AE Magazine Issue 20 August 2008

  By Omar

Pope, Emperor and the Investiture Contest (pdf)

The battle between Pope and Emperor, the clash of powers in the medieval European world. This article examines the power struggle over the appointment of church positions, is it the responsibility of the Emperor, or the Pope. (by es_bih)

Britain’s post-war decline (pdf)

Despite being on the side of the victors, in the course of nearly six years of military conflict, Britain had gone from being the ‘world’s greatest creditor’ to being the ‘world’s greatest debtor’. After 1945 Britain struggled to balance its domestic and international commitments. (by Act of Oblivion)

Part 2: Russia in the post Napoleonic world (pdf)

Part one showed Russia at it’s Zenith, and its fall to it’s Nadir in the decades following the Napoleonic wars. In part two, Russia’s struggle to return to the status of a Great Power in the second half of the 19th century is examined. (by David Veevers)

Was Machiavelli’s political thought truly “Machiavellian”? (pdf)

Machiavelli is a man whose works are so famous they have given rise to the adjective "Machiavellian". But can Machiavelli be described as Machiavellian? Are the politicians of today more Machiavellian than the man who’s name begat the adjective? (by Parnell)

Plutarchian Comparison – Marius and Pyrrhus (pdf)

 Marius was born into the dark period of the late Republic, where violence and chaos became the norm; while Pyrrhus into the midst of succession wars following the death of Alexander the Great. This article looks at the similarity between the two remarkable lives in a similar fashion to Plutarch’s comparison of Greek and Roman heroes. (by Theodore Felix)

Henry I Beauclerc of England (pdf)

A brief description of the life and works of Henry I, King of England. Fluent in three languages, he was the first popular king among the Anglo-Saxon population of Britain. (by Rider)

The Importance of King Alfred to English Literature (pdf)

King Alfred is the only king in English history to be deemed worthy of the title of ’the Great’. There are reasons for that and these reasons lie not only in his campaigns against the Vikings and the establishing of the navy but also much deeper, in the reforms Alfred passed in his lands that enabled the populace to educate themselves. (by Rider)


Spanish Amphibious Assault at Al-Hucemas, 1925 (pdf)

The Spanish-American war of 1898 saw Spain loose most of her overseas possessions, but Spain’s colonial drive wasn’t finished. Spain looked towards Morocco as Britain and France were more interested in each other. (by Jonathan Finegold)


Proconsul Titus Quinctius Flaminius and Rome's War with the East (pdf)

No sooner had Rome’s war with Carthage finished, than another war had begun. This time against Philip, the King of Macedon. Rome’s interests had become large enough to include the Diodachi, and the beginning of Rome’s real power had just begun. (by Sam Edwards)


Book Review: Sea of Glory (pdf)

Sea of Glory: America’s voyage of discovery was published by Penguin books in 2003. The book tells the story of one of the greatest scientific explorations of all times. (by Kilroy)


 From the Editors:

The August 2008 issue brings a new publisher and a return to the Invictus style of magazine. There were so many great articles sitting in the editor's vaults that choosing the few to go on the next issue was very difficult. So if your article hasn't made it to this issue it is simply due to very high quality of contributions. It will certainly be on a future edition.

I'd like to extend a big thank you to all the editors are writers working on the magazine. Without their support the magazine would never be possible. If you are interested in submitting an article or working as an editor on the magazine we would be very keen on hearing from you.

- Omar al Hashim, Publisher


AE Magazine, August 2008 Edition

Issue Writers: es_bih, Act of Oblivion, David Veevers, Parnell, Theodore Felix, Rider, Jonathan Finegold, Kilroy, Sam Edwards

Issue Editors: Rider, Paul, Knights.

Issue Publisher: Omar Hashmi

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