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What is your favorite team?

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Topic: What is your favorite team?
Posted By: Al Jassas
Subject: What is your favorite team?
Date Posted: 24-Mar-2008 at 22:19
Hello to you all
My favorite team which I have been a loyal supporter for some 20 year, ever since I know football, has finally reached its first final in 6 years and hopefully will bring the first championship in 10 years though we have a bad history with finals, we lost 34 final matches in 40 years.
So what is your favorite team/s in every sport you follow?

Posted By: xristar
Date Posted: 24-Mar-2008 at 23:15
PAOK of Thessaloniki. In all sports (basically Football (or soccer for you yanks) and Basketball.
Sadly, the last years this great team is declining...


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Victory needs none.
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Posted By: Balaam
Date Posted: 25-Mar-2008 at 01:05
I go for 2 teams: Australia, and whoever is playing England


Posted By: Zagros
Date Posted: 25-Mar-2008 at 01:27
Hibernian and Arsenal.


Posted By: Ponce de Leon
Date Posted: 25-Mar-2008 at 01:57
The team that my avatar plays on

Posted By: King Kang of Mu
Date Posted: 25-Mar-2008 at 03:43
Soccer: Korea, Brazil, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Romania, Costa Rica, Honduras, Cameroon, Mali, Guadalupe, Santos, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Roma, Bremen, Arsenal, Man City, PSV, Sporting Lisbon, Monaco, Fenerbahce, CSKA Moscow, Chicago Fire, LA Chivas, Illhwa Chunma(K-League)

Baseball: Korea, Tigers, Mets, Twins, Angels, LG Twins(KBL)

Basketball: Pistons, Suns, Rockets, Blazers, Bobcats, Hawks
                  Michigan State, Georgetown, Cincinnati,
Fictional: Team America(F&ck Ya!)


Posted By: Roberts
Date Posted: 25-Mar-2008 at 06:10
San Antonio Spurs in basketball.

Posted By: Knights
Date Posted: 25-Mar-2008 at 09:16
England. Mainly Rugby and Cricket. Though I do have Australian sympathies of course. I am a Chelsea supporter too (though not fervent). 


Posted By: gcle2003
Date Posted: 25-Mar-2008 at 11:26
Despite everything I still support Southampton at football, though masochistically and from afar. Supporting Hampshire at cricket is currently not so painful.
The Atlanta Braves have been going through a bad patch, maybe because I haven't been over for a couple of years. (Every time I've watched them, they have won.)
I probably should support the Falcons but I'm always reminded of the legendary newsreader who is supposed to have announced that the police had caught a sneak thief in the Falcons' car park before the game: however he was not forced to watch the game on the ground that it would be constitutionally cruel and unusual punishment.


Posted By: Majkes
Date Posted: 25-Mar-2008 at 20:50
Legia Warsaw, Barca, Celtic, Liverpool, Schalke, Borussia D., AC Milan and Poland of course. Other sports - no favourite teams because the only true teams are in football.

Posted By: Adalwolf
Date Posted: 25-Mar-2008 at 20:55
Originally posted by Majkes

Legia Warsaw, Barca, Celtic, Liverpool, Schalke, Borussia D., AC Milan and Poland of course. Other sports - no favourite teams because the only true teams are in football.

You're right. The only true teams are in football, not soccer. Wink

My favorites are the Atlanta Falcons and the Kansas City Chiefs.

For baseball I like the Atlanta Braves.

For basketball...The Chicago Bulls, I guess, since Michael Jordan played for them. (I don't really follow basketball)

Soccer: Don't watch much soccer, though I enjoyed the World Cup and the Champion's league.

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Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 25-Mar-2008 at 21:42
FC Bayern Munich, Galatasaray, Zeljeznicar

Chicago Bulls

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Bears, Patriots


Posted By: Panther
Date Posted: 25-Mar-2008 at 22:48
Oh boy, where too begin...
American style football - Primarily the Dallas Cowboys, with a healthy dose of respect for the NY Giants! Ouch
Rugby - I guess we could say it is the precursor to American football? I can't find it on often where i live, but when i do, i'll watch every second of it until it is over!
Soccer - I don't have a favorite American or International team. But it is fun too watch.
Baseball - As a kid, i liked the Texas Rangers, but got rather bored with it as i grew up. Mostly because the game has been dominated mainly by any team from the New England area for most of it's history. Maybe once... on a rare blue moon, some other team might capture the championship. Other then that, the game seems most sadly to be very easily predictable. Angry I wished it weren't so! Censored
Basketball - At the beginning of the season, i usally like too watch and root for the Dallas Mavericks, but then... i usally find myself throwing my support too any team that can keep itself together by the end of the season!
Hockey - No particular team is my favorite, but the fights that can break out are very spectacularly passionate! A damn good sport Thumbs%20Up
Racing - I love Nascar (Dale Earnhart Sr. was and still is the best!Tongue, his was the only team in the sport of racing worth watching!) Since his death i have followed Tony Stewarts career with interest, who himself came over to Nascar from Formula car racing. I don't have a particular team favorite among the Formula car racing teams. I'm just have a particular need for speed! I'm not that picky. Big%20smile I also have always enjoyed National and International Superbike racing, as well as Motocross.

Posted By: Majkes
Date Posted: 26-Mar-2008 at 05:18

You're right. The only true teams are in football, not soccer. Wink


Posted By: King Kang of Mu
Date Posted: 26-Mar-2008 at 05:56


Posted By: Temujin
Date Posted: 26-Mar-2008 at 18:58
VfB Stuttgart, German football national team (men), Polish volleyball national team (female), Savchenko & Szolkowy for ice skating


Posted By: ulrich von hutten
Date Posted: 26-Mar-2008 at 20:15
There's only one Borussia....Borussia Dortmund.
Another team is FRAM Reykjavik.
And of course the team of Reykjavik's unions. You can watch it twice a month, mostly on sundays, at Reykjaviks puplic sports fields.


Posted By: Justinian
Date Posted: 29-Mar-2008 at 21:10
Originally posted by King Kang of Mu

All I can say is Clap.
Originally posted by Roberts

San Antonio Spurs in basketball.
Also worthy of Clap, unless they are playing the Timberwolves, I am rooting for them.  How can one not love Tim Duncan?  And Manu, Tony Parker, the since retired Admiral, David Robinson etc. etc.
My favorite teams are the Twins, Vikings, T-Wolves, Wild, aforementioned Spurs, use to like a ton of other baseball teams, as well as football teams.  But mainly those first four.

"War is a cowardly escape from the problems of peace."--Thomas Mann

Posted By: Illirac
Date Posted: 03-Apr-2008 at 16:40
Well...I'm a fun of Hellas Verona

For too long I've been parched of thirst and unable to quench it.

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 06-Apr-2008 at 23:58
Well, only team I ever loved is F.C. Sarajevo, and that love lasts since 80's... Smile
Even tho our league sucks big time lately, and it is a real torture to follow it, I still feel the same passion every time my team plays...
I've tried to "force" myself to get into following of some other international teams too, so that watching of foreign leagues or international cups could be more interesting for me,  but it simply didn't work... I stay more or less detached about their results.
I could mention some teams that i prefer among other internetional ones, mostly because the atmosphere on the stadiums and their ultras/hooligans... like: Boca Juniors, Besiktas, Napoli, Livorno, Liverpool etc...
But, my favorite team... Only Sarajevo F.C... - -


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 28-Jun-2008 at 14:31
Man U, Barcelona, AC Milan, PSG ... and les Bleus.


Posted By: vranakonti
Date Posted: 28-Jun-2008 at 14:43

FK Bayern München,Inter,SK Partizani (Tirana team),German NT and of course Albanian NT.

Ti Shqipri m ep nder...

Posted By: Ponce de Leon
Date Posted: 28-Jun-2008 at 15:12
My favorite team? Hmm

I guess I am gona say: Team Venture

Posted By: Aristilus
Date Posted: 11-Aug-2008 at 14:31
My team is Kilmarnock here in Scotland. (Saw them win on saturday) and Tottenham Hotspur down south.

Posted By: Batu
Date Posted: 19-Sep-2008 at 23:27
Galatasaray SK in Turkey
Juventus and Livorno in Italy
Valencia in Spain
Arsenal and Westham in England
damn!I have so many favourite teams!!

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Posted By: Suren
Date Posted: 19-Sep-2008 at 23:50
Persepolis FC
Man United
Chicago Bulls

Posted By: Goblin Monkey
Date Posted: 17-Oct-2008 at 18:21
New York Yankees of Baseball

Is it just me or did your mom just wink at me?

Posted By: Gharanai
Date Posted: 17-Oct-2008 at 20:38
Football: (INTL) Brazil and Spain (Club) Chelsea and Barca
Cricket: Afghanistan, Australia and Pakistan
Basketball: Spain


Posted By: Kochanoglu
Date Posted: 12-Mar-2009 at 22:48
   in clubs;   Galatasaray,liverpool,man.united,milan,barcelona
   İn national teams;   Turkey,Romania,Argentina,Brazil,Nigeria,netherlands

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 18-May-2009 at 15:04
L-I-V Clap 
E-R-P Clap
double O L
Come on you REDS!!

Date Posted: 14-Jul-2011 at 07:55
Glasgow Celtic (Scotland)
Manchester United (England)
Brazil (World)


Posted By: opuslola
Date Posted: 14-Jul-2011 at 08:10
American football-- The New Orleans Saints, Geaux Saints!

College basketball and football-- The University of Memphis Tigers!

Pro Basketball-- Chicago Bulls (Derrick Rose)



Posted By: red clay
Date Posted: 14-Jul-2011 at 08:29
American Football- Eagles
Soccer- Philly Union, Manchester United
Baseball- Phillies, Texas Rangers, Cinncinatti Reds
Watched Manchester United play New England last nite.  Final was MU 4, NE 1.  It was a better match than the score shows.

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Posted By: bjanic
Date Posted: 06-Nov-2011 at 09:48
My favorite sport would be Formula 1 though some people do not really consider car racing a sport. But for me, it still is.  The team would have to be Ferrari, probably because they come up with really nice rides and win championships at that.  

As of late, they are not really at the higher tier in standings as they have been struggling for pace, probably stretching to 3 seasons already. But they will have their time, pretty much how Red Bull has been having it, now.

Posted By: tjadams
Date Posted: 06-Nov-2011 at 10:04

Texas Rangers, Detroit Tigers, Baltimore Orioles, Atlanta Braves, Minnesota Twins

Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

No basketball or hockey for me.

Posted By: keetper
Date Posted: 08-Nov-2011 at 02:51
My favorite team is Manchester United. That said I am from Leeds so have a soft spot for them as well. LOL

Posted By: mkdeniel
Date Posted: 08-Dec-2011 at 15:55
My favorite sports is the cricket and my favorite cricket team is the south africa. I like the all player of the south africa. In this team my best player is the graeme smith,also he is the captain of this team. 


Posted By: LuciusCorneliusSulla
Date Posted: 08-Dec-2011 at 18:26
USA football - Baltimore Ravens

Basketball - Utah Jazz (was a Karl Malone fan...)

Baseball - is not a sport. LOL

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Posted By: red clay
Date Posted: 10-Dec-2011 at 11:40
Originally posted by LuciusCorneliusSulla

USA football - Baltimore Ravens

Basketball - Utah Jazz (was a Karl Malone fan...)

Baseball - is not a sport. LOL
Well, anyone who likes "whistle ball" couldn't fully appreciate baseball anyhoo. TongueWinkBig smile

"Arguing with someone who hates you or your ideas, is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what move you make, your opponent will walk all over the board and scramble the pieces".

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