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History of Baloch dynasty and kingdoms

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Topic: History of Baloch dynasty and kingdoms
Posted By: Roman Sakhan
Subject: History of Baloch dynasty and kingdoms
Date Posted: 14-Jan-2019 at 05:54


The Jamot are an old tribe living in Balochistan. The sub tribe of Jamot Rulers named created a kingdom in Lower Sindh, in Upper Sindh - Shikarpur - Sibi - Kachhi  of upper - Balochistan  and in - Lasbela  lower Balochistan and the - Run of Kachchh (Gujrat) and in - Multan (1351-1517). The ruling tribe Sammas were fiercely independent and rebelled against Delhi Sultanate. They reached the height of their power during the reign of - Jam Nizamuddin II , the Jam Nindo (1461-1509) who is still recalled as a hero, and his rule as a golden age. The Capital of all the early dynasties was the city of - Thatta . Jam Nizamuddin II or Jam Nindo, as he was affectionately known, ruled in golden age as the leader of the Jamot Dynasty from 866 to 1461. The rise of - Thatta  as an important commercial and cultural center was directly related to his patronage and policies.

Jamot Or Rind

Jamot is a Baloch tribe originally come from Arab and clam to Ikrama's (Son Of Abu Nazmuddin Jamot) breed. Jamot are primary rulers of Lasbela and as well as founder of Lasbela State. In some Historical books it is also founded that they are cousins of Rinds. They use Lasi language (type of Balochi) which is derived from Balochi, Birahwi and Sindhi.

Posted By: Roman Sakhan
Date Posted: 15-Jan-2019 at 14:40
Although the fact that the Jamot tribe comes from the Arab there is no specific facts about it! The etymology of Jamot comes from Indo-European, Jama, Jamot, Jatgals have always been Baloch and will be!

Posted By: Roman Sakhan
Date Posted: 20-Jan-2019 at 02:18

The Mirani or Mirhani Dynasty is a tribe of - Baloch  who were influential in India between the 15th and 18th centuries. The dynasty founded by Kamal Khan, a Mirani Baloch and a descendant of the founder of - Dera Ghazi Khan ,  In 1550 the dynasty became stronger and more authoritative on the territory of northern India 1620 from the Mirani rulers by the Jaskani Balochs, who held it till 1787. - [1]

History - Edit

Baloch, the first of these invaders,in 1476 Nawab - Ghazi Khan  Mirani, son of Nawab Haji Khan Mirani, a Balochi chieftain, who had declared independence from the - Langah Dynasty  Sultans of - Multan . Haji , gave his name to the city which he founded before the end of the fifteenth century. The DeraJaat owes its existence as an historical area to the Baloch immigration in the fifteenth century. Sultan Husain, the Langah sovereign of - Multan , being unable to hold his trans-Indus possessions, called in Baloch mercenaries, and assigned these territories to - Malik Sohrab Dodai  in jagir. Malik's sons, Ghazi Khan, Ismail Khan and - Fateh Khan , founded the three Deras or 'settlements' named after them. Captain Hector Mackenzie said that rather more than three centuries ago the Derajat was under the government of some Baloch families. To the north, including - Dera Ismail Khan , the Hot family, and to the south, with head -quarters at - Dera Ghazi Khan , the Mirhani branch of the tribe ruled large sections of the country. Ghazi Khan Mirhani sent four of his sons across the indus to colonize the - Sindh ,,_Madhya_Pradesh - Sagar , - Doab . Beginning from the south, Udo Khan founded Kot Udo, Sultan Khan, Kot Sultan, Kamal Khan, Leis, and Muhammad Khan, Nowshera. They were also accompanied by a miscellaneus body of emigrants to till the ground Kamal was the most powerful of the four brothers, and assumed a supremacy over the other three. His influence extended from Kot Udo to Bhadkal, now a deserted village in the - Jharkal  property, some 25 miles north of - Layyah , thus including the Koraishi colony. Further north the Jaskani Baloch clan, rulers of Dera Ismail Khan, held possession of the country.

Posted By: Roman Sakhan
Date Posted: 26-Jan-2019 at 06:24
The Buledi divided the country amongst the Baluch tribes of Makran and declared their chief the head of the "Federation" with a title of Malik (which means "king" in Arabic) . Capt. E.C. Ross in his "Memorandum on Makran", published in 1868 mentioned the inscriptions on certain tombs in Kech valley of the Buledi rulers and especially Sheh Billar , who ruled Makran in 1729 A.D. The last ruler was Sheh Qasim (the nephew of Sheh Billar) who was killed by the Gichki chief, Malik Dinar. 

Posted By: Roman Sakhan
Date Posted: 31-Jan-2019 at 15:07

Talpur dynasty

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