephriam

Big Bear dies in fight with goat:

I have seen the results of a fight between a huge bear and a goat, both dead, the bear with the horns of the goat driven deep into his chest, the billy with his back broken and beaten to death

Artifact of mastiffs killing bear:

Wolverine kills three bears at once:

Wolves nearly kills bear:

This is not a solitary example of a fight between bears and Wolves, as the same author mentions a similar combat, which would apparently have had a different result lhe bear had retreated to a large tree; and, standing with his back against the trunk, boldly faced his antagonists, and for some time kept them at bay. At last, however, some of the Wolves crept round the tree, and seizing him unexpectedly in the flank, inflicted such severe wounds that he would soon have failen a victim to their ferocity had not they been put to flight by the approach of some men.

7 wolves defeats 3 bears:

Mastiff kills big black bear:

DOG KILLS BEAR MISSOULA. Mont., Oct. 16 (ff should be as tough as he looks, can feast on bear meat—as soon as he recovers. His master, Bryl Roark, missed in Spud while duck hunting. He found him crouched beside a bear carcass, licking his wounds. and head. Physicians said he may be able to leave the hospital today.

Dog kills 1 year old bear:

Rattler, a stag hound belonging to A. Smythe, seized the bear by the throat, and was immediately locked in an embrace such as only a bear can give, and the two rolled over and over on the ground. But the hound held on and lay apparently so close to the bear's breast that he was unable to squeeze him very hard. They fought thus for 20 minutes, until at last the bear succumbed, with his windpipe cut in two. One of the men said he had seen many a bear fight in his day, but never such a game fight as on this occasion. I is needless to say that Eattler is much honored in Arlington as the champion bear dog.

Donkey kills grizzly:

So much for the bears indistructable durability.

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So much for size/weight being a garentee win even in the same species...

Black bear and dead brown bear:

Smaller black bear defeats grizzly bear twice his weight, interesting to note, big bears do not throw blows like smaller ones:

'GARIBALDI" USED SCIENCE. Cinnamon Bear, Trained by an Italian, Fought His rival a Bloody Battle to a Standstill. While nearly a thousand people cheered and groaned alternately 'Garibaldi,'" a 450 pound cinnamon bear, lought to a standstill a 860 pound grizzly bear called "Rocky" in the most terrific and bloody fight ever witnessed in the Central Park Zoo yesterday afternoon. The battle was fought on the cliff in the bear cage, and, although neither one was killed, both were so badly used up that they lay on the ground panting for half an hour. "Garibaldi" is a trained bear, and this fact is probably responsible for the defeat of his heavier rival.

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Originally posted by Prime

Artifact of lion defeating bear:

I will start to think that you are earning money from dog fight or something like that LOL

Normal Bear VS African Lion

American Bear VS American Mountain Lion

During both situations, winner is lion and I think African Lion is a bit more powerful rival against American Bear.

What about India? There are lions and bear in the same habitat, aren't there?

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure there are records of lions against himalayin bears, syrian bears, atlas bears and sloth bears, who'm the lion did co-exist, but they are smaller than the lion, so bear supporters would just ignore it, but since we now know that the durability of bigger bears is not what bear fans claim to be via killed by goats and donkeys by their faces smashed in, skulls caved in and broken bones all over the body via blunt force...then I'll see about lions against his previous co-existing with those bear species.

Interesting to note, not only physically/externally we are shown bears are not durable as most claim to lacerations, trachea bites and disemnoweling to be proven false, but interanally the bone density of bears have been highly over exaggerated with no sources proving so, yet there are scientific studys of osteology showing the lions bones are just as dense if not more densar than even kodiak bears:

Kodiak and lion same density for their striking forelimb bone density:

As lions have the highest body mass skeletal structure of bone/muscle mass density:

Leofwin has all the records of bone osteology as it is his occupation he majors in. And some records shows the lion has the more solid and heavier bones in different placements, this explains why the lion strikes harder than the kodiaks smaller brown bear cousins like the grizzly, not only by speculation and opinion, but by actual feats as well:

- Lions have killed 3 bears with one blow of the paw. (1 pit fight, 1 circus, 1 zoo)
- Killed a puma with one blow (George keller)
- Killed a leopard with one blow (snow ball the leopard)
- Broke a siberian tigresses back with his paw blow. (Clyde beatty)
- Has killed with blows from the paw (giraffes, oxen, zebra, wildebeest, horses giant elands, and other smaller animals)

Some 50 sources of science has accepted lions as the most powerful paw blow of carnivorians, third behind the kick of a girrafe and blow of a whales tail from biologist like Frank buckland, hunters like Samuel W baker, animal trainers like Clyde beatty. Some biologist compared the lions blow strength to a steam hammer, others to a force of a thunder bolt, lions have killed eland with blows from their paws, who elands can dwarf the weight of any polar bear of kodiak. Scientist such as Andrew howe removed the mane and compared it to tigers, stateing lions posses a hump of muscle under it, that exceeeds any tigers shoulder and frontlimb muscle. Again, its not going to be one thing that allows a animal to strike harder than another, it is going to be a combination of things.

1.) A hippo is up to 10 x heavier than a lion, yet his extra weight doesnt add anything towards striking with his front forelimb harder than a lion, so the argument that a bear is bigger doesnt mean he is able to strike harder.

2.) The lion is built top heavy, so all his weight is distributed towards striking, the bears built has majority of his weight near the rump and stomach area, which would not promote a forceful strike in the front, but more so help his balance.

3.) The stance/method in which they strike blows via technique would prove the lion strikes harder than any sized bear, on the simple fact that bears do not lunge in one motion, they stand bi-pedal to grab and wrestle sometimes leading to lacerations, but no blunt force is emited that can break bones, as the lion strikes with one paw causing more accuratcy and more strength is put into it with a combination of foward lunging and a one paw haymaker which the lion twists his entire body putting in more force.

Its like comparing a boxer like mike tyson who trains with the speed bag, punching bag and timimg bag, which increases punching accuratcy, increases punching force and also dodging, parrying and evading...which lions would get from sparring week to week within their prides...compared to a sumo wrestler who does not practice his strikes, but instead just focuses on putting on weight, stretching and using his blows to pushing, grabbing and twisting/yanking down his opponent. The diversity of the conditioning or practicing frequently shows in their ungulate and prey amount, to where bears have only 20 or so animals to sculpt their offensive blows on, the lion has some 100+ ungulates he constantly and freqently enhances his striking method on. Again, you have to have a basis of how one strikes so hard with, it cant come out of thin air, the eco system is what molds and sculpts these animals performaces, fighting/hunting methods and tactics. With lions haveing a better striking method, more practiced at it, and better physiology built specifically for striking, with the actual feats to back it up, I dont think any weight size advantage would promote the bear to strike with as much force the lion can, the same way every sumo wrestler out weighs mike tyson, though I highly dought they can even come close to having the same punching power or fighting skill as he does.

Plus, lions have one of the most powerful, if not the strongest bite forces of the mammal world up to 1,200 psi recorded:

Alot of the internet talk on other forums are empty words, they mention bite psi but show no actual test being done or atleast from a scientist mentioning it, the same with paw blows and physical strength feats, bear fans included have next to zero feats of bears using their paws as a desctructive...blunt force blows, that can break anything, all we see is hear say of bears breaking bulls and lions skulls, yet no root source leaded to the actual documentation. Bears have now been showing to be beatin to death, by goats, pumas, boars, donkeys, horses, mules, dogs, moose, bison, cattle, bulls, lions, leopards and other animals...wheather by lacerations, biting the trachea, disemboweling, breaking of bones, like smashing in his face, skull, ribs, back ect...the bear is no durable than any other animal in terms lacerations and blunt force.
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Originally posted by Prime

Yeah, I'm pretty sure there are records of lions against himalayin bears, syrian bears, atlas bears and sloth bears, who'm the lion did co-exist, but they are smaller than the lion, so bear supporters would just ignore it, but since we now know that the durability of bigger bears is not what bear fans claim to be via killed by goats and donkeys by their faces smashed in, skulls caved in and broken bones all over the body via blunt force...then I'll see about lions against his previous co-existing with those bear species.
n any other animal in terms lacerations and blunt force.

As I said, Grizzly Bear didn't win the battle against even mountain lion so they don't have a change against African Lion.

However, bear have very large diet, but I think also Grizzly bears eats fish. 

Maybe Polar bears can be more powerful against African Lion. Polar bears eats more larger animals such as seals.
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Sorry about the multi post.

I asked medenaywe to erase the messed up one...but anyways, the majority of people think its the bear because hes much bigger, bigger claws, heavier and assume he is stronger in striking...but I dought that matches up to the expertise killing/fighting the lion has being more explosive, better fighter/hunter, more diverse in combat, has sharper claws compared to the butter knife like claws of grizzlys, is faster, more dexterity, more agile and better at manuverability and all around more atheletic...but of course these opinions are only in human mind views, the only way to find out if they hold up is to compile conflicts between them and see who actually performs better. With the vast amount of forums saying the bears durability, we can test how well their durability really is by seeing how they did in combat of the past against less formidable animals than the lion.

Heres a few more accounts that debunks the common notion that bears are industructable:

a small "bulldog owned by 'William Bennett rushed at. them and caught one' of the "bears by' the leg. A fierce battle ensued and the dog got a fatal grip on the throat of the bear. No one dared go to the rescue of poor bruin. The showmen, even with their poles, were unable to shake the dog's grip, and the bear was dead ; within thirty minutes.

12 grizzly bears killed by dogs:

Bulldogs Put Bear Out of Business Two dogs fought for half an hour with a performing bear at Athenia, N. J., yesterday, and vanquished it. Bruin was in an ugly mood and he would not dance for his Italian owner, who nt last gavo up trying to make him do his tricks and started down the street. Along came two bulldogs. They growled at tho bear and Bruin showed fight. The dogs sprang for the bear and he, rearing on his hind feet, met them with a roar. Both dogs secured holds, but wcro not able to maintain them at first. Tho bear shook himself frco and slapped at them 'with his paws and bit them. Tho dogs were persistent and finally got good grips, one nt the hind leg and tho other at the throat. Tho bear tried in vain to shako them off, and tho Italian prodded tho dogs with a pole, but they held. It wasn't long until Bruin sank down exhausted.

In the very first round two dogs were killed outright. As the bear fell he grabbed old Jude and bore her down with him; she fell ' fighting. The bear fastened his jaws inthe small of her neck and tore off the flesh to the hollow, but she kept on fighting until she was so maimed and weak that she could not raise her head to take hold. "Round and round the dogs and bear went, cutting, tearing at each other until they vere 100 yards from; the place where the fight began. The bear was tired out by tne time the hunters got to him.

Bear Loses Life for Piglet. A great uproar in her pigpen awoke Widow Armindn Milligan. The widow, who livesucar Eureka, Sullivan county, threw on a wmppcr and hurried out in the moonlight. A hungry, half grown bear, seeing a litter of ten suckling pigs, had climbed in the pen and seized a piglet. Instantly the mother pig attacked the bear, ripping its sides with her tusks. The bear dropped the pig and tried to escape, but the savage mother pulled it back, and the boar fiercely joined her in the attack. Widow Milligan seized a pitchfork and re-enforccd the pigs. The benr fought well, but quickly succumbed to such odds and was killed

Yocum settled here and engaged in a desperate fight leaving only one of the combatants alive. In this case it was not a wild boar that fought the bear, but a tame one. e was in a bad plight—was seriously wounded and covered with blood. He had been in a desperate combat with a wild beast and he was greatly angered and restless. We traced the back track of the boar through the cane to the spot where the encounter took place. A bear lay dead where the ferocious animals had struggled together. Cane, weeds, and paw paw bushes were mashed flat to the ground. Blood was sprinkled on the ground and foliage. The bear was mangled by the boar’s tusks almost beyond description. Deep gashes were cut and torn all over its body and legs. The greatest wounds were inflicted on its belly, breast behind the shoulders.

Some researchers have speculated that black bears probably kill few if any feral hogs, especially given that an adult hog would represent a formidable adversary for a black bear. In fact, in the 1920s a feral boar in the Okefenokee Swamp was reported to have killed a black bear in a fight between the two animals. Similar accounts of feral boars killing bears during fights in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas were reported in the 1880s.

Lions face hyena, who are vastly superior to dogs or wolves, yet only little is known of hyena killing well maned lions. Bears have been killed by pratically everything hes gone up against him more than several times. I hardly see where the durability bear fans speak of is...wheather blunt force or lacerations to the trachea, they seem to not have any durability factors, atleast compared to the hype. The main argument is durability at the trachea aka the throat and being disemboweled...there are little to no records of any animal killing well maned african lions with manes that extend to the belly. But in terms for bears, every predator he has gone up against, from wolverines to pumas, leopards, dogs and lions have shown bears to be highly vulnerable dispite most think his fur is better than the lions mane because it covers the entire body, the stomach...and neck is the only place needed to be covered and the mane is both longer and in more dense thickness than the bears 2-4x over, anywhere else is superficial at best against claws and fangs. The bears durability argument is looking thinner by the post.

But I will be looking for what you suggested too, I think a bear no matter what species is still a bear...and it would be interesting to find accounts on syrian bears, sloth and himalayin bears against lions, who is their natrual competitor in the past. Another thing I'd like to see if its true is, if bears have better endurance than lions, the common notion is that bears out class all animals in endurance, but again...there is lack of proof of this. Cats are not designed for stamina, but lions are different from all other cats, in many different ways.

- They form prides beyound 20 group members, no other cat does this.
- They have enourmous manes, no other cat has this.
- Lions roar all through the day and night, no other cat does this.
- Lions choose to rather using their paws as a striking weapon more than anything, no cat relys on this tactics, all cats except jaguars prefer the throat grab as primary.
- They live out in the open regardless who is around them, no cat can have this lesiure, they either hide in big bushes, caves or live in trees.
- No predator can take on hyenas at their best natrual and unified state, except lions.

But all in all, I still have respect for bears and think a big bear above 1,000 lbs is still a formidable foe, who is superior in combat of bear and lion? We will find out in time, when more records are brought forth.
Be honset to thy self!
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TEN BEARS BATTLE IN BRONX PARK ZOO 5 Thousands of Spectators Cheer on the Combatants. FIGHT LASTS 55 MINUTES Trouble Followed the Invasion of Main Alaskan Bear Pan by Three Outsiders Lively for the Keeper. A fight took place In the Alaskan bear pens. Bronx Park, early yesterday afternoon. The battle lasted fifty-flv minute. Afterward everybody who visited the Park was talking about it. Those not among the thousand who had actually een the fifty-five-minute battle were having It described to them. There are ten bears, all of one specie in -the pen. but three of them. Mike and Bossy and Ben. long ago proved them-elve uch disorderly characters that they were put In a separate cage. Tlielr cage, however, adjoin th tnclos-ure In which the seven more peaceful bear are kept, and an Iron gate I fitted into the partition. Yesterday's cool winds stirred the blood of the animal so that they showed more energy than at any time since last Winter. Belligerent Mike. Bossy, and Ben were more restless than any of their milder brethren. They kept scratching and pushing and biting at the gate that separated them from the big cage. At 1:30 o'clock the cage suddenly gave way, swinging wide open. Mike, Bossy, and Ben loped in upon the peaceful seven like a confident football squad limbering up on a bracing Autumn day. 'T he surrounding crowds, seeing what wa coming, shouted and hurrahed like four thousand rah-rah boys who had bet all of " the old man's " last month' allowance on the game. Mike, Ben, and Bossy were big and fierce, but their foes outnumbered them by four. And the seven were united in defense. Their three assailants bucked the line and tackled with alarming fierceness, and with absi . .iteiy no regard for the rules governing off-side plays. The audience shouted harder, and grew. Keepera Snyder. Q-.iinn. and Schloeaser came running up with blunt stick not to act as linesmen, but to stop the game. Head Keeper Thomas Mulvahlll raced to the pens to help them out. It was deemed Injudicious to Invade the field. The keepers took stations In the little grated attachmenta to the pins. and with their sticks tried to beat the Intruders back into their compartment. The ten bears were all over both cages at once snapping-, biting, snarling, and rolling over and over. At no time would all of the three and all of the seven be In their respective com-pattments. Mike and Bossy might be placed all rl?ht. but then Ben would be on the other side fighting like mad. By the time th- keepers had worked Ben around to his place Mike and Boesy would be fiercely tackling on the wrong side of the gate. The crowd in front of the cages grew alarmingly. Men and women and children fought for places. As the struggle between the bears and the keepers went on there were heard a few such expressions as, "Isn't It a pity?" "It Is so brutal," or " I do wish they'd get them back." For the most port, though, the scrappers were urged on by the spectators, who shouted: " Eat 'em up, Mike ": " I'm comln' out here every Sunday after this"; "Go fer him, yer shaggy-haired sinner"; "Let 'em alone"; "Back to Baltimo'. Bossy, yer no good"; "I've got a little cozy corner In my heart fer you. Een "; " Whoopee, turn "em loose." Finally the belligerents were separated and locked Into their compartment to the tune of dlsaf pointed sighs and hisses from the populace, which would have done credit to an old-time Roman mob. watching animals tearing each other to pieces in the arena of the Coliseum. The fighting bears did not hurt themselves very much, after all, for the Zoo doctor looked them over from outside the cages, and said that they need not go to the hospital.

~The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 7

So much for bears ultimate weapons of longer claws that can do heavy damage, and strength that were suppose to snap bones in the blink of an eye, not one seriously injured of 10 of the bears even though it last 55 minutes by either lacerations of physical strength, a big cat needs only a few seconds to several minutes to kill his advesary. Comparing a big cat to a bear in terms sharpness of claws, is like comparing a cutting knife to a butter knife:

Keeps the claws razor sharp:

A bears might be longer, but the big cats claws are much sharper, because their claws are tucked away via retractable, which keeps them razor would take hours to skin a bear with a butter knife, its not the length its the sharpness, as the bears hide only needs a small pocket knife to be skinned:

This shows why grizzly bears could be in fact the least formidable in terms of their dull butter knife like claws, while pumas have no problem killing them dispite the myth that bears fur offers up a formidable armor:

1.) Cougar kills black bear in fight to the death.

One oft-mentioned tussle between a black bear and a cougar was apparently observed by Major John C. Cremony, who served with the U.S. Boundary Commission in the Southwest Between 1849 and 1951. Cremony, accompanied by Apache guides, had been hunting cougars along the Pecos in the vicinity of what is now Ft. Sumner when the group heard a dreadful but unidentifiable sound. Curious as to what could be making such noises and seeking out the source, they came upon a life-and-death battle between a cougar and a black bear. The bear was quite evidently not enthused about the encounter and would have liked to have broken off hostilities and gone away, but the cougar was apparently deeply intent upon killing the bear. After a number of skirmishes, the cougar successfully clawed through the bear's vital organs. After despatching the bear, the cougar licked its wounds, took hold of the bear's carcass, and dragged it to a more secluded place, where it began to cover the carcass for a later meal. It was at this point that one of the Apache guides killed the cougar.

~ Cremony, Life Among the Apaches, 1951, 225-26, a reprint of the 1868 edition.

2.)Female Cougar and Grizzly Bear fight.

Ernest Thompson Seton (1929, 90-91) writes that G. W. Ferguson "recorded" a fight between a grizzly and a female cougar that was witnessed by two miners working a claim near Murry, Idaho. It was reported that a female cougar had a den and kittens in the vicinity, and when a grizzly, apparently unknowingly, approached the den, the mother cougar attacked the grizzly. During what the miners described as a fierce battle, the combatants fell off a mountain ledge and both where killed as a result of the fall. The miners claimed the cougar was still hanging on to the grizzly's cheek with her teeth; the bears back and throat were torn and lacerated and "his belly hide ripped into ribbons, mute evidence of the fact that all her paws with their 18 sharp claws had not been idle" (612).

~ Ernest Thompson Seton (1929, 90-91)

3.) Another instance of deadly confrontation between a cougar and black bear took place some time prior to 1800 near Schuylerville, now Saratoga, New York. An early settler, Mynheer Barhydt, had just built a cabin within Bear Swamp and witnessed the battle. Barhydt indicated that the bear had discovered the cougar's den and, in the absence of the mother cougar, killed the cougar's young. Soon thereafter, the cougar arrived and attacked the bear, reportedly with an awesome display of fury. The cougar eventually implanted her claws so deply in adversary's body that the bear could not throw her off. In the struggle, which Barhydt claimed lasted more than an hour, the two animals rolled over each other into a ravine, and when all became still Barhydt looked down, over the edge, and saw both animals were dead. (Stone 1975, 137-39, and Bradley 1940, 116).

4.) "According to Frank Post of Big Sur, mountain lions sometimes were taken in the live traps built near Monterey to catch bears for the arena. Then a bear-and-lion fight would be aranged. Mr. Post saw such a contest at Castroville in 1865 when he was six years old, and remembered it vividly. The lion, which seemed to have no fear, leaped onto the bear's back and while clinging there and facing forward scratched the grizzly's eyes and nose with its claws. The bear repeatedly rolled over onto the ground to rid himself of his adversary; but as soon as the bear was upright, the cat would leap onto his back again. This agility finally decided the struggle in favor of the lion."

(California Grizzly, Tracy Irwin Storer)

5.) "The Indians of California told stories of fights between grizzly bears and lions, with the lion normally the winner, and hunters and others relate stories of fierce conflicts with no clearcut winner, and most often two losers. They describe them as terribly noisy fights with the ground torn up where the skirmishes occurred. The bear would rise to meet the cat's thrusts and throw the cat to the ground. The cat would grasp the bear near the throat and use its hind feet to rake the bear's stomach and chest. The bear was stronger, but the clawing of the cat was highly effective, injuring the bear and causing it to release its holds. Normally they would part, both bloody and battered and neither the winner."

(The Great Bear Almanac)

6.) "Three California accounts detail something of the antagonism between the grizzly and the mountain lion, or panther. Livingston Stone (1883 : 1189) was told by the McCloud River Indians that the panther always killed the grizzly when the two fought. They said that the grizzly was afraid of the lion and that the latter would spring on the bear's shoulders and cut its throat. Stone saw places in the mountains where the ground had been torn up, evidence of a desperate conflict between a panther and a bear. The Indians said they had found bears killed by panthers but no panther a bear had killed."

(California Grizzly)

7.) An actual bear-and-panther fight in the central coast region was watched in the 1840's. Three hunters, originally seeking a female grizzly with cubs, had been grounded by the escape of their horses. Going cautiously along a creek bordered by willows and grapevines, they approached a waterfall that plunded into a green, transparent pool over which a large tree had fallen.
“With the sounds of the torrent came . . . the growls of two wild beasts, alternate and furious.
On the right hand, squatted on one end of the bridge, was a small, male grizzly, and opposite to him, at the other end, a fully grown panther, who was tearing up the bark of the trunk, and gathering and relaxing herself as if for a spring. The alternate roaring of these infuriated beasts filled the valley with horrible echoes. We watched them a minute or more. The bear was wounded, a large flap of flesh torn over its left eye, and the blood dripping into the pool. My companion bade me shoot the tiger, while he [Colin Preston] took charge of the bear. We fired at the same instant; but, instead of falling, these two forest warrior rushed together at the centre of the bridge, the bear rising and opening to ceceive the tiger, who fixed her mighty jaws in the throat of her antagonist, and began kicking at his bowels with the force of an engine. At the instant both rolled over, plunged, and disappeared. We could see them struggling in the depths of the pool; bubbles of air rose to the surface, and the water became dark with gore. It may have been five minutes or more before they floated up dead, and their bodies rolled slowly down the stream. (Anon., 1857 : 823., California Grizzly)

8.) Another natural fight between grizzly and mountain lion was described in the San Bernardino Argus of 1873 (Ingersoll, 1904 : 371):
Some hunters were witness to a desperate fight in the San Jacinto mountains, the other day, between a mountain lino and a bear. The fight is described as terrific. The superior strength of the beat easily enabled him to throw his antagonist down, but the latter used his paws and jaws so fearfully that the bear could not keep him under. Both animals were covered with blood. They fought till both were exhausted, when the lion dragged himself off to the jungle, leaving the bruno in possession of the field.

~ California Grizzly

By S. C. Turnbo

I am told that one who never witnessed a struggle between a bear and panther can hardly realize the strength put forth and the ferocity exhibited by these animals. A combat between them is so desperate, and to watch them as they tear each other’s flesh with teeth and claws and see the blood stream from countless wounds and hear their ferocious snarls and growls is indeed blood curdling. Though the writer never witnessed such a sight but from accounts given him by settlers and hunters many encounters of this kind have occurred and I have written down a few of the more interesting accounts to show the awful struggles between these animals for the mastery when they get in each other’s way. Among these is one given me by Mr. Gideon Baughman who lived on Crooked Creek seven miles below Harrison, Arkansas. He related the story to me in July, 1896, a short while before his death. He told the story in the following way. "When I was a boy my parents lived in Iron County, Missouri. I was just old enough to take a lively interest in hunting for game. The country there was new then with plenty of small game as well as bears and panther. One time while hunting near a narrow creek or slough called Cranes Pond I heard loud growls which evidently were produced by enraged animals. The noise seemed to be at the pond. Though only a boy my curiosity was aroused to know what sort of wild animals had met and were about to get into a fight. Advancing cautiously until I saw what they were I was surprised to see a bear and panther on a log which lay across the creek where the water was about 25 feet deep. The animals had approached the log from opposite sides of the creek and they both wanted to cross over on the log but each was in the other’s way. When I came in sight of them the bear was sitting on the log over the water and the panther was on the other end of the log advancing slowly toward the bear. Both animals seemed to be in a rage and were growling fiercely. When the panther got in reach of the bear the latter struck it a terrific blow with his paw which sent it into the water with a splash. But quickly recovering it swam out on the same side it started from and leaping on the log walked fearlessly up to the bear again. But bruin was ready and with another severe blow sent the panther back into the water, but immediately it swam back to the same bank it started from. When the bear struck it the second time the former dropped on his feet and walked across the log. As the panther leaped up the bank the bear had reached the end of the log and here they met on the bank and without further ceremony both animals clinched together in a savage combat.

It was terrible to witness. They growled, whined, bit and clawed until their hair was red with blood. Neither one seemed to want to show the white feather. After they had fought several minutes the bear caught the panther in his hug in such a way that the panther’s back lay against the bear’s breast. Then another scene followed. The bear sat on his haunches and as he tightened his embrace his antagonist surged desperately to release itself. For a while it seemed that the bear would come out victorious, but with a desperate struggle the panther succeeded in turning its body face to face with the bear. Then ensued the greatest scene of the fight. The panther with the sharp claws on its hind feet ripped the bear open and let out its entrails. At this bruin uttered a piteous noise and seemed to realize that he was done for, and with a last effort he crushed the panther so hard that it was unable to make further resistance. The bear released his hold and both animals sank to the ground in the agony of death. Bruin died first but his enemy lived but a minute or two after. They had fought to a finish and ceased to be in each other’s way. Both animals were of medium size and in good condition. I went home for assistance and we skinned the panther and took the bear home and used the meat. Since that time," remarked Mr. Baughman, "I have witnessed many hard fights between animals but the encounter between the bear and panther was the fiercest and most bloody I ever witnessed between domestic or wild animals."

By S. C. Turnbo

In the month of July, 1824, Jane Coker, Joe’s eldest sister, married Charley Sneed. Neighbors lived far apart then but a few days before the wedding came off Buck Coker sent for his friends to come and be present when his daughter and Charley were united in the bonds of matrimony. Among Coker’s most intimate friends was Payton Keesee and he was among the invited guests. Elias Keesee informed me that he was two months old when this occurred and that his parent told him that it was a hot July day’s ride through the wild woods from where they lived on Little North Fork to where Buck Coker lived at the lower end of the Jake Nave Bend on White River to be present at that wedding on the following day. Soon after the marriage Sneed and his wife located on Osage Creek seven miles west of Carrollton. Sneed’s residence stood on the road leading from Carrollton to Huntsville and near the mouth of a hollow called Jews Harp. Sneed and the Cokers, in visiting each other, beat out a trailway. The country looked so wild then that it made the visitors feel lonely to pass through back and forth between the Sugar Loaf country and Osage Creek. On a certain time Joe Coker paid his sister and brother-in-law a visit and as usual he had gone alone. Two years afterward he told the story of this journey through the wilds of Carroll County to Dave McCord, and Mr. McCord related it to the writer and here is the way it was told me. Mr. Coker said that he did not take the precaution to carry a gun with him on that trip but he met nothing serious until on his way back home. "While I was riding down Lead Mine Hollow which flows into West Sugar Loaf Creek on the west side," said Uncle Joe, "I saw a huge panther crouched down at the side of a dead bear which lay at the foot of a post oak tree that stood at the side of the pathway. The panther was guarding the bear. The two savage animals had met here and engaged in a terrific fight and the bear was killed. The scene of the encounter was in a small prairie bottom with a few scattering trees and nearly ¡ of a mile above the mouth of the hollow. I rode up as close as I dared to view the ferocious beast and its dead adversary and the spot where they had fought. The panther showed much anger at being disturbed and growled fiercely and rose on his feet and threatened to spring at me. I needed no second warning and gave the enraged beast plenty of room at once and it lay down again at the side of its dead victim. The grass under the tree was all mashed down and stained with blood and the hair on both animals was red with blood. It was evident that they had met here and fought only a few hours previous to my arrival. Part of the outside bark of the tree was raked off from about two feet above the ground to four and five feet up the tree trunk. Evidently when the bear found that he was receiving the worst end of the fight he had attempted to escape up the tree but his powerful antagonist had pulled him back and he had clawed the bark off with his paws in trying to hold to the tree while the panther was preventing him from going up the tree. Appearances indicated that the bear had made several efforts to climb the tree before his enemy finally killed him." Mr. Coker said that when he left them and went on home he intended to return back with gun and dogs and try to kill the panther, but on his arrival at home something occurred which prevented him from going back. Mr. McCord said that Uncle Joe gave him this account in 1838. The combat between the wild beasts took place two years before or in 1836. "Coker’s story aroused my curiosity," said Mr. McCord, "and in company with my brother, John McCord, I visited the spot where Coker told me the right occurred and we found evidence of the combat was still visible. The marks on the tree made by the bear’s claws showed very plain and the shattered bark which had escaped destruction from the forest fires since the fight lay around the roots of the tree, and a few of the bear’s bones were found in the grass under the tree. Doubtless if Coker had reached there sooner he would have witnessed a terrible scene of savagery, blood and war between these angered animals of the forest."

Artifact of a puma biting a bears neck:

Pumas have always been known to kill grizzly bears:

Pumas kill bears:

Suspect to lacerations...and blunt force:

Horses kick a bear to death

Both african lions and mountain lions are masters at getting to the trachea,
no bear small or big has any protection against the death bite of big catsm this is a big disadvantage against a african lion, who he himself is well protected around the trachea, dispite their tonage of mass around their bodys, polar bears dont have anything that protects their throats:

The throat is vulnerable

Predators: Mountain lions>>>Wolverines>>>Kodiak bears

Formidableness of his prey: Bison>>>Moose>>>Horses>>>Mules>>>Donkeys>>>Boars>>>Bears

Be honset to thy self!
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This one is pure comedy, all the bear fanatics state that a wild animal cannot become obese, but in science, it is accepted as brown bears are programed to obesity:
"Healthy obesity'" "Prof Brian Barnes, director of the institute of arctic biology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, said: "It is exciting to see research being done on interesting comparative species, like grizzly bears, that have evolved adaptations to extreme conditions."
This week on The Wild Life, it's all bears, all the time. Dr Lynne Nelson, assistant director of the Washington State University (WSU) Bear Center, stops by to chat with Jason about how bears can eat a lot while remaining healthy ... and then sleep for five months.
Maternal condition determines birth date and growth of newborn bear cubs No Access Charles T. Robbins*, Merav Ben-David, Jennifer K. Fortin and O. Lynne Nelson No brown bear with a body fat content ≤ 20% produced cubs even though breeding occurred. Brown bears that were fat gave birth earlier than those that were lean. Cubs nursing from fat mothers grew faster than those nursing from lean mothers. The combination of an earlier birth date and faster growth by cubs produced from fat mothers increased mass of brown bear and polar bear (U. maritimus) twins at den emergence by 330–360 g
for each unit increase in percent maternal body fat content when entering hibernation.

Thats why some of pregnate brown/polar bears are extremely obese: But once again ,obesity is healthy state for bears. So ,"obese 400-500 kg grizzly""Bears can eat like pigs, hibernate for months and still be healthy."
Brown bears entire lifestyle is to bulk up to survive hibernation, not bulk up to survive fights, this would mean bears being bigger hence stronger in striking argument is now invalid:
(Muslce is more dense than fat)
What 400 lbs of muscle can lift/pull:
What 400 lbs of fat can lift:
In punching power: 200 lb Mike tyson >>>>>> 3x bigger 600 lb Sumo wrestler
In striking force: 500 lb African lion >>>>>> 3x bigger 1,500 lb Kodiak bear

(Fact) Being heavier/taller does not make you more duarble at the head, (where the lion strikes at), being heavier does not grant you superpowers:

Occupation of lions: Week to week trained fighters (Pride in-fighting)
Occupation of brown bears: 7+ months at a time sleepers (Hibernators)
The B.S storys of bears killing bulls and other large animals with one chop has been disputed:

This is not striking, this is pushing:

This is not striking, this is wrestling:

This is not striking, this is embracing:

What two Biologist have to say:

Both Mysterud (1975) and Murie (1948) Discount a crushing blow with the forepaw—the reputed kill technique of both grizzly and the brown bear (Elgmork 1978) as the cause of death. Murie (1948) insists that the grizzly does not attack by striking with the paws, but instead siezes and holds his victim with its arms so as to administer the killing bite. If an animal seized by the bear manages to pull away it is likely to be clawed.


Interestingly, there are only a few reports of bears delivering killing or debilitating blows with their paws, and in most cases their paws come into play for such things as pinning down a newly-captured calf or grasping larger prey to facilitate delivery of a killing bite.

~ Southwest Biological Science Center David J. Mattson Colorado Plateau Research Station Northern Arizona University

Very often, however, a bear does not kill a man by one bite, but after throwing him lies on him, biting him to death

Incidentally, a grizzly in killing stock does not deal a crushing blow with the paw as has been commonly supposed but grasps the animal in an embrace
~ Wildlife of Mexico: The Game Birds and Mammals Aldo Starker Leopold University of California Press, 1959 - 568 pages

He does not fell his victim with a blow of his paw, like one of the larger cats, or seize it at once with his teeth like a dog, but “gives it a hug"—embraces it tightly, and with a great show of affection, with his powerful fore limbs, and continues the squeeze until the wretched animal is suffocated

More likely he will stick his snout straight up and merely hug — a long, straining, hug- some hug

The bear uses its fore legs and paws for the purposes of embrace,
Heres a fight between two big brown bears:
Not a single paw swipe was thrown, not a single earth shattering blow was landed, you know what it showed? Two very...very slow fighting animals, with no such agility, with no such skill other than pushing each other and biting with weak inflicting wounds. Same here:
and same here:
It would go on forever in looking for a one second showing of this claim from internet bear fans that they use their paws as striking weapons, it dos not exist as a primary weapon, not even secondary.. These same bear fans who havent in their entire life seen a bear up front,  making claims that the hump of muscle on their shoulders allows them to kill bulls, that a single blow can cave in a animals skull, all nothing but made up assumptions, the hump is their so they can dig up clams and other food rations under the ground. No biologist with actual field experince (with proof) will say that bears utilize their paws as striking weapons, and science in terms how much muscle they actually have shows it wouldnt be a powerful blow anyhow since bears are almost all fat, since muscle is stronger than fat, lions are near pure muscle, while bears as scientist states are programed for obesity as part of their life style to cope with hibernation, if a bear does not bulk up and become fat he will not survive the long sleep.
Non-explosive, slow, no great damage is done, no skill.  Bears dont even strike with their paws, they grab, grasp, wrestle, embrace and try to yank their opponent down. Lions on the other rely more on striking with the paws.
This is striking, blows aimed specifically at the head:

One paw to stabilize balance, the other to strike with more force in the 3 point stance, aimed specifically at the head:

Specifically at the head:


But whatever the lion's object, the result of the attack was sufficiently patent, and I have never seen clearer evidence of the marvellous strength of these brutes than the terribly crushed condition of that ox. The great bones of the leg were splintered and the flesh a mass of black pulp and extravasated blood; and yet there was scarcely a claw-mark upon the skin,—all this injury had been done by the mere force 
Through out the entire 19th century, the lion has the most powerful striking force of apex predators:
Lions strength in striking is usually always mentioned with him:

No apex predator has the amount of practice on a vast diversity of prey as the lion does:

Power paws…A blow from the paws stuns the prey:

A male lions shoulders and front legs are so strong that it can cripple animals such as antelopes and hyenas with a single blow

Immediate deatii follows a blow from its tremendous paw, and the prey is then dragged off to be devoured at leisure

In fact, it is the lioness that normally has to do all the difficult job of stalking and making a kill, and it is then that the lion, and usually a grumpy old lion, steps in and ... Dickins easily killed a sturdy hyena with a single blow of his great front paw.
~I Walk with Lions: The Story of Africa's Great Animal Preserves, The Royal National Parks of Kenya, as Told by Their First Director Mervyn Cowie
Macmillan, 1963 - Zoology - 245 pages

It kills man and comparatively small animals, such as deer and antelopes, with a blow of its terrible paw,
~ The Naturalist's Note Book: A Monthly Record of Anecdotes Reeves and Turner, 1868 - Natural hist

The other lions follow, and the nearest brings the antelope down with a spring and a blow of its forepaw.
~ antelope Rennie Montague Bere Arco Pub. Co., 1970 - Nature - 96 pages

The lion's method of killing its prey is as follows : Small animals are knocked over with a quick blow of the paw,
~J. L. Cloudsley-ThompsonG.T. Foulis, 1967 - Animals - 204 pages

he came up to the zebra, he made a sudden spring and with his right paw struck the animal a terrific blow on the neck.
~ Carl Ethan Akeley, Mary L. Jobe Akeley, Mary Lenore Jobe Akeley Dodd, Mead & Company, 1932 - Animal behavior - 260 pages

blow from his terrible paw cun knock over the largest animals, and crush any of the smaller — a dog or an antelope
~ 'New and old', ed. by C. Gutch

antelope, for example, is either killed instantly by a sharp blow from the lion's powerful paw, or pulled down and
~ Wild Life Illustrated: A Comprehensive Survey of the Animal Life of the WorldE. G. BoulangerOdhams Press, 1950 - Animal behavior - 512 pages

blood, as the bite is not necessary to kill, the blow from the mighty paws having already destroyed all power of resistance.
~The Book of Popular Science, Volume 2Grolier Society, 1957 - Natural history - 4294 pages

That blow from the lion's paw may break the leg. If not it numbs it so badly the beast cannot use it
~Nada: the Southern Rhodesia Native Affairs Department Annual, Issue 29 Southern Rhodesia. Dept. of Native Affairs

an attempt to snatch a leg bone. The lion's paw, driven by coiling masses of muscle, caught him a blow that hurled his body twenty feet
~ The way of the lion Alden Gifford Stevens Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1939 - Animals - 144 pages

for, by a single blow, the lion can rip up the side of a horse or a buffalo.

A single blow with a lion's paw or an elephant's trunk will put an end to his existence.

him, but he was quite dead ; the blow with the lion's paw bad fractured his skull.

The strength of a full-grown Lion in his prime is prodigious; he can fell an ox with a blow of his paw,

a single blow of his powerful paw brought the antelope on its haunches, another struck almost at the same stretched its body lifeless on the plain

Not only has the lion advantage of great courage—at least, except when comingin contact with those he feels to be his masters—and of great swiftness, but his strength is prodigious. He will fell an ox or an antelope with a single blow of his paw,

or I have known him to break the spine of an ox with a single blow of his
tremendous fore-paw;

One enormous bound enables the lion to spring on its back, and one blow with his paw breaks its spine.
If a lion can flip a 1,000 lb buffalo with a blow from the paw or knock down and stun a eland who reach up to 2 tons, then a bear would be even easier:
Lion bashing a buffalo from the back with one paw flipping a near ton bull)

(Lion with one paw slaps a massive eland down)


(Lions striking force equilent to a Thunder-Bolt)

But a terrible explanation followed. This creature, having got to the skirt of the wood, expanded, by some strange magic, to an incredible size, and sprang into the open, with a growl, a mighty lion; he seemed to ricochet from the ground, so immense was his second bound, that carried him to the eland, and he struck her one blow on the head with his terrible paw, and felled her as if with a thunderbolt: down went her body, with all the legs doubled,~and her poor head turned over, and the nose kissed the ground. The lion stood motionless. Presently the eland, who was not dead, but stunned, began to recover and struggle feebly up.

Then the lion sprang on her with a roar, and rolled her over, and, with two tremendous bites and a shake, tore her entrails out and laid her dying. He sat composedly down, and contemplated her last convulsions, without touching her again.,+a+mighty+lion:+he+seemed+to+ricochet+from+the+ground,+so&hl=en&sa=X&ei=SrocVMXpDYjYoASKqIK4AQ&ved=0CAgQ6AEwAQ
(Zoologist: Francis trevelyan Buckland)

The "pat" Of A Lion's Paw. 229
A pat with this formidable weapon is positively a fearful blow; the Nasmyth's steam-hammer, working with elegant ease, will strike a blow which the spectator would hardly expect without seeing its effects. The lion's paw is the Nasmyth's hammer in nature

(Nasmyth Hammer)
(John borrow who lived in cape africa),_1st_Baronet

I have myself," says Mr Barrow, the well-known African traveller, " witnessed an instance of a very young lion conveying a horse a mile from the spot where he had killed it: and a more extraordinary case has been mentioned to me on good authority, where a lion, having carried off a heifer of two years old, was followed on the track for five hours, above thirty English miles, by a party on horseback; and throughout the whole distance, the carcass of the heifer was only once or twice discovered to have touched the ground." The strength of the animal is still more fully exhibited, perhaps, by the manner in which he kills his prey. To effect this, he seldom or never uses his teeth or claws; a stroke of his paw is in general sufficient, and one of his blows has been known frequently to break the back of a horse. It is true, that at his first onset the whole weight of his body assists in bringing the prey to the earth; the attack being always made by a spring from a considerable distance—such a distance, indeed, as is alone sufficient to indicate his great power. For this spring he lies couching and preparing, in the attitude best fitted to give force to the exertion. Even when the prey is on the ground, he still uses his paw, till his stroke is mortal.

(Lions striking force equal that of a Steam hammer)

Antelopes, zebras and wild asses are much sought by them, but in those regions where wild game is being exterminated by the white man, they attack domestic cattle, goats, pigs, ponies and camels. Their powerful forelegs, nineteen inches around, and their great feet, armed with sharp, horny claws, constitute a terrible weapon whose striking power has been likened to that of a steam-hammer. Sometimes they kill their victim with a single blow, but if not, the huge paw may grasp the nose of the animal and jerk back its head so as to break the neck, or the cruel teeth may fasten themselves on the blood vessels in the throat. When several lions take part in a slaughter the leader usually consumes a "lion's share of the feast," while the others help themselves to what may remain.

The lion is generally supposed to be a fearless creature, possessing those qualities one expects to find in a king of the animal world.

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Bite force
The lions muzzle is twice as big as the bears:
Full grown Grizzly Bear takes on a full grown male Lion, who wins?
Melissa Haynes:

1,000 psi's+strength+lies+in+his&hl=en&sa=X&ei=4D2TVPvGF5DsoATW1IHIBQ&ved=0CAYQ6AEwAA

A lions bite is even stronger

Stephen wroe:

5,600 N

Juliet Eilperin:

560 kg Psi

Dr. Geerat J. Vermeij. Biology:

4168 N

Dr. Brady Barr:

2 year old lion cub 691 psi:

Dr. Karl kruszelnicki:

560 kg = 1244 Psi
Dick dale:
700 lb lion 2,200 Psi =
700 lb lion: 2200 Psi = 9786 N
Biologist Barr: 2 year old lion 691 Psi = 3073.N
Biologist Haynes: 1,000 Psi = 4448 N
Biologist kruszelnicki: 560 kg = 1244 psi = 5533 N

If you do not know how to convert Psi into newtons or vice versa, you can type in numbers here and it will automatically convert it for you:

And just because the tigers fangs are longer doesn’t mean it bites harder, smilodons fangs were double the size of tigers, and still smilodon bit 33% weaker than a lion:

low as 1/3rd that of a lion:

One thing is for sure, the asiatic lion had a much bigger skull than the bengal in the past:


Russian Biologist Vladimir Georgievich Heptner:

At the same time the largest skulls of lion are only slightly bigger than the largest skulls of tiger.

Tiger No. 2 were exactly the same length of carcase, but the skull of the lion is the bigger.

Alfred Pease:,_2nd_Baronet

The lion's skull is on the average longer than the tiger's, but the skulls in average -breadth are about equal.

Head of the smithsonian Biologist John seidensticker:

it has been suggested that the tiger may have a proportionally smaller head than the lion.

The tigers fangs cant take as much pressure as the lions:
Here is the whole fight with the mother bear:
So appearntly the lion took on 3 bears two, 200 lb youngsters and a full grown female whipping them all and killing 1.
because there was only one bear and one wolf left to fight. The bear was the biggest one of ° the lot. He backed up against the bluff. All around him were strewn the bodies ° of foes he had slain. But one had survived his fellows, a tremendous one, with head and jaw of enormous size. He was bleeding from a score of wounds, but he sprang over the bodies of his dead companions and caught the bear full in the ragged, bleeding wound in his throat. The bear gave a growl that made the bluff tremble, threw his laccrated forelegs round his assailant, and drew them quickly together. I could hear the wolfs bones crack and crunch in that fearful embrace, but he did not loosen his jaws from the bear's throat, even to give his death yell. The bear held his victim tight in that last clutch, stood as a statue a moment, then swayed I and fell like a toppling tree to the ground, his death clasp around his'foe, his foe's death grip at his throat. 'The battle was over. I viewed the field. r " 'There's something like eight tons of good bear meat and hide wasted,' Says I, 'and about two tonm of timber wolf scattered to the winds
8 tons of bear? Was it like 10 bears killed by a large pack of wolves or something?
Puma stalemates bear:
They rolled from side to side and the trap was pulled from its stakes Then the bear rose on his hind legs, carrying the lion with him. He managed to loosen the lion's hold on his throat and get a grip on his adversary's neck. The fight was then soon over. The lion's eyes rolled outward, his head dropped, and he was strangled to death. The bear was not much better off. He staggered like a drunken man, bleeding from many wounds. He still had life enough to look after the coyote, which was nearly frightened to death; made two strokes at the coward of the plains and crushed the life out of him. Then the bear staggered to the sheep shed and rolled over dead.
Puma kills black bear
A biologist/mammalogist favors big cats via lions and tigers over polar bears and kodiak bears:
It seems the link for the Parnell ad monarch one timed out, but here it is again:
Not even kodiak bears disputes the lions title:
The sure-footed animals climb the vertical towers extending some 25 feet high. Going down a slight incline, you’ll be glad you saw a cage, for behind it the largest land carnivar is housed, a giant Kodiak bear standing more than 11 feet tall. In the same neighborhood you will find the “cat” display. Lending their contribution to the atmosphere of the neighborhood are three cheetahs, the undisputed king of beast which nobody wants to dispute witli — the African lion, a jaguar and bobcats.
1,000 lb bull kills 1,200 lb bear:
(click on any area to enlarge the text)
Bull whips large grizzly:
Bears usually lost to bulls:

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I find it funny that 1 bear couldnt handle a fight with 3 lions and was killed, yet a lion fights 5 bears and manages his own:
stated that he is having pure hell, trying to get his five black bears to get along with his African lion. It seems that they try to fight all the time. What’s an African lion and five bears doing in Comanche?
Polar bears kill brown bear:
Heres a good one that is used by bear fans around the web who say this proves that bears can strike harder, ye they didnt see the main statement:
American biologist Dr. Jacob MacDonaldson observed a similar event in the spring of 1954. MacDonaldson was observing the movements of a Grizzly bear when a moose walked into the same space. The grizzly bear perceived the moose to be a threat to the cubs, and roared to scare it off. But the moose began to graze. The bear then charged the moose, but again the moose did not move. The bear then lumbered over to the moose, and with a powerful swipe of its paw, decapitated the moose. 
Dr. MacDonaldson later retrieved the moose head an autopsy found damage consistent with that of decapitation by impact. Later studies contribute the phenomenon to both the relative weakness of a moose's upper neck and the power of a grizzly bears arm. Although a grizzly bear is very powerful, it does not have the strength to decapitate most creatures larger than a man.
Hence a retort in showing any animal decapitated by a bear was smaller than a man via yearlings. And check this out, this is an account of Daniel boones lion Parnell who killed a bear and stalemated another ( his brother named sultan), who also killed a small cinnamon bear in california:
And this one is interesting, he states he favors the tiger over the lion (more so the indian lion) but then says he saw...two polar bears scared to death from 2 lions, much like silver king the biggest polar bear billed in captivitys account:
And heres the full viewable article with the head-line saying the lioness killed the bear with a paw blow to the head crushing his skull:
Another occaison where a black bear defeated/killed a bigger brown bear:
TWO BEARS FIGHT. The coal regions have witnessed many old duels and sanguinary encounters, but the one near Freeland yesterday was about the strangest ever. Two Italians were giving exhibitions with trained bears, when it was proposed that a fight be arranged. One animal was very large, while the other was a small black one. Fifty cents admission was charged, and three hundred people entered the tent in which the scrap took place, and saw the smaller animal defeat his huge antagonist.
A. C. Rowell. He killed in all, around 300 bears, and never considered he was in the slightest danger. He had very little regard for grizzly courage. When asked if he was ever charged by one he replied: "Only by a wounded one or by a female trying to defend her young. But a female cottontail rabbit has attacked me under similar circumstances." Stewart Edward White, who has hunted widely in both Africa and America, reports: "The African lion will keep charging to his last breath, no matter how many times you shoot him. But I have never seen a grizzly complete his charge
Jack O'Connor - ‎1977
Frost, by the way, hunted grizzlies probably more than any other man when there were many of the great bears in the Rockies of Idaho, ... number of animals, and the number of maulings are taken into consideration, the grizzly is more dangerous than the African lion. About this I am doubtful— and have hunted both
Further confiring the bear that was killed by the young lion was big:
Woman Is Killed By a Circus Lion Fighting a Bear Attempts to Separate Infuriated Beasts and Is Torn Nearly to Pieces Berlin, March 22 A traveling circus that has been spending a days at the little town of Bebra In the Province of Hessen had closed its gates a few nights ago when a terrible fight broke out between a huge Siberian bear and a young--Barbary lion that were in adjacent cages. The lion had managed to tear down the wooden partition which divided him from his Russian foe, and the two powerful beasts were soon at grips
Bear dies in fight with boar:
a battle between two king beasts of the forest of different species that one man will remember with a sort of horrible delight for the remainder of his natural life. The account was furnished mc by Mr. Robert Kankin. a pension agent, of Petersville. Mr. Rankin travels about in the wilds a great deal iu quest of game....On they came. They were soon within fighting distauco and no pre-liminary " monkey work " was indulged in. As the boar's head got in slapping reach, tho bear let him "bavo one" that barely missed the skull, but clipped off tho left ear. The boar now made a great lunge nnd thrust a knife-life tusk into his antagonist's thigh, Inflicting a great, glaring wound, from which tho blood spurted in a broad stream. Now the battle began in earnest. Slapping of paws and stabbing of tusks rontiuued until they constituted a great rolling, floundering mass of blood. This terrific work continued for about five minutes. Then both mighty boats, falling away from each other by their own weight, were unable to resume the battle. They lay for some time, then got up and staggered away a few steps. A littlo later both were dead.
Lion kills bear in roman arena:
The gladiators halted in front of the magistrates' bench, threw their weapons into the air, and then turned to...the bear stood growling in the centre of the arena, the lion march back to Round and round they whirled; little could be seen but flying sand and mangled fur. Then a pitiful cry came from the bear and blood began to flow into the sand. The lion stood over him, gnawing at the bear's throat. Out into the middle of the arena came men with nets, quietly approaching the victorious lion to throw their nets over him and drag him away.
John Derek Bareham
Edition illustrated
Publisher Holmes-McDougall, 1969
Original from the University of Michigan
Another lion named Liokos kills bear named shardik in roman arenas:
Bears do not strike at you with their claws but bite like a dog. They do not knock
salmon out onto the bank but put their paws on them in the shallows, take them in
their mouths and carry them ashore. There they clean them with their claws
~the lure of alaska Harry A. Franck - ‎1939
David griffel and J.V Basile is the ones who wrote the commendation that bears do not strike with their paws as his credability University of Idaho in 1975 with a B.S. degree in wildlife biology.
So that means that one book consist of 4 biologist who stated bears dont strike with their paws, with one study in 300 kills of bears on sheep, showed no striking of the paw. And it states here why the bears would have a weaker bite:
It states bears do not have a specialized gripping bite, but a repeative one, this explains how it wouldnt mass out any powerful psi as much as lions and tigers, who grip with a firmer more forceful bite, much like the crocodile, crocs dont bite in repeative placements, they bite down with one vice grip.
Brown bears do not have fur as thick as polar bears:
Old caps last fight fight was at waites peak last fall, when he led a pack that killed a 600 pound bear which fought the dog for 3 hours
Heres the whole article of pete taylor saving the polar bear from dutchess the lioness:
And heres the whole article of 3 lioneses vs 3 bears:
puma killed a black bear
And I didnt know that the young bear that was killed by the lion died from a blow from the lions paw:
Before the savage fight ended, one of the bear cubs was killed — its neck arrarently broken by a blow
Heres another article that states the lion boltimore killed was...A big russian cinnamon...
Takes away any retort in thinking it was a cub or small bear.

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Is there any way to remove the spamming?
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There seems to also be another illustration of the queenie fight where it shows a picture of a small lioness smashing away at a giant bear (middle top of the page)
Scratch that, heres the whole illustration of the lioness killing the husky bear:
another article of the little boars that killed 3 bears:
Boar hound whips polar bear
Bull whips bear: (bottom middle of the page)
This further proves that a lion would win a blow to blow contest with a bear using only the force of their paws, a fight with a big brown bear muzzled against two bulldogs, the bear wasnt able to do much and lost: (far right of the page)
Yet on the other hand, this fight with lions and dogs had the article state the lion swiped the dogs with such force of the paw the brains and guts flew onto the wall:
(pumas usually beat grizzly bears)
Jones discovered, while in the park, that the cougar is king of all the beasts of North America.  Even a grizzly dashed away in great haste when a cougar made his appearance. As to the fighting of cougars and grizzlies,  that was a mooted question, with the credit on the side of the former.

~The Last of the Plainsmen
When miners first come around, one miner was walking around up there. He hears growling.
Over the hill he sees a brown bear with its face torn up, its eyes gouged out.
The miner took pity on it so he shot it.
Heres hernan boger again stating the leopard killed a polar bear and tiger, and also a tiger that killed a brown bear:
Black bear dies in fight with puma (a good illustration of a puma an bear), his hide all over his body was shredded to ribbons:
Bull kills two bear in the same fight:
Bull tosses bear him high in the air, then gores him again and again  then a second bear is brought in, the same bull gores him again and again and again until he is dead, then lifts the bears dead body and runs around the ring dragging the dead bear round and around:
    Osmond Philip Breland - ‎1948 - Snippet view - More editions
    According to reports, it was the fashion to stage bear and bull fights in California
    before that state was admitted to the ... J. Frank Dobie in his well known book, The Longhorns, tells of an instance in which a large grizzly was gored to death by a bull
    Bull kills bear:
    Bull kills grizzly bear:
    Bull whips grizzly bear:
    But the bear is kind - effusively kind, even to its enemies. In the manner of its attack it does not fell them to the ground with one blow of its paw like the lion, nor seize them with its teeth like the dog. It hugs them. it embraces them with its powerful forelimbs with a great show of affection, and continues the squeeze so long that the poor wretched victims are suffocated.
    Vulnerability of the bears throat:
    ‎1970 - Snippet view - More editions
    visited by a male polar bear in the last days of May 1947, and it killed two of the cubs, which were tied up outside the hut, and wounded a third. ... The throat of the bear was bitten through to the spine and the seal had all its ribs broken
    An artifact shows a lion biting the throat of a bear:
    ‎1982 - Snippet view - More editions
    In the second scene of the fight between the bear and the lion the designer used the plasticity of high relief, emphasizing the lion's head, his mane and body. ... The lion caught with his mouth the bear's throat, pushing him down with his paws.
    Panthera the bull killing Ramadan the grizzly bear:
    And heres the entire fight with ramadan vs parnell, exposing the lies of the 19th century books of the california miners stating the bear killed the lion like a cat would a rat, as the article states the best abstract comes from the very person who took the photos Mr. Zercombe:
    bears are known to be killed by wolves and pumas:
    Big grizzly dies fighting female puma:
    'This disinclination of the puma to attack man, is often attributed to cowardice, though , an ; animal should hardly be termed cowardly which will risk combat with the grizzly bear, as the puma is known to do. v So cowardly is the mountain lion,' said J. B. Tread well, of California, who - has often killed them, that ' more - than once
    Leopard kills bear:
    The same scene was repeated, but this time the lion had succeeded in tearing open the bear's hack and drawing his vitals through the gap. The bear fell dead, and the lion hauled off once more to lick his wounds. Having taken breath, he 
    About the romans:
    the lion is king of beasts and supreme over all other beasts. The bear, while it certainly is a predator to be feared, did not match the speed nor the strength of the Lion ~ Ronald C. Ware -
    About the roman records:
    like a bear, a beast second only to the lion in its strength and fierceness, ~Tokunboh Adeyemo - ‎2010 M.Th. from Talbot School of Theology/Biola University, California, U.S.A
    About the romans:
    The bear is the strongest beast after the lion and is distinguished for its voracity, but it has none of the agility
    ~Clarence Larkin - ‎2010

    Ann Gilliam, Sierra Club - ‎1979 - Snippet view - More editions
    1971 By whatever name it might be called, mountain lion, cougar, puma, this member of the cat family plays an ... The apotheosis of American carnivores, the cougar's strength and agility are legendary. ... of wild felids in the Western Hemisphere, he has proven more than the equal of even the grizzly bear in staged combat.
    ‎1990 - Snippet view - More editions
    Once Americans recognized that this animal was not the lion of myth, a certain disappointment set in. ... The accusation gains some credence from the accuracy of Lawson's other observations about the panther: that it climbs trees with "the greatest agility imaginable," covers its kill with ... terror of all other creatures
    except, perhaps, the grizzly bear (and a few stories had panthers vanquishing even them).

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    Puma kills bear 4 times his size and a statement that says pumas usually always win:

    On brown bears:
    one killed by a single blow by a lion 162
    and one from aesop:
    This so angered the lion that he killed the bear with one blow.
    heres the site where the fight is about the lion and polar bear:
    The article of the mule kiling the grizzly bear
    and the source which states the 4 lions fought the 3 polar bears:
    Well atleast the title doesnt say...lion kills a small bear.

    Lion Should Defeat Grizzly

    In an open fight between a full-grown grizzly and a full-grown lion, the victory would depend somewhat upon circumstances. As a general rule, the lion, In addition to strength and vigor, has a degree of cunning not found in a grizzly bear. Consequently, he would have the advantage over'the bear and, in most cases, would comeout the victor.
    (bottom left)
    Lets see a counter to what some real experts have to say about the diamond cutting sharpness of the bears claws they boust out to have: (how the bears claws are known as blunted)

    Cla iws Black Bear on-retractable claws, fixed in an outstretched position, are a bear's more specialized tools used for ... of other bears; fore- claws four to five inches long; hindclaws shorter and more curved than foreclaws; claws more blunt

    claws. American black bear Color black, grayish brown • short and round • Thick at base • Tapered to sharp point ... 4 to 5 inches long • Color dark, almost black • Claws more blunt than those of other bears • Longer and narrower than those

    Such marking works not only as a visual signpost that other bears can readily see but also as a olfactory marker since the bear leaves behind a generous helping Bear claws are blunt and two- to three-tenths of an inch wide near their tips.

    Brown bears are massively built and heavy bodied animals. They have a ... claws 217 Brown bear claws are longer and straighter than those of American black bears.221 The claws are blunt, while those of a black bear are sharp. Adults have

    Black bears have sharp, curved claws, one and a half inches in length, while the more blunt grizzly bear claws, long and straight, are roughly the length of a human finger. Black bears are Roman-nosed. Grizzlies have a concave face and
    a ...

    Robert Whitehead, James G. Teason - ‎1966 - Snippet view
    The bear's claws are fixed; that is, they cannot be pulled back into a sheath as can those of a cat. Because the claws are long, blunt, and non-retractable, and because the animals have great weight, it is difficult for most full-grown bears ...

    They have stout limbs and heavy, blunt, nonretractable claws, and they are plantigrade. Reflecting their omnivorous ... Most of the evolutionary history of bears took place in the Old World, starting in the Miocene. The genus Ursus dates from

    ‎1968 - Snippet view
    The older and larger bears have the longest front claws, and some of these may be twice as long as the claws of yearling cubs. ... Some grizzlies have very long claws that are strongly curved; others have claws that are rather short and blunt.

    Natural history - ‎1840 - Read
    The Bears usher in the section, and may be considered as forming the connecting link between this family and those of the herbivorous mammalia; their claws are strong, blunt, and well adapted for climbing or digging, but not for lacerating

    William Ashworth - ‎1992 - Snippet view
    THE KINDS OF BEARS 5 5 the Arctic tundra. As bears go, it is medium-size, ranging from 200 to 800 pounds or so in weight, with most individuals weighing between... bear claws are short and blunt, and are almost always dark-colored, ...

    Its claws are short, much curved, very stocky at the base, and taper rapidly to a sharp point. ... digging implements than the long, slightly curved, blunt claws of the grizzly; but they are perfectly adapted to the uses to which their owner puts
    them. ...
    Herbert Lockyer - ‎1988 -
    As Daniel watched he saw the lion lifted up from the earth and made to stand upon its feet as a ... After the lion, the bear is strongest, and known for its voracity.
    ... and his feet were asthe feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and ... GrecoMacedonian Empire and its succeeding four divisions after his death; and ... the strongest part, of the lion; the feet,the strongest part, of the bear; the body ...
    a lioness saved a bears life when a male lion attacked a bear in rome:
    The bear was powerful and his massive claws scarred the lion deeply, but the golden cat hung on until the big brown beast was dead
    smaller bear defeats grizzly:

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    More good stuff there Prime, cheers.

    This vid shows how quick cat strikes are, with a Puma ah, bitch-slapping the hound dogs
    which treed it - when they get too close.. The cat hits left & right strikes & each hit
    seems to cool the ardour of the particular canine doing the in-your-face hassle act..

    No doubt - just about any wild creature would also dislike/avoid that sensation..
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    From what i read Lion win , right ?

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    Yeah, it seems that lion is indeed the king of beasts when confronted with any member of the felidae or the urside family.
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    And from my findings which have not been fabricated nor biased , the King of Beasts has been defeated by another member of the felidae ...namely the Tiger . And it has not been a scanty or exceptionable result.

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    Originally posted by Tigris

    And from my findings which have not been fabricated nor biased , the King of Beasts has been defeated by another member of the felidae ...namely the Tiger . And it has not been a scanty or exceptionable result.

    There is a specific thread for that.

    While the morphology of the biggest cats is very similar, & so much so that individual physical condition, personality & combat skill all can be the deciding factor in any given particular match-up, it is a surely a reasoned/evidentially validated call - to fairly state as a given fact..

    Yes, on balance, given equivalence in general variables, the record supports an advantage is held by Leo.

    The reputation of the lion as vertiable 'King of the Beasts' as prime land predator, does indeed - stack up in reality..
    Be Modest In Thyself..
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