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The original concept of was to build a history web site out of user contributions. We are grateful for all the articles we've received from contributors who have helped build this site. If you would like to contribute an article or series of articles, please follow the guidelines listed below.

Submission of Articles 

We accept articles relating to all topics of history, such as:
    - History of a state/nation or time period
    - Specific topics of history, eg. military or cultural history
    - Historical figures
    - Articles with a thesis

Submitted material must be original. Inclusion of outside copyrighted components must be of acceptable fair use. We cannot host articles about overly controversial or political topics, especially those that may be seen as offensive to any particular culural, ethnic or religious group.

We encourage articles to be as well-researched as possible, with proper citations of sources.

All Empires, as a host for articles does not seek ownership or copyright of material submitted by users. Any article that you submit will remain in your ownership and will be of your responsibility. If in the future you wish to remove the article you submit, contact us through the address below.

There are two ways to submit an article:

The first method is to register an account and directly add the article to the system. You can register an account through this link. Registration is instant and easy. You will be able to edit your articles once you have posted them through your account.

The second method is to send an email to the following address. If you are submitting an article, please attach your article to the email. (Place your mouse over "View Email" to see the address.)
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