About All Empires .com and the AE Project

What is www.allempires.com?
AE is a non-profit site and forum community for world history founded in 2002. Its site administrators, editors and forum staff members consist entirely of hobbyists and volunteers.

From where does AE get its articles?
All articles on our site comes from contributors, who are mainly members from our online forum community. 

Can I submit an article or take part in this project?
Yes, we appreciate all contributions. To submit an article, please see the page: Contribute to AE.
How accurate is the content?
Because articles are submitted by various people, we (the webmasters and editors), cannot speak for those various authors on the thoroughness of their research. However, we do make increasing effort to maintain the database as accurately as possible. Once we get big enough, we may put in a rating system to encourage accuracy. Assistance in doing so is greatly appreciated. If you find any errors, please email it to us or post a message in our forums.
Copyright and permission information
We the webmasters of this site do not necessarily hold any claim to images or text in this site, unless noted otherwise. The various contributors to this site assert that use of any copyrighted material is under the United States fair use doctrine. If you believe that fair use has been infringed, please send an email to:

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History of AllEmpires.com 

Founding of AE
All Empires grew out of HG's (Heavengames) history forum. In February 2002, Cyrus Shahmiri announced a project that called for Heavengames forumers to contribute articles about various historical empires. The idea was to create a website for world history. It earned a respectable amount of writers, and thus "All Empires" was founded. In order to create a new community for those dedicated to the project, a forum was created on Proboards. AE now had a community of its own, although HG continued to be a significant source for new users. AE's new forum soon gain many members. In addition, moderators were recruited to help run the forum, including a web designer/developer. You can still read many of the treads relating to the founding of AE in HG's forum [here].

All Empires, a new forum for history
The months leading up to summer 2002 was a time of heavy developement. We dropped the "Empires" emphasis of our theme to cover a broader area of history. The forum sections were thus renamed to regions and time periods, rather than, for example, "East Asian Empires". We also reorganized many other aspects of the forum, including the staff list and a new forum skin. The main site was completely revamped. All Empires also enjoyed hosting the Total Quiz, a history trivia contest once traditionally held in HG.

The project section saw a steady influx of new articles as the forum grew larger and larger. By summer, AE had grown into a repectable community that made efforts to make linking partnerships with other sites, especial Simaqian Studio. The staff list eventually included three administators (Cyrus, Han_Wudi, and Imperator Invictus) and 3 Global Moderators (MoP, Marcus Petrius, and Ihsan). There was always something exciting going on. 

The years 2003 and 2004
AE went into the year 2003 fairly smoothly. Most things went well and the forum grew more and more rapidly. In February, we celebrated our one-year aniversary and looked back at how far we had come. The year 2003 and the months leading to mid-summer 2004 went by without any major problems. However, we did experience our first major attack on the forum, in which an infiltrator deleted many posts in the forum.

The AE main site was expanded with many new articles and was revamped in July 2003, and once again one year later in 2004. We welcomed many new members and moderators alike, including Cyrw as a Global Moderator. At the end of "old AE", the forum had accumulated over 90,000 posts and over 1000 members.

New AE Forums
Disaster came in late July when the forum was deleted by our forum host Proboards for having non-english content. Apparantly no one was aware of this rule. Unfortunately, under their policy, long term violations are not given a warning and there are no exceptions. So the forum was nearly entirely lost and for a while, AE lied dormant without a forum. During this time, we were fortunate to have SMQ as a partner, which provided our members a ralley point while Cyrus and I tried to get a new forum sorted out. Eventually, we moved the site to a new server, where the forum was also to be hosted. "New AE" was launched on Aug 11. Although we had lost everything on the old forum, the community survived, and AE's forum rose again.

The new forum grew well and quickly recovered from the loss of the old forum. Once again, it became a thriving community, surpassing the size of the old forum in a year's time. New staff members were appointed to keep the forum under moderation. In September 2005, Komnenos was appointed as an administrator. A new initiative began to re-develop website beyond just the forum. The project included the implementation of the Drupal content management system, later replaced by a custom-built engine, which allowed the site to be maintained far much more efficiently. More importantly, multi-user access it paved way for the magazine project organized by a group of appointed editors. The magazine project, which directly seeks articles from the forum community for monthly online publication, grew to become a successful project with a well-manned staff. The magazine project has become an important part of the forum community and has significantly expanded the size of the site.

Into 2007
Late 2006 and early 2007 saw the induction of a great number of staff members as a response to the growing size of the forum. Many new staff members were appointed, including the new administrators Seko, Dawn, and Northman, while long time administrator and webmaster Imperator Invictus stepped down. The rapid changes in the site's staff marked a period for the site led by new leadership. Into the year 2007, All Empires continues to grow as one of the most vibrant history communities on the web.