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Northern Wars - Sweden, Poland, Russia few good details about the Polish society build-up **
Delete That Option and Choose Another: The Quest for Europe plain details about Napoleon & how he could have conquered France *
Happy B-Day about Napoleon's birthday and pointless tunnels *
"The Deluge" about the Polish-Swedish War of 1655-1660; some good posts by TJK and Mosquito and other, few links to pictures ***
Swedish Constitution some posts about Swedish development of constitution ***
Favorite Renaissance Artist some good posts about the artists - some facts, but not much ***
Guess where from are those guys some Croat mercenaries *
False dynasties!!! about Romanov's ending with Paul III *
battle/skirmish of La Fčre-Champenoise 1814 a very good description of the battle *****
Stanislaus II August Poniatowski three pointless posts, of whom he was *
Lannes as a single mod about remaining mods of the section *
Napoleon’s Marshals: The Best? few good details about the marshals and members' preferences ***
Holland and 17.Century good details about Hollands independence, William the silent ***
The Renaissance. some discussions, a picture IE does'nt bring about and 6 posts by Winterhaze himself discussing about Raffael's School of Athens *
Kolno and Corte Real in America some facts about Holland seamen finding America 20 years before it was ***
Empress Charlotte ( Carlota ) discussion about Charlotte and whether she would be the same if soem things wouldn't have been the same **
Polish field commandors - late 17th century a GREAT argument who was really the best with questions s: "Who was he?" rising up every moment ***
14th Cuirasiers - Dutch or Polish? of cavalry types in Warsaw and Holland ***
Music in Literature...revising the question description of composers and literature influence on music **
Music in the Church: a deeper thought..... description about the Cathloic Music  ***
Napoleon Vs. Louis XIV nothing new, just some arguments about whether Louis XIV ate all themoney or not **
Luther no details about history, just the movie *
Peter the Great: Hero or Heel? nothing new, topic about whether Peter I did good or bad to Russia **
Prince Eugene a great poem about Eugene of Savoia by Komnenos (posted) ***
Donau Swabians something about a tribe, two good posts by Komnenos **
Renaissance: How Europe reconnected to its Antiquity heritage? some poll that idon't understand, few details about development of science during the Reconquista; and cultural achievements about Byzantium **
Napoleon and Federick the Great nothing new, goodies about battles of Frederich II and comparing to Napoleon **
English Monarchs. well, an argument if Brits are 'devils' *
Simon Bolivar yes, a copied text... **
Polish army in 1794 about the 3 division of Poland and their commander ***
napoleonic artillery interview pointless topic, requesting for information, no one is giving *
John Lilburne a copy from some site, don't know if he created it but... *
Battles of Frederick the great a good article, unfortunately unfinished still ****
Poll: Most important dynasty in Europe? a good question, found good answers and some facts ***/=2.5
Leonardo Da Vinci: Son of Middle East? idiotic text about da Vinci **
1570 Cyprus Capaign, Modern Greek Military Plans:Odd similarities a good question on the ottoman Cyprus campaign - great statements can be found ***
Spanish Imperialism good thoughts on Spain-Portugal Wars that mgiht have occured ****
Largest empire a great and large discussion, has hidden numbers and good secriptions in itself ***
Character discussion discussiong about Cardinal Richelieu; something about his politics **
The Schlieffen Plan...again Paul maks a suggestion to find out something about the Schlieffen Plan to Herodotus **
French democratic institutions before the Revolution of Robespierre, some good things, why did he do what he did, incorruptible ***
Santa Anna made Mexico or Mexico made Santa Anna? a good question with decent answers and even better argument... Not a war (flame) *****
Mexican history -Help with wiki in Spanish- question to find answers whether the text in Wikipedia was correct *
Links about armies question for armies of Sweden and Holland *
Peter Budi pleads for assistance in the Balkans against the Turks A pleading letter to the sultan - great discussion but unfortunately no worth of mentioning facts **
Stradioti: Balkan Mercenaries in the 15th and 16th century a copied text, but worth reading **
Skanderbeg and the Arbresh of South Italy a short and great post, very good *****
Emperors and Empress of Mexico Century XIX again a copied text, little edited, but neverthemind a good one **
Brazilian Empire a drastically long and copied text - still worthy of reckoning **
Phillipines and Mexico again a copied text, little edited, but neverthemind a good one **
The Adaptation of the Inquisition to a copied text of Kimberly Lynn **
Latin American Conflicts a long and thruoutly good text about Hispaniola ****
The thin red line a very good question about French adaptation of formations ****
Aztecs Weapons good description by Paul is the fourth post what kind of weapons they (Spanish and Aztecs) used ****
Forgotten craftsmen who built Taj Mahal yes, a post with two-three pics and a link and three paragraphs. A little interesting but not much ***
Poll: Best Infantry of Renaissance a great discussion, one may find facts how units moved and what their armour was in here. ****
French Revolution the democratic institutions of France; good posts by pikshot1600 ****
French Colonial America good topic about New World and French Colonies; many worthful facts ****
Cesare Borgia ice information on him. Very good. Not everything is copied fortunately. ****
Napoleon Bonaparte nothing new *
The Wars for the Baltic 1600 to 1721 a very interesting topuic and you may find many good posts here, the topic could be read as amgnificent ****/=4.5
The French Mexican adventure - 1860s questions and good answers about why France thought it best to be in Central America ***
Ahoy matees. Pirate from the Adriatic!! a topic about an Albanian pirate ***
A rather unknown, great military leader a topic about an Albanian freedom fighter, i believe it is hand-written. Some good information as well ****
Help with paper on Simon Bolivar nothing much; good post by JaliscoLancer and good reports to it aswell; in the end - all are confused ***
Duke of Buckingham, George Villiers discussiong, good ideas and posts ****
Poll: Polish Winged Hussars? there are some good facts about the hussar tactics and techonology here ****
The Greek rebellionism just a question i asked to find out what the Greeks might have felt during the 19th century Freedom fights - still got good and deep answers ***
Nalewajko a link to the main site: :P lol :P and a short discussion **
Replay the naval battle of Trafalgar on BBC history website just a game and there is a good description on the BBC site aswell *
Oliver Cromwell no information *
Whats your favorite Italian city state? a good development - and good answers; some facts about Venice ***
Distinctive Culture? culture in the times of Reneissance; how to make your professor feel good and such things.: some good points were here aswell **
Greatest Dynasties. an arguement how habsburgs are written; and some facts about Spain, some about Austria - Charles V **
French Revolution. effects and how it happened that the Revolution came to be true; some important statements ****
Poll: Great English kings? a question that turns into an arguement and some facts that are worth mentioning about Cromwell and few other kings ***
Poll: Napoleon fine statements. Topic is whom napoleon was and nothing good is added maybe except the possible numbers by PikeShot1600 ***
Christophoros Columbus: A Byzantine Prince from Chios, Greece a link to a site that seems to be rather funny *
The Pros and Cons of Imperialism locked topic *