AE Magazine Issue 21 January 2009

Fall of Tollan (pdf)

The Toltec empire was at its zenith towards the end of the 10th century, stretching far north of the Valley of Mexico. Legendary Tollan's fall was one of decadence, flame and conquest, today the burn marks give visitors glimpses of its sacking. But what weakened the empire and prompted the sad demise? (by Paul)

Unnatural Enemies - First Anglo-Afghan War - Part One (pdf)

The First Afghan War is one of the great anomalies of history. It was a war that defied the law my of enemy’s enemy. What stopped these two countries, Britain and Afghanistan, with the same enemies becoming allies? (by Paul)


The Pre-Modern European Economic Model, 1000-1800 (pdf)

Some historians have argued that in the long term, growth has been non-existent in the pre-industrial economy. However, recent evidence suggest the contrary - a process of Smithian growth over the centuries. What are the dynamics behind this growth? (by Marhabbal)

Spanish Panzer IV (pdf)

After purchasing their first tank in 1919, the Spanish Army underwent a programme of 'modernization'. This article will examine the technological developments within the Spanish Army, primarily concerning its mechanized arm. (by Catalan)

Post War Australia: Politics, Indigenous Affairs and Women (pdf)

Following World War Two, Politics, Indigenous Affairs and attitudes towards women experienced a drastic change in Australian society. The period was characterised by evolving approaches to Aboriginals and women in society, and the tumultuous events of political arena. (by Knights)

Perception of the Other in the Greek and Roman World (pdf)

The ancient Greeks and Romans, to a great extent, lived off the idea of their inherent superiority over the world around them. They saw their position as the perfect blend between the extremes – primitive west and the decadent, servile and weak east (by Theodore Felix)

Amateur Historian: Dealing with photographs while doing family history (pdf)

Amateur historians always have access to their family history, a history which rarely requires anything other then personal documents, photographs in particular. Here are a few pointers on how to form a beautiful narrative out of possibly thousands of scattered photos. (by Hugo Estrada)

Propaganda in Hagiography (pdf)

The spirituality and self-sacrifice in Hagiography took precedence for the reader, over apparent propaganda on behalf of the Hagiographer. The Life of Antony and Life of Martin of Tours, written by Athanasius and Sulpicius Severus, respectively, helped in the establishment of a long tradition of Hagiography that would resonate throughout the Middle-Ages. (by Theodore Felix)


Elizabeth I: The Religious Settlement of 1559 (pdf)

The motives, both secular and religious, behind Elizabeth I's Church Settlement of 1559 are intriguing yet perplexing. The influences of Puritanism, Catholicism and Protestantism clearly factored into these motives. Regardless, the Settlement was to shape the Church of England for years to come. (by DizzyLizzy)


Battlestar Galactica - The Battle for the Asteroid (pdf)

In seeking a better place, Battlestar Galactica must escape vicious enemies, during which it introduces us to a number of battles and conflicts, amongst many other things. Here is a brief surmise of the show. (by Rider)


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