September 2006 - AE Magazine

The Achaemenid Empire: Government and Institution
Adaptable, detailed, centralised with some localised adaptations, the Achaemenid government and administration proved an impressive response to the challenge of running an empire of unprecedented size and complexity . (by Constantine Xl)
The Cathars
Was Catharism indeed “the great heresy of Christianity” of the Middle Ages or rather, a phenomenonal introduction of a non-Christian Dualist faith into Europe purely by intellectual dissemination rather through territorial conquest? (by Komnenos)
The Scottish Highland Regiments
The Scottish Highland Regiments are renowned for their bravery in the British army. "The limbs of the Highlander are strong and sinewy, the frame hardy, and of great physical power... He endures cold, hunger, and fatigue with patience." (By Emperor Barbarossa)
The Ghurid Empire in India
When Qutbuddin Aibak was still a young boy he was captured and sold as a slave. He was purchased by the chief judge of Nishapur. The judge treated Qutbuddin as a son, and raised him as an educated man skilled in archery and horsemanship. Upon the judge's death, Qutbuddin was placed on the market again and was bought by the Sultan of Ghowr's brother, Muhammed Ghuri. (by Omar al Hashim)
The Battles At Otepไไ and Vastseliina
By the 13th century, Estonia had been conquered by the Germans. There were many attempts of rebellion but one stands out: The Harju Rebellion or the Uprising of Jri๖๖ (St. George's Night). The Estonians had planned the rebellion to begin on the 30th of April. (By Rider)
Battle On Ice
The Battle on the Ice was fought between German Crusaders and the Novgorodian Militia defending their territories. The Germans, allied with Danish were forced into battle on the ice of Lake Peipus. Thus we get the name Jไไlahing in Estonian, literally meaning "Battle of the Ice", although in English it is usually known as the Battle on the Ice or the Battle on Lake Peipus. (By Rider)
This Month in History
On September 4, 476 the West-Roman Empire came to an end when its Emperor Romulus Augustulus abdicated. On September 8, 1565 the Ottoman forces withdrew from Malta and the four months long siege of the island came to an end. Read on for more events for this september (By Komnenos)
Vintage Vault - The First Afghan War
In this edition of Vintage Vault topically we travel back to Afghanistan in the 1840s to see what it was like the first time around for British military involvement in that region. (by Paul)
Sourcebook: Germania by Tacitus
"The whole of Germany is thus bounded; separated from Gaul, from Rhoetia and Pannonia, by the rivers Rhine and Danube; from Sarmatia and Dacia by mutual fear, or by high mountains: the rest is encompassed by the ocean, which forms huge bays, and comprehends a tract of islands immense in extent: for we have lately known certain nations and kingdoms there, such as the war discovered."

From the Editors:

This Issue of the AE Magazine has started out with a great deal of new things. First of all, we are proud to announce that after a great deal of planning and discussions, we are introducing the This Month In History column that will be replace the lost This Day In History forum. For the column, we will focus three to five days out of a month's worth of events.

Secondly, we had a long discussion among the editors as to how to handle adding primary source texts to each publication. It was decided that we would include a link to a whole text, accompanied by an outline of the writer and the writer's bibliography for interested persons. As an exception for this issue, we have included the full text of the Germania for I (Rider) lost the amazing link to the whole text. I still suggest reading it, as it is well worthy of a read. I also should note the existance of such terms as the Astyi (or Aestii), Fenns and others which most probably relate to today's nations and may be the overall first mentioning of the Finno-Ugric tribes. If no such happenings occur in the next months, I assure you that we will act according to our plans to include only small excerpts and the link to the whole text.

Third, we are announcing the creation of a column that will describe a historical movie or game, in it's aspects. We will begin the following month and as the pool for selection is so great, we have yet no idea what it will be. Our previous idea to begin it this month was put on hold, so you now have to wait. We usually have one difficult Picture Quiz, this time I have made two simple ones. They are both relatively simple. Indeed, these three things may seem small to you but if you'd know what planning and devising was behind them, you'd be impressed.

- The AE Magazine Staff

AE Magazine, September Edition
Editors: Rider (Main Editor), Paul, Invictus, Emp. Barbarossa
Contributing Writers: Constantine XI, Komnenos, Emperor Barbarossa, Omar al Hashim, Rider

This Month's Picture Quiz:

There are two pictures for this month's quiz.

He was once very well known in Europe and further East, but probably not as so in the Americas. Who was he?

What famous event described in legend is shown above?

Answer to Last Month's Picture Quiz:

The notorious outlaw is Charles Boles, also known as Black Bart.