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    Posted: 10-Sep-2012 at 14:39
Originally posted by IamJoseph

The first sceintific constants ['equations']:
That the universe is finite - it had a 'BEGINNING' [Opening verse in Genesis].
It is followed by The Law of Entropy in the 2nd verse [formless to formed].
That Light was a primodial factor, and a triggering of all primodial events.
That the universe was created from nothing - namely, that at one time no tools or elements existed, including matter, space, energy, time, energy, or anything contained in this 'finite' universe. Scientifically and logically, there is no alternative to the ex-nehilo factor, nor of creationism and monotheism, which stands today with state of art science, al biet with hot debate, but with no evidenced alternatives.
That life occured via anticipated constructive pre-actions and conditions  [the seperation of waters and land, light & darkness, day & night, etc/Genesis]
That all constructs in the universe are based on positive/negative forces, minumum of two factors, and that technically, ONE [a singularity] does not exist in the universe.
That all life origins bagan as dual-gendered, then became seperated ['Male and female created he them'/Genesis].
That all life repro and its continuance comes from a program embedded in the 'seed' factor, including skeketal and dna transmissions.
That the human and female human is the last life form.
That Humans are a different species ['kind'] from the animal species, by the consequence of speech, an exclusive human attribute not reliant on or derivitive to biological imprints of other life forms.
Evolution - its first introduction in all recorded history, namely the chronological, graduated emergence of life forms, listed as derived from sub-atomic particles and elements ['dust' in ancient biblespeak], thereafter via vegetation [standing upright and earth held shrubs], water-born [fish - including virus and bacteria - 'swarms'], air born [fowl],  transit mammals [including creepy crawley insects], land born animals, humans. The variance with Darwin is with Humans being a seperate kind; that speciation is limited to its kind, as opposed to all life from the one kind; and that the seed factor, as opposed to millions year old predating retrovirus accumulations, processed this speciation. Still, although some variances, Evolution was introduced in genesis.
Zodiac & Cosmology. That the galaxies [stars and moons] would enable signs [astronomy] and omens [astrology] for mankind.
That Mankind is the most superior species, and bidden and able to conquer the universe components and space bodies [Have dominion over all the worlds/Genesis].
That humans will live by laws, and be tested and measured by these throughout their lifespans.
That humans, unlike all other life forms, will be tested [tempted, challenged] via impacting, emotional and mental measures by these laws [as with adam and eve and the fruit].
That mankind's prowess and failures will be derived via laws.
That the entire universe is sustained by majestic, intergrated laws [that universal laws/equations such as gravity, the transcendent velosity of light, etc underlie all the univesal engineerings]
That there is no random occurences [an intergration negates a random].
That unlike all other life forms, humans must earn and cater for their sustainence [sweat of thy brow, tilling of unyielding lands, etc].
That free choice is unique to humans, and also limited by moral/ethical/judiciary laws.
That right & wrong applies only to humans [animals cannot sin, owing to their lack of choice factors]
This is a primal faculty of science, and introduced in the Hebrew bible, with the first seperation of medicine from occultism. The first recording of a malignancy, contagious and infectious bacteria, and viral transmission, refers to Leprosy, both its curable and incurable versions. The listing if its ID, treatments and quarantine are given for the first time, ushering the advent of medicine, from what was then seen as occultism, spells and curses, whereby the victims were destroyed.
Time. The world's most accurate calendar, as well as the oldest [5767 years], with the introduction of the 'day' and 'week', come from the Hebrew bible. This calendar is based on both the lunar and solar movements which impact the earth, enabling the forcasting of a sunset a 100K years in the future, and catering to other laws which are based on harvest periods, ushering in an advanced form of agriculture.
Definition of Infinity. The hebrew bible, which introduced the concept of finitity, is also the only source which describes and defines infinity. Infinity is not everlasting, but that which is not subject to 'change' ['I am the Lord I have not changed']. Thus anything subject to change cannot be infinite - whatever changes anything, is transcendent of that what it changes. Thus there is nothing in the universe which can be infinite, because nothing can be said to be un-changing. Everlasting is a subjective term, and is not measurable, because we cannot remain viable to examine an everlasting period.
Anniversaries. The annual anniversary is only correct when based on the Hebrew solar/lunar calendar. A true annual anniversary commemorence means that if one stands at X point at a certain time of the day, for example, and the sun is at 12 O'clock high - then the sun will again be at 12 o'clock high at point X one year thereafter. Thus the Gregorian mode of an anniversary, such as New year and Christmas, for example, do not represent a true annual anniverary of an earthly rotation and revolvution.
The Non-Flat earth. By examining the criteria of the Hebrew calendar, which is based on the movements of the earth in relation to the surrounding space bodies and stars - there is no alternative but to conclude the earth is a moving 'SPHEARE' - thus not flat. Thus the Hebrew bible pointedly does not mention the earth as flat - an eronous notion stemming from the greek philosophy.
CREATIONISM & MONOTHEISM. That a complexity must have a transcendent complex foundation [Creationism], and that ultimately the buck stops at ONE  [Monotheism] - are  scientific premises without alternatives - scientifically based on the premise of a Finite universe. Creationism & Monotheism were introduced in the Hebrew bible.

The Romans had physicians, surgeons and medicine long before the Hebrew Bible.  So did the Greeks.

The Southern Amerinds were doing successful open cranial surgeries  - trephining - to relieve intracranial pressure long before the Hebrew Bible, as well.

Monotheism was introduced by an Egyptian Pharaoh before the Hebrews did it, also.

Creationism goes back to the earliest of religions - every god or goddess has been credited with creating the world - tens of thousands of years before the first appearance of the Hebrews.

The Catholic Church, working off of the Hebrew Bible, opposed the scientific discoveries of people like Gallileo and Copernicus.

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  Quote Delenda est Roma Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 10-Sep-2012 at 16:10
The Greeks and Romans respectively did not yet exist at the time many of these events were happening.

False. If you are talking of the Egyptians they weren't monotheist.
Two examples of monolatrism developing from polytheism are the Aten cult in the reign of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, as well as the rise of Marduk from the tutelary of Babylon to the claim of universal supremacy.

Two examples of monolatrism developing from polytheism are the Aten cult in the reign of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, as well as the rise of Marduk from the tutelary of Babylon to the claim of universal supremacy.

Again false. Some worlds were there before gods you are overgeneralizing.
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