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Civilization Diplomacy Forum Game.

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    Posted: 04-Jun-2008 at 23:02
The Rise from Civilization Game (A Diplomacy/Risk type game.) (From the civfantics rfmk3)

OK, this is a relatively simple game, where the "objective" is to run your own country, and do whatever the hell you want. Conquer your enemies, create a vast civilization, or just be a world trade center.

In the dark times that the fall of the Roman Empire created, civilization has stood still. Across other parts of the world, while civilization moves forwards, it still is not great. However, in the chaos of the times, hope is emerging. Small kingdoms, tribes, and other states are forming together, and spreading law around the world. The ultimate challenge is ahead of these kingdoms, and it isn't the only challenge. With all of these small states, war is inevitable. Bloodshed and plague are just around the corner. Will your nation be one that can stand the test of time, or will it fall to others? (End cheesy intro scene )

I) Getting Started

To begin the game, we start at the technology of 650 AD. When signing up, all you need is the name of your country, a color, a location on the map for your capital, and a government type. The kingdom or nation will be the small plot of land surrounding the capital. This is a blank map of Europe. Since this is a story-telling-based game, we would recommend a history of your kingdom up to this point, and a flag would be excellent too.

I should probably add: When you choose your color, do not choose any whites, light grays, blacks, or light blues. The whites are too close to the blank terrain, grays are for barbarians, blacks are too close to the border colors, and light blues too close to water.

II) The Turn

The turn is the basic unit of in-game time, and lasts from the previous update until the GM (Me) declare that the turn is over, usually when all orders are in (See section III for details). If not everyone hands in orders, the turn ends after 48 hours (subject to change). During each turn, you sort out diplomacy and trades between other countries, and you work out agreements. However, anything you say here does not have to be truthful. Only your orders are what matter. Also, PMs can be made between players to deal with these matters. These also do not require any truth. To maintain this, we ask that PMs received by a GM not be quoted in any PMs between players.

III) Orders

Within 48 hours of the previous update (subject to change), you must PM your orders to one of your GMs. Orders are lists of where you want to spend your money, what projects you want to make, where you want your Army/Navy to go, where you want to expand, etc. If you fail to send orders in a timely manner, your country will be automated for the turn. Missing multiple orders, without warning me in advance, may make your country an NPC, meaning that they are fully automated and open to anyone else to join. Also, when filling out orders, please include your stats.

A) Economy + Infrastructure

Your economy is represented by units called gpt, or gold per turn. Simply put, this is the salary that your country gets every turn. You can spend this on the items below, or put it into your bank. Note that banked gold only takes on interest in the Renaissance and later, as that’s when banking was invented. You can increase your economy by fixed numbers by building or capturing cities, researching certain techs and capturing resources.

B) Military

Your military is divided into army and navy, and each is rated by an arbitrary number that rates your country relative to the others. For every 1 gold you invest here you get 1 military point. The more military power you have, the higher the chance that you will win. However, upsets can happen, and the better military may not always win. Additionally, certain techs you can research will give you military multipliers. Also, for every 5 military you have, whether it’s army or navy, you lose 1 gpt in maintenance. You can only have 1 Army unit and 1 Navy unit per City.

I)War details

When you are at war with someone, you PM in your orders a minimum of how many units of military you want to send and where you want to send them. If you want to, you can be more detailed, and you will probably get better results. When you capture a city, it will be in revolt. Since cities do not make units, all this means is that you don’t get its base 2 gpt for 1 turn. In this turn, you can do three things: You can do nothing, which will let the city be in rebellion for 2 turns, or you can Raze the city, erasing it from the face of the earth and adding an instant amount of gold (determined by the age you are in) to your banked gold. The last option is to Pacify the citizens, spending an amount of gold that is determined by your era to make it instantly come out of revolt.

C) Technology

I will pick one or two advances made in any field during the time period the game is in, assign it a tech value, and open it up for everyone. You can then use Tech Points, bought at 1 gold per point, to purchase these advances. They may give economic benefits, enable further expansion, discover new resources, provide military multipliers, or really anything that technology has done for man. Some, not many, technologies will be exclusive. This means that only one or two nations can research them, and once researched they can be traded.

E) Cities and Forts

There are some projects that came up multiple times, and have been made into things you can spend money on. The first of these are cities. Give a name and location, you get a city on the map that adds 2 gpt to your economy. Cities cost 5 gold for the first two, and for every two after the cost increases by 5. However, if the city is lost, the gpt bonus transfers away. You can also build forts/bases for 20 gold, and these give +20% power when defending the area. These are all shown on the map and have an effective radius of about a half inch, so strategic placement is key. Cities are shown as circles, and forts are pluses.

F) Expansion and Attack

If there is empty land next to your country, or within reach by sea, you can order expansion to that area. This incorporates this area into your country, as long as the request is not excessive. Expansion is limited by the technology you have researched, and may be severely limited in the beginning. Larger nations also have lower stability (See section H for info on this). Also, you can make attacks with your military. Simply say where you want to attack and with how much power, and we will set up the attack. You can tell us more (the method of transport, perhaps some tactics) and you will get better results, but you don’t have to. Defenders can also include in their orders strategies for defense and will have better results. It’s probably worth mentioning, too, that you CAN make surprise attacks (without declaring war), but you will recieve a penalty as a result. It's still worth doing, however.

G) Trade and Diplomacy Orders

When you’ve finished making arrangements with other players, you must give the orders to fulfill your part of the trade in your orders. For instance, if you are going to trade 7 tech to get 21 gold, you must say “I give 7 tech to this country” in your orders. Same goes for any other diplomatic action. In trades, the items that are traded, excluding projects, grow by 10%, rounded up. This means that if you give 4 power, the receiver receives 4.4 power, which is rounded up to 5. Technology is special when traded, because you don’t actually lose it when you trade it. It’s sort of like the flame of a candle – you can spread it without losing it. However, be careful- once a nation knows a technology, they can never unlearn it. Other diplomatic actions like treaties, alliances, and for that matter trades will be limited by tech level but are largely left up to the players’ imaginations.

H) Stability

No nation is totally stable. Several things affect your stability- your ratio of military to population (cities), your governmental types, whether you’re at war or not, the size of your empire, and various random events all have a hand in it. Your stability will be kept a secret from other nations! It will not be posted on the main stat page, but if you ask your GM for it you will receive a PM with information. Stability is ranked between 0 and 50. The higher you are, the more stable. Each nation starts at a stability of 40. Instability carries several negative effects. You have a higher chance of cities rebelling and forming their own nations, you can suffer diplomatic penalties from other NPCs, and if you have any unique technologies they are likely to be leaked by malcontents.

Government type

Government types carry pros and cons. Every system has its strengths and weaknesses. In the beginning you will be restricted to a few basic types, but as time progresses you can PM era-appropriate governments you want to switch to and, if approved, they will be implemented for all to use. In the start you are restricted to:

Absolute Monarchy: Bonus to Stability, neutral to Military, neutral to Expansion, penalty to Technology

Theocracy: Bonus to Stability, bonus to Military, neutral to Expansion, large penalty to Technology

Despotism: Penalty to Stability, bonus to Military, neutral to Expansion, neutral to Technology

City-States: Penalty to Stability, neutral to Military, neutral to Expansion, bonus to Technology

Feudalism: Neutral to Stability, bonus to Military, large penalty to Expansion, bonus to Technology

As time goes on and more people invent new governments in their PMs, new forms of government will be available.

I) Stories

The more detailed you are in your orders, the more successful you will be. If two nations clash that are absolutely equal in power, the one who is more descriptive wins. Remember, we GMs are people too, and we like reading good stories, so naturally we will want to keep the storytellers alive, right?

Did you read them? All of them? Do you promise?

To join, just post something that looks like this:
(Using real Countries would be awesome =) )
Location (roughly):
Capital City:
Government Type:
Description (optional):

We'll be accepting signups until the end of this weekend, at which point the game will start. You can still join after that, but you may be at a slight disadvantage. Additionally, after the game has started you can ask for permission to take the place of an NPC, and you'll have a 95% chance of being accepted.

(click to increase size)
Sign up!!

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