April 2006 - AE Monthly Magazine

Thomas Muentzer

April's Heretic of the Month is Thomas Muentzer, the German Pastor who led the Pesants' rebellion. Read more about this facinating figure. (by Komnenos)
Sassanids vs. Byzantines

When the Parthian Empire collapsed, the Sassanid Empire rose. The history of its wars against the Romans continues to story left off from last month's feature. (by Iranian4Life)
Xieng Khouang

Near Xieng Kouang in Lao is the Plain of Jars where thousands of stone jars are scattered throughout the landscape. Our editor Paul goes that extra mile to research this article. (by Paul)
The Personal Rule of Charles I

He dissolved Parliament and ruled England for himself in a period known as the "Personal Rule". This is a story of the rise and fall of a king. (by Act of Oblivion)

Macbeth may have earned his place on Shakespeare's stage but what is the history behind the man, sometimes known as the last Highland King?. (by Paul)
Anger Management, All Empires Edition

Forum moderation is indeed a fascinating task. This month we bring you an inside look at the various character classes among the moderators and the forumers. (by Seko)

1848 was a year of revolutions, and few places in Europe managed to keep civil unrest at bay. The revolution of 1848 in France and the declaration of the Republic soon spread to other corners of Europe. (by Wilpuri)
Museum of the American Indian

History lovers will greatly enjoy the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. It reminds us that history is not a fossilized account, but living stories and living objects that give meaning to our lives today. (by wilpuri)

Vintage Vault - Organically fed Chicken

Wine increases the laying ability of chicken? From an article written in 1912. (by Paul)


From the Editors:

"In any magazine by far the most important people are the writers who for little reward much effort have made this project such a success. We would like to thank all the people who have contributed to this magazine over the past few issues.

AE Magazine is always pleased to hear from anyone wishing to make a contribution, inexperienced or experienced, even those who are not too sure of their language skills. Our team of friendly editors will lend as much or little advice, feedback and English Language help as you require.

Contributions can take many forms, apart from history articles we accept many kinds of content, columns, reviews, travel to historic locations, originals pictures you've taken, your creativity is the limit, if you have an idea please contact us.

Or if you just want to ask a question or have a chat about contributing, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

To contact us there are several options,
1. By email or PM to: Paul, Imperator Invictus, Emperor Barbarossa or hugoestr
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- Paul and the Editors

AE Magazine, April Edition
Editors: Paul, Invictus, Rick Shumaker, Hugoestr
Contributing Writers: Komnenos, Paul, Act of Oblivion, Seko, Iranian4Life, Wilpuri, Hugoestr
Picture Quiz
Can you name the large island on the left of the map?

Click here for the complete map

Answer to Last month's Picture Quiz: The monarch is King Chulalongkorn of Thailand pictured with his favourite wife wearing a traditional Thai women's haircut of the day. Chulalongkorn was the king who abolished polygamy but still managed to have ninety-two wives of his own, and seventy-seven children by fifty-two of them. [Read More]