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Distinction between Akkadians and Sumerians

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    Posted: 12-Apr-2016 at 04:58
Hello everybody,

I have recently developed a great interest for the Mesopotamian civilization. When I read some transcriptions from Sumerian or Akkadian texts, one thing that strikes me is that they never mentioned any ethnic identity, for any one. Like they never say, "XXX, who is an Akkadian" (or the designation of the time for the Akkadians).

If there were speakers of the two languages in Mesopotamia at the time, I find it strange that they would not define their identity in terms of belonging to one or the other language communities (even if the two communities lived in total harmony). Or maybe their way of thinking was so different from ours that they really didn't care ? Maybe they were all bilingual, but then what's the point of having two languages.

I know that the Sumerians seemed to call themselves the "black headed people" - sag gig ga, but was it a way to designate the Sumerian-speaking people, or all the inhabitants of  southern Mesopotamia ?

I'm a total beginner on the subject, so I may be a bit naive. And also excuse my English Smile

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Quite a few ancient Mediterranean and Middle Eastern civilisations flourished in territories where J2 lineages were preponderant. This is the case of the Hattians, the Hurrians, the Etruscans, the Minoans, the Greeks, the Phoenicians (and their Carthaginian offshoot), the Israelites, and to a lower extent also the Romans, the Assyrians and the Persians. All the great seafaring civilisations from the middle Bronze Age to the Iron Age were dominated by J2 men.

It basically tells you why Middle east is a shit hole today. It is dominated by sub humans. It proves that the modern middle eastern are not the original people of ancient Mesopotamia.

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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 03-Jul-2016 at 05:40

I was going to post a reply but i held off because i am unsure and don't want to be made a fool of by myself or others if i post wrong (as i am uncertain of this question). If/when 'Sharrukin' was/is here he would be able to answer.

The first poster's comment that no mentioned ethnic identity distinctions/labels (between Sumerian & Akkadian) is interesting. Perhaps it connects with Tower of Babel of Genesis (10 &) 11, and Sumeria does seem abit like the common original place of peoples (eg the "4 regions"?)

There doesn't seem much doubt that there were (2) different peoples in Babylonia at times. Baker (& Coon?) mentions 2 types found in Sumerian city site, 1 is like Combe-Capelid, and the other is Mediterranean (though some say he is a "racist" scholar, though other sources like Coon seem to confirm).
There were differences in language etc such as Sumerians had feminine-masculine while Akkadians had masculine-feminine (i think one example was "stones and fire" and "fire and stones").
From my own tentative research there is a seeming possibility of a correspondence between Kish & Uruk, and Shem & Ham, and Chandra-vansa & Surya-vansa??

sarku/[shutu?] "light" & admu "dark" (ref G Massey 'Bk of beginnings')
sumer/kiengin & akkad/ki-uri/uri-ki/semitic
combe-capelid & mediterranid (ref JR Baker 'Race'; Coon; etc)
shinar/nimrod & asshur/nimrod (ref Genesis 10)
babylonia & assyria
euphrates & tigris
gilgamesh/izdubar & enkidu/eabani (ref Epic of Gilgamesh)
amurru/ma(r)tu/akharru & marratu
matriarchal & patriarchal (ref AH Sayce)
dolicho & brachy/armenoid (ref B Hrozny; etc)
solar & lunar

amelu/awelum, mushkinu, wardum/slaves
mosul, baghdad, basra
egypt, israel, mesopotamia (ref Bible prophet)
Sumerian, Semite, Japhethite/IE (refs VG Childe; Langdon?)?

elam/east, shinar/south, ellasar/north, goiim/west (ref Genesis 14)
babel, erech, akkad, calneh (Genesis 10)
havilah/pison, cush/gihon, asshur/tigris, euphrates (Genesis)
Akkad/uri, Elam, Subartu/suedin&gutium, Amurru/phoenicia (ref Heidel; Ragozin?)
Shubur/east, Sumer/sth, Uri/Akkad/nth, Martu/west (ref Enmerkar ...)
Tigris, Euphrates, Surappi, Ukni
"king of the 4 quarters"
nergal/lion, marduk/bull, nebo/human, ninurta/eagle

Presumably "black-headed" people must refer to either
- black/dark hair (like Chinese, Jews); or
- dark skin; or
(- black/dark eyes?? or)
- figurative/allegorical/mythological/religious/spiritual/"concept of deity".

(The mark of Cain? Nimrod was Hamite/Cushite? The name of the "dark" Admu is related to Adam "red/earth/man".)

I don't think you should call people sub-humans ChildrenofMala'Kak (though i am tempted to call the people that poison our water and food such names, and the person that attacked me with a virus via pm on apricity forum). (I would suggest you edit that out if you don't want to risk being suspended by mods/admin.)

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