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5 names of Egyptian Pharaohs

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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Topic: 5 names of Egyptian Pharaohs
    Posted: 03-Jan-2018 at 19:33
5th dynasty: (There is difference in the birth name & throne name of a few in different sources.)

BN Userkaf [Usercheres MKL]
TN Userkaf
HN Hor Irymaat
NN Irymaat
GHN Netjernebunefer
PN Abasu "purest place", North Saqqara. [Solar temple at Abusir.]

BN Sahure
TN Sahure [Sephres]
HN Horus Nebkhau
NN Nebti Nebkhau
GHN Bikwy Nebw
PN Khaba "rising of souls", Abusir

TN Neferirkare [Nefercheres]
BN1 Ranefer
BN2 Kakai
HN Userkhau
NN1 Khaemnebty
NN2 Userkhau
GHN Sekhemunebu
PN Ba "soul", Abusir

TN (Niswt) Shepseskare (Maat Kheru TKL)?
BN Shepseskare? [Sisires]
BN Netjeruser?
HN Sekhemkhaw
PN Resj-Shepseskare, North Abusir?

TN Neferefra/Ranefer(ef)/Nefe(r)ra? [Neferkhare SKL.]
BN Neferefre?
BN Isi?
HN Neferkhau
NN Neferemnebti
GHN Biknebunefer
PN: Netjeribau Raneferef "souls of N are divine", Abusir
[Hotep-Re. Setibraw?]

TN Niuserre/Userenra [Rathoris]
BN Ini/An
HN Setibtawy
NN Nebtisetib
GHN Bik nebu Netjeri
PN1 Menasu "firmest of places", Abusir
[PN2 Shesepibraw, Abu Gurob.]

TN Menka(u)hor TKL AKL
BN Kaiu / Ikau(hor)/Hor-A-Kau
HN Menkhau
GHN Bik-nebu Hedj
PN Neferasu "holiest of places", Headless pyr, Dahshur.
PN Netjerisut-Menkauhor
[PN Akhet-Ra Sun temple.]

TN Djedkare AKL [Tancheres. Judah?]
BN Isesi/Assa KKL
HN Djedkhau
NN Djedkhau Nebty
GHN Bik nebu Djed
PN Nefer "beautiful", South Saqqara
Maatkare SKL.
Djedu TKL.

TN Unas
BN Unas/Wenis/Onnos [el-Welid?]
HN Wadjtawy
NN Wadjemnebty
GHN Bik-nebw-Wadj
PN Neferasu "most beautiful place", North Saqqara;
[PN at one time supposed Mastabat el Farun]

6th dynasty:

BN Teti [Othoes MKL?]
HN Hor Sehetep tawy
NN Sehetep nebty
GHN Hor nebu sema
PN Tatasu "most lasting of places", North Saqqara

Ati AKL [Othoes MKL?]
BN Userkara
GHN Bikwy-nub?
PN Baiu "souls".

BN Pepi/Phiops 1
TN1 Neferdjahor/Nefersahor
TN2 Meryre
HN Merytawy
NN Merykhet Nebti
GHN Biku Nebu
PN Mennefer "good place", South Saqqara

TN Nemtyemsaf?
TN Merenre?
BN Nemtyemsaf/Antyemsaf/Horemsaf/Menthemsouphis 1?
BN Merenre?
HN Ankh Khaw
NN Ankh Khaw
GHN Bikwi Nebu
PN Khanefer "beautiful rising", South Saqqara

BN Pepi/Phiops 2
TN Neferkare
HN Netjerikhaw
NN Netjerikhaw
GHN Sekhem Bik-Nebu
PN Menankh, "Neferkare is established & living", S Saqqara

BN Nefer(ka(ra))

TN Merenre Nemtyemsaf
BN Nemtyemsaf/Merenseemsaf/Menthemsouphis 2
HN S[...]tawy?

TN Netjerkare
BN Nitocris/Nitaqert/Neitiqerty Siptah HKL MKL
PN 3rd pyramid, Giza.

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NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.
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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 03-Jan-2018 at 00:13
24th dynasty (Saite) :

BN Tefnakhte [Thaphaetus?]
TN Shepses-re
HN Siakhet[hor]
NN Siakhetnebty

BN Bakenrenef/Bocchoris
TN Wahkare.

28th dynasty :

BN Amenirdisu/Amenrut/Amyrtaeus HKL.


30th dynasty:

BN Nekhtnebef/Nectanebo 1
TN Kheperkare
HN Tjemaa
NN Semenkhtawy
GHN Irimeretnetjeru

BN Djedher/Teos (Setep-en-inhuret)
TN Iri-maat-en-re
HN Khaemmaat Seshemtawy
NN Merymaat Sahperunetjeru
GHN Khubaqet Wafkhasut

BN Nakhthor(en)heb(yt)/Nectanebo 2 (Meryhathor)
TN Senedjem-ib-re Setep-en-inhur
HN Mery-tawy
NN Shrw-jb-neterw
GHN Smn-hpw.

If anyone/everyone can do a dynasty it would help, as 300 kings takes a long time for one person to go through. Any corrections or additions or discussion or questions is welcome. Sorry i couldn't include the meanings of all the names.

NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.
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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 01-Jan-2018 at 19:27
In studying subjects connected with ancient Egypt i have found it necessary to know all the names of the pharaohs. I haven't been able to find any list anywhere that lists all the known names of the five names of all the pharaohs. (Its actually 6 names because they also had their pyramid name added afterwards too. I know they didn't have all five names until later dynasties but they did have a few of them even in early dynasties.) Some sources like Wikipedia do list the known names but it is a pain having to look up each and every one individually, but we have no choice but to have to do so and make out own list (here below in stages). (Many times when i've asked around for information on various things it is like subtle "nothing for free", they never give anything.)
Four dynasties done below in this first post so far (the 6 names only, not added king lists references yet). More dynasties to come if able during this year. I haven't also included queens, architects, viziers, etc except a few.
(I had once before partially attempted this at,1093884 but I didn't do anymore on it then and this is a different new attempt here.)
Ideally it would be best in a table, but it is easier to prepare/write it as list for now.

Key (6 names : 5 names + pyramid name) :
TN = throne name / prenomen / nesu-bity "sedge & bee" (1st dyn).
CN = catouche name (throne &/or birth name, 4th & 5th dyn).
BN = birth name / nomen / se-Ra/sa-Re "son of Ra/Re".
HN = Horus name / serekh name (0/1st dyn).
H&SN = Horus & Seth name
SN = Set(h) name (2nd dyn).
NN = nebty name "two ladies" (1st/12th dyn).
GHN = Bik-nbw / golden Horus name (1st dyn / Mid Kdm).
PN = pyramid name, or tomb/burial.

Key (king lists) :
BS = Book of Sothis king list.
MKL = Manetho king list (1st to 30th/33rd dyn)
EKL = Eratosthenes king list
HKL = Herodotus king list (1st - 28th dyn)
TKL = Turin king list (god kings to 19th dyn).
SKL = Saqqara king list (1st - 19th dyn)
AKL = Abydos king list (1st - 19th dyn).
KKL = Karnak king list (1st - 18th dyn)
SS = South Saqqara Stone (6th dyn)
GKL = Giza king list (6th dyn)
PS = Palermo Stone (00 - 5th dyn)
DS = Den Seal impressions (1st dyn).

4th dynasty (Memphite/Giza) :

BN Snef(e)ru AKL ST
"TN Snefru"?
HN1 (HN2) Hor-Nebmaat (Snefru)
NN Nisutbity Nebmaat Nebty
GHN Biknebu
PN Kha "rising".
PN1 "S shines in the north", North/Red Pyr, Dahshur
PN2 "S shines in the south", South/Bent Pyr, Dahshur
PN3 Djed Sneferu "S endures", Meydum.
PN4 Seila?
Nickname "the Beneficent King".
Vizier/architect: Alcimon (ref Masoudi)?
[S(a)urid/Ser/Seris/Soris? MKL]

BN Cheops/(Khnum)Khufu/Khuwey [Jacob] MKL AKL ST *
HN Medjedu/Medjeru/Mezdau
NN Nebty-r-medjed
GHN Bikwynub/Bikjunebu
PN Akhet/Khut "Khufu's horizon/lights", Great, Giza
Architect: Hemon [or "Hermes/Idris"].
[* (Noh-)S(o)uphis. Saophis-Comastes?]
[= shepherd Philitis "lover of righteousness"?]
[Kautar (Phoenician)?]

BN Djedefre/Tatfra/Redjedef/Ratoises ST AKL [Joseph? Judah?]
HN (Horus-)Kheper
NN Kheperimnebti
GHN Bikjunebu
PN1 "D's starry sky", Abu Roash/Rawash;
PN2 Zawyet el'Aryan?
[Rhampsinit HKL?] [Rhodopis HKL?]

BN Chephren/Khafre/Rakhaef [Ephraim?] ST AKL
HN Horus-Userib/Usrem
NN Userim-nebty / [nebty] hotpere
GHN (Netjernub)sekhem
PN a?.?/Ao / Wer/Ur "(Khafre is) great", 2nd, Giza
[Suphis 2 MKL]

Djedefhor/Herutataf [Judah?]

BN Baka(re)/Bikheris [Benjamin? Machir?]
PN "star of ..-..-ka", Unfinished Northern Pyramid, Zawyet el'Aryan.

BN Menkaure/Mycerinus/Mencheres [Manasseh?] MKL AKL ST
HN Hor-Kakhet
NN Kanebty
GHN Netjer-biknebu
PN Netjery "(Menkaure is) divine"
PN Her / kh.r.pyramid "high", 3rd, Giza

BN Shepseskaf AKL
HN Hor-Shepsekhet
NN Shepsenebty
PN Qebeh "cool", South Saqqara; [Mastabat el-Fara'un?]

Djedefptah/Thamphthis MKL [Aimhetep/Imhotep? Judah?]

12th dynasty (Theban/Itjtawy) :

BN Amenemhet 1
TN Sehotepabra/Sehetepibre / [...]p-ib[...] TKL
HN (Hor-)Wehemmesu
NN Wehemmesut
GHN (Biknbw-)Wehemmesut
PN Kanefer "beautiful", "Amenemhet appears at his place", El-Lisht

BN Senusret 1
TN Kheperkara / [...]ka / ...k3 TKL.
HN Ankhmesut
NN Ankhmesut
GHN Ankhmesut
PN "Senusret beholds the 2 lands",  El-Lisht

BN Amenemhet/Ameny 2
TN Nubkaura
HN Hekenemmaat
NN Hekenemmaat
GHN Maatkheru
PN Amenusekhem "Amenemhat is provided", White Pyramid, Dahshur
[PN Djedfa-Amenemhat.]

BN Senusret 2
TN Kha(i)kheperra
HN Seshemtawy
NN1 Sekhaimmaat
NN2 Sekhainebti
GHN Hotepnetjeru
PN "Senusret appears", El-Lahun [& Senusrethotep/Kahun].

BN Senusret/Usertsen/Sesostris 3 HKL
TN Khakaure
HN Netjerkheperu
NN Netjermesut
GHN Kheper
PN Dahshur

BN Amenemhet 3 [Palmanothes?]
TN Nemaatre/Lamares/Labari/Ranmaat [Ramses?]
HN Aabaw
NN Itjijautawy
GHN Wahankh
PN1 "Amenemhat lives", Hawara.
PN2 "Amenemhat is beautiful", Dahshur
[Moeris HKL [Moses?] ]

BN Amenemhet/Amenemes/Ameny/Amuntimaeus 4
TN Maakherure
HN Kheperkheperu
NN Sehebtawy
GHN Sekhembiknebunetjeru
PN Southern Mazghuna, S Dahshur?

BN Sobeknefru/Nefrusobk
TN Sobekkare
HN Meritra
NN Satsekhem Nebettawy
GHN Djedetkhau
PN Northern Mazghuna, S Dahshur? [or El-Lahun?]

TN Seankhibra
HN Seankhibtawy
PN Ayn Shams, Iunu/Heliopolis?

18th dynasty (Theban/Diospolite / Amarna) :

BN Ahmose/Amosis/Aahmes 1 MKL [Alisphragmuthosis? Anysis?]
TN Nebpehtire
HN Aakheperu
NN Tutmesut
GHN Tjestawy
PN Abydos? Dra Abu el-Naga, Thebes? Deir el-Bahri.

BN Amenhotep/Phamenoph 1
TN Djeserkare/Serkara
HN Kanaftau
NN Aaneru
GHN Wahrenput
PN Dra Abu el-Naga, Thebes? KV39, Valley of Kings, Thebes?
PN mummy found in Deir el-Bahri.

BN Thutmose 1 (Khamyre)
TN Aakheperkare
HN Kanakht Merymaat
NN Kha-em-neseret Aa-pehty
GHN Nefer-renput S'ankh-ib-u
PN KV20 & KV38, Valley of Kings, Thebes.

BN Thutmose 2 (Neferkhau/Nedjtyre)
TN Aakheperenre [Chebron (MKL)?]
HN Kanakht user-pehti
NN Netjerynesyt
GHN Sekhemkheperu
PN KV42, Deir el-Bahari, Valley of Kings, Thebes necropolis?

BN Hatshepsut (khnem(t)amen) [Sheba?]
TN Maatkare/Makera (khnemamen) [Makeda?]
HN Wesretkau
NN Wadjrenput
GHN Netjeretkhau
PN KV20, (& KV60?) Valley of Kings, Thebes.

BN Thutmose 3 (Neferkheperu) [Tahtimodshi?]
TN Menkheperre [Manahpi(r)ya, Me(s)phres?]
HN Kanakht Khaemwaset
NN Wahnesytmireempet
GHN Sekhempahtydsejerkhaw
PN KV34, Valley of Kings, Thebes
["the Napoleon / Alexander the Great of ancient Egypt"]

BN (epithet) Amenhotep 2 ((neter)haqannu)
TN Aakheperure
HN Kanakht wer pekhty
NN User fau sekha em wast
GHN Ity Sekhemef em tau neb
PN KV35, Valley of Kings, Thebes.

BN (surnamed) Thutmose/Djehutymes/Tuthmosis 4 (khakhau)
TN Menkheperure
PN: KV43, Valley of Kings, Thebes.

BN Amenhotep 3 haquast
TN Maatnebra/Nubmaatre [Nimmuriya]
HN Kanankht khaemmaat
NN Semenhepusegerehtawy
GHN Aakhepesh-husetiu
PN KV22/WV22, Valley of Kings, Thebes.
["The Magnificent King".]

BN2 / Adopted name: Akhenaten/Ikhnaton/Khunaten *
BN1: Amenhotep/Amenophis/Ameni/Hui 4 (netjer-)haq-uast
TN Neferkheperure waenre [Naphuriya/Huriya]
HN1 Kanakht-qai-Shuti
HN2 (Kanakht-)Meryaten
NN1 Wer-nesut-em-Ipet-swt
NN2 Wer-nesut-em-Akhetaten
GHN1 Wetjes-khau-em-Iunu-Shemay
GHN2 Wetjes-ren-en-Aten
PN Akhetaten/Amarna; KV55? Valley of Kings, Thebes?
* [Agur or Jakeh  (Proverbs)? Genubath or Hadad (Kings/Chronicles)?]

BN (+ epithet) Smenkhkare/Sakere/Saanekht (Djeserkheperu(re)) *
TN Ankhkheperure
PN: KV55,Valley of Kings, Thebes?
* [Sheba? Solomon? mother of Lemuel?]

TN Ankhkheperure (-mery-)
BN Neferneferuaten
Epithet (mery) Akhetenh(y)es
[Acencheres? (Neferneferuaten) Nefertiti? Meritaten?]

BN1 Tutankh-aten [Rathotis?]
BN2 / adopted name: sare Tutankhamen (heqiunushema) *
TN nesubity Nebkheperure
HN Kanakht tutmesut.
NN Neferhepu segerhtawy werahamun nebrdjer
/ NN Neferhepu segerehtawy sehetepnetjeru nebu.
GHN Wetjeskhau sehetepnetjeru (Heqamaatsehetepnetjeru Wetjeskhauitefre Wetjeskhautjestawyim).
PN KV62, Valley of Kings, Thebes.
Nickname: "the Boy King" / 'King Tut'.
* [Susakim/Shishak (Kings/Chronicles)? Ucal (Proverbs)?]

BN (+ epithet) Ay(a)/Eje (itjnetjer "God's/holy father")
TN Kheperkheperure(-Irimaat)
HN Kanakht Tekhenkhau
NN Sekhempehti dersetet
GHN Heqamaat sekhepertawy
PN: KV23/WV23, Valley of Kings, Thebes. [Amarna tomb.]

BN (+ epithet) sera Horemhab (amenmerien/meryamen) *
TN (Dje)serkheperure setepenre
HN: (Horus) kanakht Sepedkheru
NN Werbiawet-em-Ipetsut
GHN Heruhermaat Sekhepertawy
PN KV57, Valley of Kings, Thebes.
* [Horus/Orus? Hadad (Kings/Chronicles)? Lemuel (Proverbs)?]

19th dynasty (Theban/Diospolite) :

BN Ramesses/Paramessu 1
TN Menpehtire [Menophres?]
HN Kanakht wadj neswt
NN Kha m neswt mj jtm
GHN Smn m3t khetawy
PN KV16, Valley of Kings, Thebes.

BN amenmerien Seti 1 merenptah 1 [or Seb?] HKL
TN Menmaatre/Maatmenra
HN Kanakht Khaemwaset-Seankhtawy
NN Wehemmesut Sekhemkhepesh Derpedjetpesdjet
GHN Wehemkhau Weserpedjutemtawnnebu
PN KV17, Valley of Kings, Thebes.

BN (+ epithet) Ram(es)ses 2 (+ Meriamen [Memnon?])
TN Rausermaat/Usermaatre/Ozymandias Sotepenra/Setepenre
HN Kanakht Merymaat
NN Mekkemetwafkhasut
GHN Userrenput-aanehktu
PN: KV7, Valley of Kings, Thebes.
[Sestura/Sesostris [Zerah/Terah (bible/Ethiopian/Ugarit)? or Shishak?] ]
[Anekhtu "the great/conqueror"]

BN Merneptah/ptahmerien/Merenptah/"Menes" 1/2 Hotephermaat
TN Banenre merienamen/merynetjeru
HN Kanakht Haiemmaat
NN Iribauertaentjemhu
GHN Nebsenedjaashefit

(Tawi-)Thom [Typhon?]

BN (+ epithet) Amenmesse (+ Heqawaset)
TN Menmire Setpenre
HN Kanakht Merymaat Shementawy
NN Werbiaytemipetsut
GHN Aa...-[Ipet-sut?]
PN KV10.

BN Seti 2 Meryenptah
TN Userkheperure Setepenre
HN Kanakht Werpehti
NN Nakhtkhepesh-der-pedjut-9
GHN Aaneruemtawnebu
PN KV15.

BN1 (Ramses) Siptah/Septah
BN2 (Merenptah/Ptahmerien 2/3) Siptah
TN1 Sekha(i)enre Meryamun
TN2 Akhenre/Khuenra Setepenre
HN Kanakht Meryhapi Sankhtanebemkafraneb
NN Saaiunu
GHN [...]mi Itefre
PN KV47, Valley of Kings; [KV35.]

BN Tewosret/Tausret [Thuoris] (Setepen(mut))
TN Sitre/Satre merenamun/meryamun
HN Kanakht Merymaat (Nebanemnisutmiitum)
NN Geregkemet Wafkhasut
PN: KV14, Valley of Kings; Unknown Woman D, KV35?

Between 19th/20th dynasty :


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NZ's mandatory fluoridation is not fair because it only forces it on the disadvantaged/some and not on the advantaged/everyone.
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