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Job may be Humbaba/Huwawa?

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    Posted: 16-Jun-2017 at 06:52
This is a piece on our theories for where Job and the Land of Uz (of the Bible) may be.

(Note we have not finished work on Gobekli Tepe, so that one may be wrong and/or there is not much info here on it in this first post.)

First a list of all possible candidates for Job and/or for Uz.

Job/iyob/iy(y)ov/ay(y)ub/ey(y)up/'d3oub / Jobab/(w'et-)yovav/yowbab ("howler" "persecuted" "desert"),
List of possible candidate matches includes:
Juba/Djerba (Libya/Mauretania)? Iobath? Cheops/Khufu (Hoeh's theory)? Upe/Damascus? Hobab/Jethro/Yathrib?* Ayyubids?* Jawb/Jawa?* jebab ("a desert" Arabic)? Argob? JOG/ZOG? Jobab son of Joktan?* Jobab ben zerah/zare?* Dayr Ayyub (Palestinian village)? Joppa/Jaffa/TelAviv/Haifa? King Keret (prosperous, banquet, ill, lost all his family, by 2nd wife had 7 (or 8) sons)? Ayab (Arvad) / "Ayab" (prince of Pella, Amarna letters "1400" bc)? 'Iyyob (Syrian prince near Damascus)? Hobah? Zobah? Gobekli Tepe?* Mt Judi/Djoudi? Adiabene? Shuba? Humbaba/Huwawa "hugeness" "the terrible"?* "Ayyabum" (Mari texts)? Kubaba/Kubau (Kish 3 dynasty)?* Shubad (Ur 0 dynasty)? Gubi/Zubi (Gudea)? Tobit? zoub/zab/uzava (Persian king)? Jobabitae (near the Indian Sea, of Ptolemy)? Gobi?

Land of Uz/'ux/utz/uts/(')uwts/oots/ausis / sitis/sitidos ("fertile" / "wooded" / "take advice together, (to take) counsel, consult, plan"),
List of possible candidate matches includes:
Buto/Wadjet? Wawat? Land of Punt? Hud/Adites? al-Uzza? Bozrah?* Jebel Lawz? Luz? Uzu/Ushu/Tyre? Udum? Uz Ben Shem?* Gozan/Gauzanitis?* Uyts/Uz (Armenia)? Nuzi? Utnapishtim? Dumuzi/Tammuz? Uxu/Ukhu/Akshak?* Khuzistan/Susa? Uzbek (cf Nienhuis)? Oxus/Transoxania? Us(h)as? Oghuz? Utah/Utes?

Our 5 or 6 main candidate locations for Job/Jobab and/or the land of Uz/Buz are:
1. Midian/Lawz / Jawb/Medina/Arabia/Ayyubids
2. Edom/Bozrah
3. Syria/Aram/Sham/Tyre/Damascus/Hobah/Humbaba
4. Humbaba / Gobekli Tepe / Gozan
5. Kubaba/Kubau/Akshak/Kish.

Just in case you don't know who/where some of these are, before we post details on these 5 candidates, we will first give very briefest explanation of who/where a few of these persons/places are:

Humbaba/Huwawa is the "evil" enemy that the hero goes to conquer in the ancient 'Epic of Gilgamesh'.

Job isthe godly hero of book of Job in bible who undergoes a terrible ordeal for 7 days as a test of his loyalty to God.

GobekliTepe is a very ancient site near borders of south-east Turkey, north-east Syria and north Iraq. Gozan is an ancient place near here abit further east.

Kubau/Kubaba was a "queen" or "king" of ancient 3rd dynasty of Kish city in the Sumerian king-list. The section of the list has these dynasties in this order ... Kish 1, ... Kish 2, ... Kish 3, Akshak/Ukhu/Uxu/Upe, Kish 4, etc.

Hobah is site where Abraham beat the 4 kings (1 of who was Chedorlaomer) and rescued Lot in Genesis 14 in the bible.

Now here are some reasons why for each of the 5. (Note the use of ~ is as meaning "possibly might equal/match" . Can't use an = because that implies that we are sure, whereas we are not sure.)

1. Midian/Lawz / Jawb/Medina/Arabia/Sham/Ayyubids:

Job (by Moses?) ~ Jobab ~ Hobab / Jethro/Yathrib (MidianMedina)?

Job 7 sons (3 daughters) similar to Hobab/Jethro 7 daughters.

Job/Ayyub ~ Ayyubids?

Job ~ Jawb (in north Arabia)?

Uz ~ Lawz (compare Luz (Bethel)?

Uz comes between Egypt & Gaza in ... 25 verse 20.

Jebab means "desert" in Arab.

Job ~ Jobab son of Joktan who is often considered to be Arabs?

Arab goddess (al-)Uzza?

"Dedan, and Tema, and Buz" 25 v 24 comes just before "all the kings of Arabia, and all the kings of the mixed people who dwell in the wilderness" which is similar to "all the kings of the land of the Uz" which implies large region?

2. Edom/Bozrah:

Job ~ Jobab son of Zerah of Bozrah, son of Esau/Edom?

Uz ~ Buz ~ Bozrah?

"daughter of Edom, that dwell in the land of Uz" Lam. 4 v 21 , and Uz is considered by some scholars to be in Edom.

Uz son of Dishan son of Seir the Horite/Hivite in Edom.

3. Syria/Aram/Sham/Tyre/Damascus/Ugarit/Hobah/Humbaba:

'Uz ben Shem' "Uz son of Shem (or of Aram)" is the traditional 1st king at Damascus/Sham in Syria/Aram/Sham?

Uz ~ Uzu at Tyre?  Job ~ Upe?

Job/Jobab ~ Hobah (Gen 14) ~ Humbaba/Combabus (Syrian)?

Uz is in Edom (Bible). Edom & Aram / d & r are sometimes confused/confounded.

4. Humbaba / Gobekli Tepe / Gozan:

Job in Book of Job ~ Humbaba in Epic of Gilgamesh?

Job was a most Godly man ~ Humbaba considered evil/alien by ingodly/alien gentile/heathen/pagan Sumerians (compare Huwawa theorised to possibly be Y-HWH by one scholar)? (Also compare Job "called down evil on his day of birth"?)

Job ~ Jobab ~ Hobab ~ Humbaba/Huwawa?

Uz or Joktan ~ Gozan/Gauzan/Guzana?
Urfa, not far from Gobekli Tepe and Gozan, has a traditional claim of being place of Job's ordeal.
Humbaba was near Euphrates, GT is near 1 of sources of Euphrates.

Uz son of Shem/Aram/Nahor. Aram-Naharaim near the [2] rivers? Padan-Aram? Nairi?
Uz (& Togarmah) is "beyond the river Euphrates" (DSS).

land of Uz similar to land of Ur, and/or to "land of the living"?

Humbaba is Elamite or Syrian ~ Elam/Aram son of Shem?
Humbaba/Huwawa/Humban similar to Abel/Hevel in name & nature?
(Possibly compare Humbaba/Humban and Himinbiorg/Heaven?)

Uz "wooded" ~ forest of Humbaba?

Shuhite (Job) ~ Shuah which one scholar [Hrozny?] linked with Mitanni/Euphrates/Mesopotamia/Arabia area?

7 stone circles at Gobekli Tepe ~ 7 houses of 7 sons of Job?
7 sons of Job (& 7 days) ~ 7 splendor of Humbaba?

Gilgamesh seems have been about time of either Gomer, Chedorlaomer, Jacob, or Joseph, going by certain possible synchronous matches in the sources (eg Humbaba & Hobah?)

Elihu or Eliphaz possibly similar to Enkidu/Eabani?

Job can mean "howler", Humbaba said to "roar".

[Ishtar in epic of Gilgamesh possibly like Job's wife??]

Enlil (Epic of Gilgamesh) = Ellel/Ellil = Helel "Lucifer" vs El ('Isaiah') = Satan ('Job').

"Job's face" ~ face/head of Humbaba?

Job's house &/or eldest son's house ~ Humbaba's strong house of cedar?

Humbaba (face) a "monster" ["body covered thorny scales"] ~ Job boils from head to feet, his friends "did not recognise him"?

"Chaldeans" ['Kasdim' or 'Pekod'?] (Job 1-2) ~ Sumerian (Uruk, Gilgamesh Epic)?

"a great wind" (Job 1:19) ~ the "great wind(s)" / "8 winds" (epic of Gilgamesh).

Job had many thousands of livestock ~ Humbaba keeper of forest [animals]?

Job had large body of servants ~ "Humbaba ... & his servants"?

Humbaba had sister Ma-tur (which might be town Me-Turan) ~ Job had sister's (or Job's wife, or daughters)?

"region of the wilderness" (Job 1:19) (& Job can mean "desert") ~ "ranging through the wilderness" &/or "the mountain fell on the plain" (epic of Gilgamesh)?

"Dwelling(s) of the gods/anunnaki" (Gilgamesh) ~ "sons of god came before God" (Job)?

"a hedge about him and everything he has all around" (Job) is maybe simlar to Humbaba guardian of the forest [appointed by the god]?

"500 spans" &/or "spread abroad in the earth" (Job) ~ Humbaba's forest was "100 or 10,000 leagues in every direction" (Gilgamesh)?

Humbaba a "giant"/"moster" ~ Job "greatest of men of east"?

Job children banquets on their birthdays ~ ["band musicians & drummers daily" Humbaba?]

"the burial of site", &/or "the human sacrifice at another site", &/or "deliberately covered with earth" of Gobekli Tepe could possibly connect with Job story (death of sons, disease/sickness of Job, etc), and/or with Humbaba story ("uncovered the sacred dwellings of the anunnaki")?

One big difference of Job (bible) & Humbaba (Epic of Gilgamesh) though is Job wasn't killed but Humbaba was. Though the god was angry in both stories.
A difference between Job & Gobekli Tepe is maybe the shape of the houses?

[Possible candidates for Humbaba/Huwawa include: Ham, Abel, Eve, serpent, Yahweh, Job, Hobah, Gobekli Tepe, Combabus, Habuba, Kubaba, Humban (Elam), Hanuman.]

5. Kubaba/Kubau/Kish/Akshak:

Job ~ Jobab ~ Humbaba ~ Ku-baba/Kubau? (Or, Job ~ Ibbieia last king of Kish 2?)

Uz ~ Unzi/Ukusi or Uxu/Ukhu/Akshak?  Job ~ Upi/Opis?

Job 100 & 40 (+ x) years (& lower end of longevity) ~ Kubau 60 & 4(0) (= 100) years?

7 sons Job ~ about seven kings of the Kish (2/4) dynasty before/after Kish 3 dyn?
(2nd half of Kish 1 dyn possibly matches Peleg to Abraham? Kish 2 dyn possibly could be sons of Joktan? Kish 4 possibly 7 sons of Job?)

Job greatest of men of east ~ Kubau/Kubaba a king of Kish

Kubau either a woman or a man (& Bau/Baba/Bahu/Bakus either a goddess or god) ~ Job a man (&/or Job's wife &/or daughters)?

Kubau an "ale-house/tavern/inn keeper" ~ Job's house &/or "eating & drinking wine in the house of their brother" (Job 1:18)?

Though possibly Kubaba/Kubau might be linked with Jacob / Khufu//Khufwey/Cheops? :

Kubaba/Kubau 60 & 4(0) = 64/100 yrs.
Job 100 & 40 = 140 yrs.
Jacob(-el) "god/El protect" / "heel/usurp/supplant" 130 + 17 yrs = 147 yrs.
"Mighty one of Jacob" (Gen 49, Deut 33).
(Khnum-)Khufu / Hnmw-hfw / Hwj=f-wj-Hnmw "Khnum protect".
Khufwey/Cheops "protect" r 17 yrs.

[Is the name Isra-el possibly linked with se-Ra/sa-Re, or with Sneferu?]

There seems to be a confirmed transposition of Egyptian & Biblical names:
Khufwey/Khufu/Cheops ~ Jacob/James ~ Kocab?
Ra-hotep ~ Potiphera?

References for Job/Uz:/Jobab
Books of Genesis, ,Job, Sirach, Ezekiel, James in the Bible.
Septuagint (Lxx).
Oxford Companion to Bible.
War Scroll, Dead Sea Scrolls
Testament of Job
Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (Charlesworth).
Local traditions.
Herman Hoeh
Bahai writings.
Doctrine & Covenants.

Refs for Humbaba:
Chapter 'Forest Journey' of the Epic of Gilgamesh.
[Website article about Huwawa & Yahweh which i not got link for.]

Refs for Gobekli Tepe:
Allempires forum topic/thread posts.
Hancock forum topic/thread posts.

Refs for Gozan:
Maps etc in various sources

Refs for Kubau/Kubaba / Kish / Upi / Unzi / Akshak:
Sumerian King List.
'Makers of Civilisation' by LA Waddell.

Refs for Hobab/Jethro/Yathrib:
The (Holy) Bible.

Just in case people  find our writing written to not understandable here are keys to abbreviations etc:

DSS = Dead Sea Scrolls.
dyn = dynasty.
GT = Gobekli Tepe
ref(s)= reference(s)
Y-HWH = Yahweh/Jehovah with the supposed Hwh element indicated.
yrs = years
"Kish 2/3/4 (dynasty)" = 2nd/3rd/4th dynasty of Kish
~ = may possibly equal/match
& = and

Variant versions of same or synonymous names/persons/places which appear in article:
Humbaba = Huwawa
Kubau = Kubaba (Kish 3 dyn)
Bau = Baba = Bahu = Bakus
Uxu = Ukhu = Akshak (~ Upi = Opis)
Unzi = Ukusi (Akshak dynasty)
Abel = Hevel.
Cheops = Khufu/Khufwey
Sitis = Sitidos (said to = Uz)
Medina = Yathrib = Jethro = Hobab
It is thought by some scholars that Job may be same as Jobab.

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