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Arabia and the Wahhabis
The Arabian Peninsula is the religious center of the Muslim world and one of the world's most strategically important area. Given these conditions, how did an obscure fundamentalist religious movement, the Wahhabis, come dominate much of the Arabia? (by Decebal)
Cataphracts and Clibanarii of the Ancient World
On the ancient battlefields the cataphracts and clibanarii were a spectacle to behold. They were so heavily armored that they seemed like statues polished by the hands of Praxiteles. But behind these colorful descriptions is a picture of preplexity and intrigue. (by Imperator Invictus)
Publius Aelius Hadrianus lived from 76 to 138 AD. He was crowned Emperor of Rome on the 11th August of 117, the fourteenth Emperor. His reign has a faltering beginning, a glorious middle, and a tragic conclusion. (By Rider)
The Congress of Vienna
The Congress of Vienna was opened on October 1, 1814, following the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte's Grand Armeé and his abdication earlier in that year. All European states were summoned to the congress, which was meant to "bring back the old times" to Europe, the times previous to the French revolution of 1789 and the Napoleonic Wars that followed. (by Wilpuri)
'Cannon' comes from Latin word ‘ canna ' (pipe) and is broadly d efined as large pipelike firearm, built to fire heavy missiles long distances . Early cannons we re called bombards but from the 15th century only the largest cannons were called so. (By Rider)
Forgotten Heroes of the Vietnam War
The Vietnam War for Americans is always thought of a bit of an embarrassment, a war without heroes. But in the midst of the war a heroic movement for rose up. Known as the GI Revolt, their story has been suppressed from the classroom, swept under the carpet by the military and hidden by the media. This is the story of the GI Revolt that won the Vietnam War. (By Paul)
Military History of Ancient India
There was a saying among the Arabs, "The Persians are famed for their archers, the Turks for their horsemen, and India for its armies." India is one of the oldest civilizations on earth, going back more than 7,000 years. India has for most of its history been fighting numerous and violent wars. (By Gorkhali)
Vintage Vault - An Autumn Evening in Whitechapel
In 1889 Whitechapel in London was brought to the attention of the world by the nocturnal activities of Jack the Ripper. During this period curiosity about this stygion enclave was created worldwide and newspapers and magazines sent their reporters out creating a deluge of articles on the area and people: some sensational, some indepth analysis and other politically motivated. (by Paul)
Answer to Last month's Picture Quiz:

The answer to last month's Pic Quiz is Leni Riefenstahl. Leni was a German film actress and Olympic athlete who found ulimate fame as a pioneering filmaker. Developing many innovative techniques she became the Nazi Party's official film maker. Filming such events as the Nuremburg rally and the German invasion of Poland. It is also believed Hitler was enamoured with her and she turned down becoming his mistress.

How close Leni was with the Nazis is a point of conjecture. Whilst undoubtably in Hitler's inner circle and able to march in his office and demand and audience with him, she always claimed she made her movies as an artist with no belief or understanding of the politics behind them. After a brief spell in prison after the war Leni turned her hand to photography, being unable to work again as a filmaker.

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