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Book of Mormon names origins

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    Posted: 02-Mar-2016 at 05:00

(I wasn't sure whether to put this in this sub-forum or in the Tavern sub-forum?)

(I was going to post this in my next email Newsletter later in March/April but i decided to post it here now because having heart pains, and othe reasons.)

Book of Mormon names origins.

I have read the Book of Mormon and can say that there is no doubt that the Book of Mormon is not genuinely Judaeo-Christian (for example Nephi slaying Laban is not very "Christian"), and not genuine American ancient history, and not genuine lost tribes (only a few families, Manasseh is from British Israelites).

There was a topic on a net/web group about "Where Did Joseph Smith Jnr get the Book of Mormon names (Mormon, Moroni, Cumorah, etc) from?" Suggestions there included the Classical Mormo ghosts, moron, more money, Yormon-rkkr/Ermanrich.

A commonly known/accepted theory is that the Book of Mormon was stolen from Solomon Spaulding's 'Manuscript Found'. I and others have compared the 2 texts and there doesn't seem all that much similarity, though there are some seeming possible similarities (including just a few names eg Mormon and/or Moroni could be from Mammoons and/or Moonrod?) It is claimed though that there was also another different lost 'Manuscript Found' of Spaudling's. Barry Smith in his book ['Final Warning' or '2nd Warning'] said Joseph Smith took things from Ms Fnd, Shakespeare, the AV/KJV, etc.

There is also a common theory of connection with the Comoros islands because of a few similarities: Cumorah ~ Comoros, Moroni ~ Moroni capital city of Comoros, plates ~ Captain Kidd's pirate treasure. However, there otherwise doesn't seem any much further connections with Comoros. It may be coincidence, or it may be designed conflation.

TR Welling seems to say/suggest that the Book of Mormon is connected with the Trojan War (the Iliad). I haven't seen his book but he might mean that Mormon(s) may be from  Myrmidon(s) (or Memnon?)

I have seen at least 4 main theories of where the book of Mormon places are located:
1- spanning all of both South America and North America;
2 - just in the vicinity of New York state & the Great Lakes triangle;
3 - just in Central America / Mexico area;
4 - [somewhere in Asia?]

Over the last number of years we have found many possible origins or connections of Book of Mormon names, but we haven't necessarily found anything very certain or definite. The Book of Mormon is maybe still stumping. It could be that Spaudling or Smith just made-up the names etc from their head, and subconsciously from the KJV etc, like fiction writers, and abit like modern charismatic pentecostal "tongues".

We will here & now give some of our own found possible connections or origins of some Book of Mormon names.

Moroni could be an anagram of Solomon (Spaulding) [remove the So-, interchange l & r, transpose the lo/ro & mo). Spaulding 1823 is almost exactly 1400 years after Moroni 421, and/or Moroni reappearing in 1823 matches Spaulding 1823.
And/or Moroni could be anagram of Geronimo/Jerome/Hieronymus/Hieronimo [remove the Ge-, shift the mo from end to front]. Jerome/Vulgate is same date(s) as Moroni (400-421), and Geronimo (1829-1909) was just after 1st Book of Mormon pubishing in 1830.
Perhaps compare Irish name Moloney "([illegitimate] son of the) servant of the church [a priest]", or "(descendant of a) devotee of the church [a priest]".
Moroni could be anagram of Monroe. One or more of the Mormon witnesses had connection with town/city Monroe. The Monroe doctrine was about the same year/time as date 1st Book of Mormon published. (Or compare Romney?)
Verona (close to the same date)? Vernon?
Moroni could be from Moroni the capital of Comoros islands.
Enlgish moron?
Moroni is possibly abit similar to Malachi?
Moroni could be from the "only son" Moonrod of 'Manuscript Found'?
St Laurent du Maroni?
[?Or from the Molones of Classical?]
English maroon(ed)?

Mormon is claimed/supposed to be from English more [or Mor "love"] + Egyptian Mon "good"/"firmly established", but how could it be from English if Book of Mormon dates from Americas before 421?
A few years ago we thought that Mor(e)-mon seemingly maybe from anagram of Roman ["Rom(e)-man"] (or Norman?).
Like Welling's theory, another possible match of ours was Myrmidon(s), or Memnon?
Mormon could be from Palmyra + Vermont (or Norwich + Vermont), which places are connected with history of Smith, the Book of Mormon and/or Mormons/Mormonism?
Mormon could be from Mammoons (Manuscript Found), or Moonrod (Manuscript Found) (which itself may be from Nimrod/Menrot)? Compare the Rods-men?
[1807 battle moremonui/muskets?]
Mormon could be from Germanic emperor Yormon-rkkr/Ermanrich (of saga of Dietrich of Bern) who was close to the same time (though maybe a hundred years out)?
Mormon might be from the Mormo ghosts of Classical myth?
(Waters of) Mormon could be from anagram of (Waters of) Nimrim (or Rimmon?), with switch of o for i?
Mormon ~ Mer-man (male version of Mer-maid)?
English more money? Enlgish moron? Murmur(er(s)) (in the Wilderness/Sinai)?

Cumorah/Ka-mor'a hill:
English come more? Latin cum ...?
(Sodom &) Gomorrah
Comoros islands?
Cormorant (Isaiah)?
Sumeru/Meru / Moriah?
Celtic Gomrath?
AMORC (Rosicrucians)?
Camora (Italian mafia organisation)?

Lehi(te(s)) could be from Levi(te(s)).
Lehi could possibly be Leif (Ericson). If we move 421 to 1830 then the date of Lehi is not too far out from the date of Leif or of Eric (though may not be since the dates are maybe a 100 or 200 years out).
John D Lee?
Elia(ki)m (in Old Testament, who the Papists claim that the Pope is the successor of, and who is maybe near the same time)?
Eli? Heli? Elohim/Eloi?
Pope Leo 12?

Napoleon? [Leb-qmai?]

Nephi could be from Necho('s fleet circumnavigating Africa, both same date 600 bc). (Nephi's boat & sea crossing is maybe also similar to Noah? Kneph (Egyptian god similar to Noah)? Napi ("old man", Blackfoot/Algonquin deity)?) (Or from Nebo/Nebuchadnezzar?)
Nephi could be from Nephilim "fallen, giants" of Genesis 6. (Some people in Book of Mormon pictures have giant features.) Nephesh "soul"?
Possibly the name Nephi could from of Cephas (Peter) and/or Nero? (The first 40+ "popes" match the Roman emperors, and the popish "Cephas/Peter" really matches Nero & Caesar.) Nephi is described similar to how Peter is in Matthew 16. (Nephi is first book of Christian era in Bk of Mormon, like Matthew in Bible.) Nicea?
Phoenician? Phinehas?
Negue/Ingaevon ("Nennius"/'Historia Britonum', 'Plain Truth' article)?

Strangely/coincidentally, Laman and the dark Lamanites are maybe similar to the "black/negro" Olmecs from Olman.
Lemuria ("black/negro" in New Age)?
Law-man? Roman?
Lamack ('Manuscript Found')?

Irreantum sea:
The sea Irreantum may be garbled version of (the Latin name [mare Internum?] for) the Mediterranean.

Zarahemla/Zer-a-hem'la/[Zera'hemla "seed of compassion"?]:
~ Jerusalem? (or Bethlehem? or Samaria/Shechem? or Carmel? or Jarahmeelites? or Jeremiah?)

Sidon river
~ Siota (Manuscript Found)?

Ethan Smith? Ephesus / Ephesians? Esther? Aether?

Tenoch(titlan)? [Chanowk/Henoch/]Enoch (Genesis)? Enosh? Zeno brothers (pre-Columbian trans-Atlantic voyagers)? Zen Buddhism?

Metal Plates:
Joseph *Smith*?
Captain Kidd's pirate treasure (Comoros)?
Compare the plates in the Atlantis Account?

"Jesus Christ":
"Jesus Christ" of Bk of Mormon could be either:
Lucifer, the angel of light;
Quetzalcoatl/Kukulcan/Gucumatz/Votan/Bochica, "the white god";
Jesus Christ;
Julius/Augustus Caesar (like the Papal "Jesus" is Augustus);
Christopher Columbus (move the date 421 ad to 1823 ad);
the Antichrist.

(* Note to some of our candidate connections: the four main dates of the Bk of Mormon are 600 bc, 0/1 ad/ce, 421 ad, 1823/1830 ad. Moroni was 400-421, and/or Moroni was 1823, so it could be possible that "421 ad" is really 1823, thus moving the dates 600bc-0ce/1ad-421 forward 1400 years?)

There is also a question of whether Mormonism may possibly be a secret Vatican conspiracy, or not?

It is said that Joseph Smith Senior &/or Junior were (Free)Masons, and some people claim that Mormonism is masonic. The Book of Mormon possibly counters this since it speaks against "Secret Combinations" (Masons? Opus Dei?)?

We have noticed some possible hints/clues that the Book of Mormon was possibly a Vatican/Papal conspiracy (of Spaulding?). Though, on the other hand some Book of Mormon doctrines are different to Catholic ones, and Smith/Spaulding had protestant/nonconformist connections (plus, the possible Monroe doctrine link may also suggest that not Catholic but independent).

Some possible hints/clues of Vatican/Papal/Catholic/Roman connection:
- The description of Nephi is very similar to that of Peter & the keys in Matthew 16 (which the Papists use to "prove" the "authority" of the bishop of Rome).
Book of Mormon intro also mentions "key-stone" which could link with Papal keys of Peter?
White hair (like "Peter"), bushy beard (like "Peter" & Nero & Caesar), and white garment (like popes) in the Bk of Mormon's pictures might be subtle clues/hints?
- Romans in America in 'Manuscript Found' (which some reckon Joseph Smith junior plaigiarised).
- Mormon could be from Roman, though this doesn't seem likely to us anymore.

Joseph Smith jnr being called "the Prophet" connects with 'the Prophet' of Moses' prophecy (who was Jesus, and who John Baptist said he was not, and who Mohammed claimed to be) which connects (Mohammed, and Smith) with the False Prophet of the New/Old Testament prophecy (the partner of the Antichrist/Beast).

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  Quote red clay Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 02-Mar-2016 at 09:15
AR, re Romans in America, check out the Tucson Artifacts. Also, Roman Brickwork on some Aztec monuments.

The Tucson Artifacts were excavated in the late 20's early 30's by archeaologists from the Uni. of Arizona and other science based folks.

After being ignored for decades, they have been deemed genuine by recent examinations. They indicate a substantial Roman presence in the 7th and 8th cents.

"Arguing with someone who hates you or your ideas, is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what move you make, your opponent will walk all over the board and scramble the pieces".
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  Quote Arthur-Robin Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 03-Mar-2016 at 03:23
Thanks Red, that is interesting. I saw that there was/were also Roman coin/s found somewhere in Americas too.
It is also interesting how some things branded "pseudo-history/-science" are sometimes not necessarily so. (Tucson artifacts is/was in wikipedia pseudo-history pages list, along with Ron Wyatt, etc.)

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