July 2006 - AE Monthly Magazine

Zenobia, Queen of the East
Her eyes were black and powerful beyond the usual wont, her spirit divinely great, and her beauty incredible . She drank with her generals and hunted like a Spaniard. As Queen of Palmyra and self-proclaimed successor of Cleopatra, she waged war against Rome. (by Imperator Invictus)
Books for Women in the 15th and 16th Century
In 1555, Louise Labe wrote, “if any woman becomes so proficient as to be able to write down her thoughts, let her do so, and not despise the honour but rather flaunt it instead of fine clothes, necklaces, and rings...” (by Act of Oblivion)
Killer Ape / Cuddly Ape
The female role in hominid society was once considered little more than that of a passive breeder simply tending the young and feeding off handouts from a hunter male. Recent discoveries have turned these roles on their heads.(by Paul)
The Imperial High Tide: Rome in the Reign of Trajan
He was the most powerful man of his age, ruler of an empire that stretched from Scotland to Iraq, yet he dreamed of further conquests. His name was Marcus Ulpius Traianus, Emperor Trajan of Rome (Article submitted to the site by Tim Neeno)
The Hussite Wars
By the early 15th century, many Czechs had become followers of Jan Hus, a religious reformer who attacked the Catholic Church. After the death of Jan Hus, the Hussites, named after their leader, continued to stuggle against the Catholics in what is known as the Hussite Wars. (by Emperor Barbarossa)
The English Navy, 1649-1815
The British Empire relied on its military and economic strength to further its aim. The development of the Royal British Navy propelled Great Britain into the great power stratosphere by the end of the Seven Years War in 1763. (By Winterhaze13)
Basileus: A Concise History (Part I)
The Basileus was the title for the emperor of Byzantium. This article contains short biographies on three of three emperors, Leon V, Theophilus, and Isaak I. (by Rider)
A Concise History of Eidgenossenschaft
Eidgenossenshaft typically refers to Swiss confederacy. The oldest signs of inhabitation in Switzerland are from the Moustien culture, cave-settlements of bear hunters. From the Later Paleolitchicum, there were some reindeer hunter settlements, such as Kesserloch... (by Rider)

This Month's Picture Quiz
Can you name the person shown below? In her life she did a job thought to be not too well-suited for women in her time and even in today's time. Strangely, she seems to have avoided being remembered for the infamy she did while doing this particuarly job. She also turned down the opportunity of becoming one of history's great mistresses.

From the Editors:

Another month of mag time has passed. I swear mag time moves at double the speed of normal time. This month has been somewhat of a rollercoaster of highs, lows and just plain old fashion laughs. And it seems we have our own subforum now. Please let the spamming begin.


Earlier this month I was contacted by one of the internet's major awards to let me know we've been nominated. I don't hold out too much hope of victory, a BBC site won it last year. I also managed to arrange a deal with a previous winner of AOL Netfind award to provide content for us. On the downside this month's issue has been the most challenging to put together so far, with university exams and the world cup coinciding and only a lot of rallying around by the editorial staff made it happen.

Many will note the "girlie issue" has been written entirely by men. At first I thought this was just ironic, but when I read Louise Lobe's quote I realised it's quite satirical as well. Finally I'd like to welcome Poirot and Rider to magazine duty, whose contributions have made the whole mag possible for the last few months.

- Paul and the editors

AE Magazine, July Edition
Editors: Paul (Chief), Invictus, Rick Shumaker (Emp. Barbarossa), Hugoestr, Poirot, Rider
Contributing Writers: Invictus, Act of Oblivion, Paul, Tim Neeno, Emperor Barbarossa, Rider, and an anonymous guest.

Vintage Vault: Love, Honor, and Obey

In a shocking instalment of Vintage Vault, taken from, Hearst's Sunday American, Atlanta, Sunday March 4 th 1917 We see the decline of western civilisation began much earlier than many people imagine.

Judge Leaves Obey Out of Marriage

MEXICO, MO., March 8 . -Probate Judge W. W. Botts, of Audrain County, not only leaves out the little, treacherous word “obey” in his wedding ceremonies, but he performs the marital rite on the instalment plan of $1 down and $1 when you get it. At least that was the case in one ceremony performed here recently.

Answer to Last month's Picture Quiz:

The "head" design is a depiction of Medusa that appears on the chest of the bust of Emperor Hadrian. The Medusa, a winged mythological monsters with snakes as hair, was a common theme in Roman art.