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Mongol DNA in Caucasian, Europeans, West Asian ect

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    Posted: 15-Nov-2012 at 21:46
I want to make an thread about the genetic influence of Mongolians around the world and their descendants.

Genetics tell us Kazakhs, Hazara, Crimean Tatars were mostly the result of Mongoloid men (Y-DNA) who mated with Indo-European women (mtDNA).  Uyghurs, Uzbeks, Kygyz are mostly the result of Indo-European men (Y-DNA) and Mongoloid women (mtDNA). Mongolian Caucasian mtDNA is 14.3% AND Y-DNA is 6%. So It would seem Central Asia have been heavily shaped from Intermarriage and assimilation. These Mongol hybrids can also be found the Hazara of middle east, and the Nogai of southern Russia and Caucasus but not in the rest of Europe.

Autosomal DNA

Kazakhs, Kyrgyz are the most mongoloid being from 60-75% Mongoloid
Uzbeks on average 42-47% Mongoloid, some are 30-40% or 60-70%. Mongoloid
Uyghurs on average 50-52% Mongoloid, some are 46 - 60% Mongoloid
Turkmen on average are 16% Mongoloid, some are 27-31% Mongoloid

Haplogroup C3 in the world

C3 6-12% Northern China 
C3 11-16% Koreans
C3 Hazara in Pakistan 40% O3 8%
C3 Hazara in Afghanistan 33.33% O3 1.57% 
C3 Tajiks in Afghanistan 3.57% , O3 9%
C3 Pasthun in Afghanistan 2.56%
C3 Pasthun in Afghanistan 5%
C3 Assyrians in Iran 2.6%
C3 Bandari in Iran 0.8%
C3 Manzandarani in Iran 1.4%
C3 Zoroasterian in In ran 2.6%
C3 Bengalis in West Bengal 3.2%
C3 Indian in new Dehli 0.6%
C3 Hunza 5% and O3 5%
C3 Russians 0.2% or 0.7%

[SIZE="3"]Iran ethnic minority groups


Rovslav 0.9%
Belgorod 0.7%

Central Russian total 0.2%
Southern Russian total 0.2%

North Caucasus / East Europeans

North East Caucasian ethnic

Tabasaran 43 samples, 3 C3 = 6.97% 

North West Caucasian ethnic

Adyghe 154 samples, 1 C3c and 3 C3 = 2.59%
Cherkessians 126 sampes, 1 C3 = 0.79%
Karbadin 140 samples, 3 C3 = 2.40%

North East Central Caucasian ethnic

Kuban Nogays 87 samples , 5 C3 and 2 C3c and 3 O3 = 11.49% 
Kara Nogays 76 samples, 8 C3 and 4 O3 = 15.78%

South Caucasus

Abazinians 14 samples, 1 C3 = 7%

Afghanistan and Pakistan ethnic minority

" Afghanistan's Ethnic Groups Share a Y-Chromosomal Heritage Structured by Historical Events"

"Haplogroup C3 in Uzbeks (41.18%) and Hazaras (33.33%) than it was in Tajiks (3.57%) and Pashtuns (2.04%). On the other hand, R1a1a-M17 was significantly more frequent (p = 3.00×10−6) in Pashtuns (51.02%) and Tajiks (30.36%) than in Uzbeks (17.65%) and Hazaras (6.67%). RM networks of C3-M217 (Figure S1A) and R1a1a-M17 "

Haplogroup C3 and O3 

Uzbeks/ Afghanistan 41.18% C3 + 5.9% O3 

Hazara/ Pakistan 40% C3 + 8% O3

Hazaras/ Afghanistan 33.33% C3 + O3 2.56%

Tajiks/Afghanistan 3.57% C3 + O3 9%

Pashtuns Afghanistan 2.04% C3

Pashtun Pakistan 5% C3

Tatars ( Russian ethnic minority )


C3 it's found highest at 17% at highest
O it's found highest at 6% at highest
N-P43 it's found highest at 3% highest

N-tat = N1c1, it's found from as low as 3% to as high as 65% ( I'm not sure if this spread by Finno ugric or by Yakuts or Uralic people, at least some of them)

Mongolian themselves are genetically 81-95% Mongoloid, east Mongolians being almost 100% Mongoloid and West Mongolians being a bit over 81% Mongoloid. 

C3 is found highest in Siberia, Mongolian, Manchus, Eskimo, Inuits. It's founds in Koreans, Chinese, Japanese. All of Central Asian Turkic, Tajiks, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Turkey, Southern Russia, Caucasus. It's found in highest in the Hazara of middle east, the Nogais of Caucasus and the Crimean Tatars of East europe in Ukraine. The Kazakhs have very high C3 as do the Uzbeks of Afghanistan.

Mongolian hybrids


mtDNA  52% West Eurasian, 13% South Asian/Indian, 35% East Asian
Y-DNA  48%-52% East Asian 40% C3, 8% O3. West Eurasian and South Asian make up the rest.

Many Hazara appearance can range from middle easterner, European, mongoloid.

Nogais are descendants from the golden horde.

East Asian Y-DNA 19-25% like 13% C3, 6% O3, D 6%, East Asian mtDNA 39%

Crimean Tatars 

East Asian Y-DNA 19% like 9% C3, 5% O, 5% O3. West Eurasian mtDNA 100%.

Appearance of some Crimean Tatars look mixed with mongoloids

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  Quote Raion Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 24-Sep-2017 at 17:57
Very interesting work. However, I assure you Hazaras have more Mongoloid DNA than that of Uzbeks. Uzbeks come from the Turks, with of course larger portions of Mongoloid DNA than Tajiks and Pashtuns. Hazaras are direct descendants of Mongols. Also, this varies from tribe to tribe. Some Hazarat tribes, for example, should see more J2 blood coming from Iran. Also, the Eurasian DNA varies. The quantity is a little unbelievably large to be from my family since we all look Chinese/Mongoloid like.
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I wouldn't make much of what was posted, butler king was banned for a reason.
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