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January 09 Newsletter

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Topic: January 09 Newsletter
Posted By: Knights
Subject: January 09 Newsletter
Date Posted: 01-Jan-2009 at 01:27
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http:// - - Community Newsletter January 2009

The All Empires Community Newsletter is back in action, after almost 18 months of hibernation. The plan is for the newsletter to once again become a monthly installment.

Staff News

Throughout 2008, numerous staff joined the ranks – both as moderators and editors.

Knights is now forum_posts.asp?TID=26204 - of All Empires, joining Northman. The most recent additions to the mod-squad are King Kang of Mu and Edgewaters. Both of the new moderators are worthy of their position and we are glad to have them on board.

ity News

In early December 2008, the All Empires Community reached over forum_posts.asp?TID=26003 - . This is a monumental milestone, possibly qualifying us as the most active and international history-based community online!

Another initiative put in place by the AE Administration is the new forum_posts.asp?TID=26040&FID=1&PR=3 - - All Empires Store . Personalised and general items are both on the agenda, and the mugs seem to be incredibly popular! Pay a visit and check out the store.

A fresh form of amusement was introduced in late 2008 to AE – Mortal Avatar Kombat. The brainchild of Seko, this amusing contest saw various prominent members’ avatars go head to head in a round robin tournament. forum_posts.asp?TID=26033 - , between Northman’s ‘All Seeing Eye’ and Knights’ ‘Assassin’ is still in progress.

2008 also saw the return of the Total Quiz. forum_posts.asp?TID=24769&KW=Total+Quiz+XVII - took place between July 17th and 20th, and saw the return of some of the game’s greats. After an epic struggle, DSMyers1 managed to achieve top spot, answering all questions correctly. Gcle2003 and Justinian came in a close 2nd and 3rd. Congratulations to all participants.  

2009 looks to be a promising year in many regards. Total Quiz is set to make a blockbuster return, and all the exciting happenings on AE will be packaged for your convenience in a monthly newsletter like this.

Forum Spotlight

This month I spoke to budding historian Aster Thrax Eupator, about the Ancient Mediterranean subforum. Here is what he had to say:

The Ancient Mediterranean forum is admittedly not the most active, and fairly small, but this is more than compensated for in the quality of the regular contributors that we have. The Ancient Mediterranean forum doesn't only cover the civilisations of Greco-Roman antiquity, but also covers some of the lesser know and to many, lesser researched civilisations such as the Carthaginians, Diadochi kingdoms and the tribespeople of northern Europe. A well-known geo-cultural fact is that there is not one continent that does not have a city called Rome, and thus, it hardly needs saying that renewed interpretation, research and understanding of the culture that fostered our own is in many respects essential to an understanding of many other areas of history. Contraversial issues such as the Parthenon marbles and the ethnic legacy of classical Greece are consistently researched with a high level of intellectual zeal and excellence. As students are well aware, the distinct difference in methodology and historiography between modern and ancient history mean that the ancient Mediterranean section is constantly updated on fascinating archeological discoveries from around the Mediterranean and Middle East; some prominent examples include discussions on the mysterious indo-Bactrian kingdom, the phaistos disk and Archaic Italian weaponry. Small numbers, but excessive quality seems to be the maxim for the ancient medditeranian forum, and it is perhaps testament to the period that despite its historical and archeological mystery, it captivates the minds of members today as it did to figures such as Jaques Carrey hundreds of years ago.

I highly recommend the two topics - "becoming a roman centurion" ( and a long-running debate on the possible Anatolian origins of Minoan civilisation (

Post of the Month

Parnell pulled out an excellent wry remark in a thread recently, and thus gets the coveted post of the month!

forum_posts.asp?TID=26156&PID=492935%23492935 - - See Parnell's post

To nominate a post for post of the month, simply visit this link:

forum_posts.asp?TID=13316&PN=3 -

Hot Topic

A number of exciting and interesting threads abound on All Empires, but here is my pick for the hottest topic at present:

  •   forum_posts.asp?TID=26256&PN=1 - Israel attack Gaza, December 2008

Picture of the Month

Picture of the month goes to a painting of the supremely talented King Kang of Mu. Some of his handiwork is displayed in the forum_posts.asp?TID=435&PID=493101#493101 - thread, in the Tavern Stickies.

Hope you all have a very happy New Year, and a fantastic 2009!


- Knights -

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