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Obama Defends His Antiterror Strategy in Arguments

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Topic: Obama Defends His Antiterror Strategy in Arguments
Posted By: Centrix Vigilis
Subject: Obama Defends His Antiterror Strategy in Arguments
Date Posted: 11-Dec-2016 at 15:39
In point of fact not since the days of Chamberlain's collapse to Hitler has the world been in a more dangerous position. His appeasement based on Islamophilic, brain dead, non acceptance of the terrorists real intentions..remains astounding.

Bad deals and support of know agents of terror will remain his legacy...not some idealistic lib lefty prog nonsense of 'world peace' in his  pun intended.

This past 8 years has not been successful in maintaining or convincing Islamo Jihaddist ideological terrorists to adopt a more conventional posture...on the contrary; it has resulted and exacerbated countless deaths...this weakness and loss of trust among America's great allies has driven the world indeed to a position not seen since 1918...Nationalistic fervor rather than cooperation against an enemy who detests you and yours to the point ..that you had better pray the next suicide bomber is  NOT where YOU..take your family for an ice cream on the mall on the cafes of Paris.

No ideological aggressive group has EVER been deterred by weakness. History proves me correct...but YOU will learn this when they come to the aforementioned mall or sidewalk cafĂ©. Because then it will become gawdamn personal and up in your face.

But if you don't believe me but rather adhere to the tripe of the pacifcist socialist..then YOU deserve to be in that mall or on that street.

As some very famous men once said..and i'll para... 'no one in his right mind seeks conflict but what's worse is to avoid it... when there is an obvious threat.... that all diplomacy has proven to do.... is to embold the foe.... who never wished to seek another path in the first place'. -

Posted By: medenaywe
Date Posted: 12-Dec-2016 at 00:57
It's a nice speech anyway.He has no your commodities C.V.He has responsibility&burden of real state man.
Opposite of Your new Tweet man.After Post Truth will appear Tweet Truth and Tweet politics.Stupid!Only Tweet diplomacy can moderate&coordinate=adjust new president's comments on tweeter.

Posted By: Centrix Vigilis
Date Posted: 13-Dec-2016 at 11:21
That's all obsfucation bullshit Meden.others in the office did not even come close to his failings in the diplomatic arena. Even the 'peanut farmer' gets more credit. They all had the same power same concerns same responsibilities.

Some made serious errors in judgement....GWB for example never should have collapsed Iran in the first place... certainly not for the then alleged reasons given.

Not, ntl, in the past 45 years has a diplomatic international collapse on the part of the US has occurred tot he level it has.

The ideologic mistake made by the current admin in persuing a peace at all costs has failed and failed miserably. Ask the young Iranians-Syrian Christians and or  others who suffered and still suffer from an ongoing genocide...all aided and abetted by the Obama 8 year WH.  Ask the Ukrainians ...some invaded by hostile neighbors...some who attempted to have genuine concerns redressed all who have suffered from moral and political Intransigence.

His legacy will remain a failure to react in a sufficient and competent  manner... when more the one 'red line' was crossed.

What Trump does or doesn't do is yet to be determined.

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"

S. T. Friedman

Pilger's law: 'If it's been officially denied, then it's probably true'

Posted By: medenaywe
Date Posted: 13-Dec-2016 at 23:13
Comes next: USA's tweet democracy!Big smile

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 14-Dec-2016 at 02:33
So what President has done everything right? Obama had different obstructions to circumvent his entire presidency that no other modern president has had to deal with just to get items regarding people in our own country passed, and he never complained about it until campaigning for Hillary.  He made the best choices he could with the best information he had and that most certainly will not please everyone.  I wish people would stop behaving like the president actually has the last say when we all know Congress is the one who should be being blamed for concerning themselves with obstruction and bullshit policies that only matter to them and not their constituents.  Obama's approval rating is high because he actually did listen to the people even though the republicans made great efforts to sabotage him.  Of course, that is only the way the lowly peasants, down here, see it.  I am glad he focused on issues at home more than abroad, something previous Presidents have ignored. Also, people in many other countries, Love Obama and how he handled the international stage, but of course, not every international country will be pleased; and so goes it.


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