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Dogbert sums it up

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Topic: Dogbert sums it up
Posted By: gcle2003
Subject: Dogbert sums it up
Date Posted: 20-Dec-2008 at 18:51
I wasn't sure where to post this, but Scott has the situation with 'toxic' assets so well sewn up I decided to put it where it might be taken more seriously:

Posted By: pikeshot1600
Date Posted: 21-Dec-2008 at 00:59
For those of you not familiar with the comic strip Dilbert, check into it.  In sardonic format, this is as close to business reality/Catch 22/insanity as it gets.
Dilbert:  the unfulfilled, hopeless employee consigned to "Cubicle Hell."
Dogbert:  the quintessential "Consultant"/tech support troll/financial "expert."
Catbert:  the Evil Director of Human Resources.
Ratbert:  Hmmmm, can't really remember.  Big smile
Wally:  the ultimate survivor.  He does nothing; isn't responsible for anything; always manages to stay out of the line of fire, and always survives.  Wally is the happiest character in Dilbert.
The Boss:  the ultimate boss.  He knows nothing; dumps on everyone; is terrified of upper management; gets paid a lot to do all of the above.
Scott Adams is the cartoonist.  The best insight into the insanity of business existence.

Posted By: Leonidas
Date Posted: 31-Mar-2009 at 12:31
came across this dogbert on a US blog. hilarious.


Posted By: ConradWeiser
Date Posted: 01-Apr-2009 at 14:04
You forgot Lucy

Another year! Another deadly blow!
Another mighty empire overthrown!
And we are left, or shall be left, alone.
-William Wordsworth

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