March 2006 - AE Monthly magazine

  Classical Western Civilization:
Julian the Apostate

When Christianity rose within the Roman Empire, one Emperor challenged the religion. Can an Emperor restore the traditions of the old or will Christianity reign in the Roman World? (by Komnenos)
Rome and Parthia at War

The rivalry between Rome and the Parthian Empire was one that lasted three centuries. Read the history of the wars between two mighty empires of the ancient world. (by Invictus)
Beware Greeks: The Pre and not-so-pre-Socratics

From the Seven Sages to Socrates, there was no shortage of philisophers who tried to answer questions that don't actually have answers. (by Paul)
  More March Features:
The Heroic Code Lingers to this Day: Homer and Gangsta Rap

Homer and Tupac may have lived thousands of years apart, but their works have much in common. Find out what this "Heroic code" exactly is. (by Hugoestr)
Zheng He and Ming China: The Mariner and his Times

History has seen few like Zheng He, so powerful in his time, so completely forgotten after his death, and so fascinating for historians of our time. Six centuries after his voyages, the spirit of this ancient mariner has returned to redefine its place in history. (by Poirot)
With Spring Comes the New Year

It's that time of year again! Iranians and non-Iranians all over the world have started the arduous task of cleaning. Norouz, the Iranian New Year (March 21), is an event celebrated around the world. (by Prsn41ife) We the editors wish you a Happy Iranian New Year!
Heretic of the Month: John Wycliffe

From his translation of the bible to his theological conflicts with Catholic Gnosticism, Wycliffe's life was nothing short of facinating. (by Rick Shumaker)
Politicization of 19th Century Finnish Society

For Finland, the 19th century was a golden followed by a starkly contrasting time under Russification. (by wilpuri)

National Groups in Russia c. 1900

In 1897 Russia's population of 125 million consisted of about 170 ethnic groups. Russians or ‘East Slavs‘ made up slightly less than half the total... (by Arda)

Vintage Vaults - the Original Code Talkers

This 1919 issue of Vintage Vault I once again reveals a little fact which may take Nicholas Cage, Navajo Indians and the makers of Windtalkers by surprise... (by Paul)


From the Editors:
Thanks for reading the third issue of AE Magazine.

The idea of the AE Magazine was a New Year's Resolution of Hugoestr to improve the diversity of historical knowledge and discussion on the forum with a journal of stimulating reading material.

In each issue we've tried to expand and improve the publication. In Issue 2 we tried to develop the magazine from an All Empires Journal into a vibrant and diverse history magazine representing all the modern forms history takes.

With this issue, we plan to move the magazine up another gear. We hope to develop the project particularly in terms of readership, and over the next month we will launching the magazine web wide. The magazine will no longer be simply a newsletter for forumites but a free amateur publication hopefully on a footing with the established magazines whom all have the disadvantage of costing money and requiring signing in to view.

We will be seeking help in this, and hope members of the forum will participate in the publicity campaign.

- Paul

AE Magazine, March Edition
Editors: Paul, Invictus, Rick Shumaker
Contributing Writers: Komnenos, Invictus, Paul, Hugoestr, Poirot, Prsn41ife, Rick Shumaker, Wilpuri, Arda

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