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Encyclopeadia of Meso-American Civilisations  Various articles written by Paul, on Meso-Aemrican civilizations   *****
Who were the Mound builders??? Description of the Mound Builder people of North America   *****
A native american question. Extermination of native americans in the current US   ****
Moved: Help with paper on Simon Bolivar Discussion on Simon Bolivar moving on to other Mexican historical figures: Iturbide and Juarez ****
Africa’s Role in World History History and importance of African native kingdoms   ****
rajputs of india The rajput period in India (6th to 10th centuries)   ****
The Anasazi The history of the Anasazi people of the SW United States   ****
Sanskrit External article on development of Sanskrit language   ***
Aztec Calendar the Aztec Calendar (external article)   ***
Mexica Gods The Aztec Pantheon   ***
Stragegic thinking in ancient India and China  External article on comparison between Indian and Chinese strategic thought ***
native american religion Meso-American religions (most info from Wikipedia)   ***
Indian civilisation and culture - Please post info Indian history and science + pictures   ***
Aryan Invasion Theory The pros and cons of the Aryan Invasion Theory in India   ***
Moved: Native Americans Various theories on the origins of Native Americans   ***
Indus/Saraswati Civilization - General Info External article about Indus valley civilization. Some discussion   ***
Poll: Greatest state in pre-colonial Black Africa Great states in pre-colonial Black Africa   ***
Mayan Culture External article about the Mayas ( ***
Moved: The French Mexican adventure - 1860s reasons for the establishment of a Mexican "empire" by the French in the 1860s ***
Carthaginian Religion The basis and Pantheon of the Carthaginian religions - some external articles ***
The Otomi External article on the history of the Otomi people of Mexico   ***
Siege of Tenochtitlan External article on the 1521 siege of Tenochtitlan   ***
Danza Azteka Pictures and vocabulary of Aztec dances   ***
Temaxcalli External article on the Traditional Mexican Sweat Bath    ***
Aztec Names External article on Aztec names   ***
Mesomearican Cities Photo Gallery Photos and history of various native Mesoamerican cities. External articles. ***
currency in america BCC? curreny in the pre-columbian Americas    ***
Atl Atl external article on the atl-atl spear thrower   ***
Native American trade ties Trade ties and routes between native americans in pre-columbian times   ***
Spanish Colonization of Hispaniola External articles and discussion the the colonization of Hispaniola   ***
Ottoman Turks and New World Expansion The reasons why the Ottomans didn't get involved in the New World   ***
Mexica Chronology External article and timeline of the Mexica (Aztec) kingdom   ***
Purepecha Kingdom External articles on the Purepecha and Tarascan peoples of Mexico   ***
Pasha Joder and the Moroccan conquest of Songhai The connection between a Spanish adventurer and the conquest of the African Songhay kingdom by the Morrocans ***
Aztec women External article on Aztec women   ***
Aztec Law System External articles on Aztec Law   ***
MAJAPAHIT the greatest kingdom in SEA External article on the Majapahit hindu empire in Indonesia 1292-1500   ***
Aztec,Maya and Incan Warfare Pre-columbian weapons   ***
Conquistadors in Africa reasons why the Spanish never invaded sub-saharan Africa   ***
Africa in the Americas: Blacks in Mexico External articles on the Black population in Mexico after the conquest and the Mexican caste system ***
native americans links, articles and discussions on various native american tribes   ***
The reality of the wars against the south american indians. makeup and numbers of the Spanish conquistadors' native allies   ***
Who were Mughals Discussion on the Mogul dynasty in India   ***
legend of the founding of Mexico city Legend of the founding of Tenochtitlan by the Aztecs in 1325   ***
Mayans , Incas and the Aztecs Comparison between Aztecs and Mayans   ***
Medievel Zimbabwe External articles about the African civilization of Zimbabwe   ***
History of SE asia, what ever happend to the Khmer? discussion on the history of the Khmer of medieval  Cambodia   ***
Dealing with the clergy...Nubian style Practices in the Nubian kingdom of Meroe, moving on to the characteristics of Meroe ***
The Thai Medieval history of the Thais, with emphasis on their military   ***
How the Iroquois, not the US create modern democracy The democratic system of the Iroquois confederacy   ***
Arms and Armor of the Aztecs Arms and armor of the Aztecs moving on to their confilct with the Spanish ***
Tlaxcala External article on the Tlaxcalan people of Mexico   ***
Netzahualcoyotl ( Hungry Coyote ) The Poet King External article on Netzahualcoyotl, the king of the Mexican nation of Atzcapotzalco ***
Myths of Canibalism and Human Sacrifices External article on Aztec human sacrifices and canibalism   ***
North American Empires North American cultures other than the Aztecs with external articles   ***
The Aztec Account of the Spanish Conquest of Mexico External articles on the Aztec version of the Spanish conquest of Mexico   ***
Aztec and Inca Warfare External articles on Aztec and Incan Warfare   ***
Ancient Aryan civil war External article on alternate theory of Aryan invasion   **
Who are the Pakistani’s ? Discussing Pakistan and the origin of its name   **
Native American Swords Alaskan Swords   **
Prototypes Pictures and discussion on the manufacture of maquahuitl (Aztec sword made of wood and obsidian) **
A Massive Hinduism Timeline external article about history of hinduism (timeline), little discusion   **
The most fierce tribe in N. America Fighting skills and bravery of various native american tribes   **
Melungeons and their Turkic roots External article about a community who may have come to America in the 16th century as Turkish slaves **
Moved: Turkish Language and the Native Americans Locked topic about supposed connections between Turks and Native Americans **
cambodia, land of temples pictures of Cambodian historical buildings   **
American Indians: The Interrupted Trajectory Hypothetical discussion about what would have happened had the native Americans been left undisturbed by the Europeans. **
Tamil Origins Supposed connections between Tamils and Elamites   **
Occupations of the Aztecs in Nahuatl Vocabulary of Nahuatl words   **
Mexica Chimalli ( Aztec Shields ) pictures and patterns of Aztec shields   **
Poll: Which king helped India the most? Discussion on merits of various Indian kings   **
Why Alexander did not invade India? Reasons why Alexander stopped his invasion of India after conquering the Punjab **
Ancient temples ( buddist & hindu ) in Indonesia Pictures of Indonesian buddhist and hindu temples   **
Croatan the fate of the settlers at Roanoke   **
Moved: Descedants of Bonaparte in america Descendants of Napoleon Bonaparte in America   **
Mexican Population Current makeup of Mexico's population   **
North v South pictures and manufacture of Aztec maquahuitl club/sword   **
AHMUVAN:INDUS SCRIPT AND INDUS VALLEY ASTRONOMY Link to external article on the script and astronomy of the Indus valley civilization **
Replica 10,000 year old knife manufacture of knife made of stone and wood   **
BOROBUDUR the largest Buddhist temple on Earth External article and pictures on the buddhist temple of Borobudur   **
MADAGASCAR colonized by Indonesian 5 century before.. Colonization of Madagascar by Indonesians (external article)   **
Raden Vijaya the founder of Majapahit Kingdom, slick or clever ? External article on Raden Vijaya, the founder of the Majapahit kingdom in SE Asia, 13th century **
SINGHASARI the most weird kingdom in Indonesia history external article on Singhasari, a Javan kingdom between 1222-1292   **
SRI VIJAYA the first greatest kingdom in SEA External article on the Sumatran kingdom of Sri Vijaya (~500AD)   **
The Greatest Southeast Asian Civilization Poll-style discussion on great southeast civilizations, with an emphasis on the khmers and indonesian kingdoms **
How did Catholicism and Spanish take hold so fast in.. the success of catholic missionaries in Latin America   **
Mali & America supposed connections between the African civlization of Mali and pre-Columbian civilizations **
Thai why didn’t they borrow Chinese’s sophsicated culture? Thai civilization and its connections to Chinese culture, moving on to a discussion of Thai origins **
Forgotten craftsmen who built Taj Mahal the story of Persian and Arab craftsmen who built the Taj Mahal   **
Moved: Native Americans, Polynesian cousins? external articles about genetic connections between Polynesians and Native Americans **
East Indian folk/traditional/classical East Indian music   **
Identify and Discuss this historical character! Fray Bartolome De Las Casas (external article)   **
Native Americans on all empires??? AE members which have Native American roots, some discussion on various Native America tribes **
Native American ancestry in the Americas discussion on the apport of Native Americans to the population of various countries and the new fashion of claiming native American descendence **
Armed and Ready pictures and manufacture of Aztecand Mixtec weapons   **
Trail of tears- Cherokee Nation the ill-treatment and forced exodus of the Cherokee nation caused by the Americans **
Ancient North America The history of the United States before colonization, concentrating on the SW (Pueblo and other people) **
Vietnamese military vietnamese military before firearms   **
King of Thailand - how many wifes? makeup of the Thai royal family   **
Jayavarman II’s Empire map of the Khmer Empire at its height   **
Macuahuitl making an Aztec macuahuitl sword and external article on the Pames people of Mexico **
update on Kennewick man supposed link between native Americans and the Ainu of Japan   **
African Villages in Iran description of current villages in Iran inhabited by African people and their condition **
The European invasion of the Americas Whether or not the diseases brought by the Europeans to the Americas amount to genocide **
Who was the kennewick man? Possible connection between Kennewick Man skeleton and a Caucasian element in the North American native population **
America’s Stonehenge Explore the Mysteries Discussion on the origin of the ruins found in Massachussets and commercially referred to as "America's Stonehenge" **
The Apache Indians and Martial Arts.. Fighting skills and bravery of various native american tribes   **
Moved: High Court Hears Debate Over Commandments ACLU and the separation of church and state in the US   **
Saga of the wildwest-1865 U.S. Story fragment telling of a native American woman   **
Who are the Ainu of Japan? Description of the Ainu people of Northern Japan and Sakhalin and their origins **
India’s population India's population size and growth rates throughout history   **
My latest Spnish deterent Manufacture of Aztec knife made of stone and wood   **
Ethiopias in the 1800s Military capablities of Ethiopians in the late 19th century   **
Queen Nzinga External article and disucussion on Queen Nzinga of Angola who fought the Portuguese **
Persian Shirazis from Tanzania to Spain External articles about the Persian Shirazis in East Africa   **
Disease, not Spanish Meso-Americans A discussion on whether the Meso-Americans could have resisted the Spanish conquest it it hadn't been for disease **
Epic Songs from the Mexican Revolucion Question about songs from the Mexican Revoultion, moving on to a discussion about the Revolution itself. **
Fall of Mayan Civilization fall of the Mayan civilization and various theories on it   **
The most powerful Meso American culture? Comparison between various Pre-columbian American cultures   **
What are Indians classified as? Anthropological classification of East Indians   **
Aztec Dates!!! The Aztec Calendar with external articles   **
Were Muhgals Mongols? Discusiion on whether the Mughals of India weer descended from Mongols **
Colonial resistance leaders. Various leaders who opposed the colonisation of their countries   **
Aztecs and Incan Emperors Chronology of Aztec and Incan emperors   **
Hindu mythology and the evolution of man. Supposed connection between the avatars of Vishnu in Hindu mythology and the evolution of life **
Arms and Armor of India Link to external site about Indian weapons and armor   **
India’s look East Policies  Question on the ties between India and Eastern Asian countries   *
Origins of the Hindutva  Hindu nationalist movements   *
The Legacy of Islam in India Discussing the legacy of Islam in India and the Hindu caste system   *
Moved: Man Arrested in New Delhi for....... anecdote about posession of pornography in India   *
No Public Kissing Allowed in India anecdotes about public kissing in India and Indonesia   *
pontiac The origin of the name Pontiac and connection to the car brand   *
Replicating ancient Oman-India sea route External article about reconstructed ancient ship to sail from Oman to India *
In the club Picture of Aztec war club   *
jaguar warrior appearance of jaguar warrior   *
The Kambojas and Scythians Presumed relationship between the Kambojas of India and the Scythians   *
Vikings in the Americas Links to external articles on the Viking colonization of N.America   *
My African History Project, Updates Description of updates on member's site   *
update on the Kennewick Man recent discoveries on the Kennewick Man skeleton   *
Incan soldier request for description of Incan soldiers   *
* duplicate post   *
Differentiating Southeast Asian Culture limited discussion on different SE Asian cultures   *
Africa in the Zoo discussing a modern racist social event about Africa   *
Music from Southeast Asia link to external site where one can download meusic from SE Asia   *
Poll: North America- immigration poll on AE members from N.America and their ancestry   *
Feudal japan sengoku-jidai unanswered question on feudal japan   *
Human Sacrifice in 20th century Thailand External article on isolated human sacrifice in 20th century Thailand   *
American Indian Radio check it out. native american radio & music website   *
Muesum Native American exhibits Native American exhibit in a Washington DC museum   *
Are the Apaches related to the Turkic Tribes of.. supposed linguistic connection between Apaches and Turks   *
Cataldo- the Parthenon of the Coeur d Alene .. Couer D'Alene Indians of the American NorthWest   *
Tsunami uncovers ancient Indian city External article about Indian ruins uncovered by Dec 26,2004 tsunami   *
question bears in India   *
Mongol migrations...ASAP Great migrations throughout history 1750-1980   *
Mesoamerican Chronology External article about timeline of MesoAmerica (deleted?)    *
The Rupee The rupee as a currency used in the Middle East (with links)    *
Learn Something ABout Eastern Africa here.... Link to another thread   *
Counting in Vietnamese Counting in Vietnamese moving on to differences between various dialects of Chinese *
Gorkhali as single Mod AE related discusiion about moderators   *
El Tajin visiting Meso-America (cost, etc.)   *
Bunnag family in Thailand Royal Thai family   *
Meso-American trees wood used to manufacte meso-american weapons   *
The first person around the world? Discussion on whether Magellan, Elcano or a Malay/Phillipino slave went around the world first *
India in strategy games India as it's represented in various computer strategy games   *
Meso-American Codices availability of Aztec books   *
Aztec Pantheon question about books detailing the Aztec pantheon   *
Origin of the Name "Saurashtra" origin of the name of the Indian state Saurashtra  and its connection to Sarmathians *
metal cultures metal working in America before Columbus   *
* Current divisions in AE forums   *
Pakistan and Hindustan possibility of reunification of India and Pakistan   *
Something interesting about ancient india Links to external articles on Indian History   *