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Greatest Armour??

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    Posted: 16-Feb-2007 at 08:54
You're right about the process of making them Eondt and ataman-there is a greate paintig(i dont know who painted it) that shows the french cavalry at waterloo under the fire of english grenadiers and the curassiers are simply dieing like dogs(if the breastplate was bulletproof the wouldn't LOL),and i agree that it was the bayonets that stopped the cavalry,or more correctly the triple line formation of the british,but a big number of the cavalry died before they even reached the grenadiers(and i've read this one-not assuming it from the painting).
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i personally think that the Samurai "sword" are more of knifes than sword
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Well I think Gothic armor was one of the best ever!! But all in all I think its the western world that always had the best armor for their troops!! Look the Greeks had the best armor for their time, the Romans too. No one can camper their armors at the time, well I have to say I think the mid-east and India came close and were reveals on armor technologies! Anyways  your average Roman and Greek soldier had very good armor. The same can go thru history in the west. Your average soldier in the west was and are still well equipped and armored.
  Roman helmets is uniquely designed. This helmet stretches down to the neck (built in neck guard) providing protection to the back and sides part of the neck, also two pieces that protected cheeks (Cheek guards), their is a type of steel visor built on. The steel visor protects you from heavy weapons, and also from weapons going across your face at least downward and also from the sun.
As you can see these helmets were very advance. As for the Imperial Italic this helmet was a improved Imperial Gallic type, as you can see the cross on the helmet. The cross made the skull of the helmet stronger, the cross was like a type of support

The Roman Lorica Segmentata Armor Smile

The Segmentata Armor was very flexible and gave good strong protection. The Segmentata waste is about 15 or 17lbs. depending witch type (theres 3 types of this Segmentata Armor). It will provide protection against missiles, speeders, swords and etc. This armor was perhaps the strongest armor in the world in ancient times, at least between the cuirass. The Segmentata can stop a ballista bolt in a closer distance then other armors and even the other armors can not stop the ballista bolt in a farther distance then the Lorica Segmentata. Oh and the Lorica Segmentata was more flexible then the Cuirass




I believe this is the one that was faster and easier to produce

The Western world has the most sophisticated armors and helmets in the world. With such armor you were nearly invincible! Plate armor was the strongest armor made.  Plate armor was used widespread by European armies not just knights it was widely used in the 1470s-1500s or even up to very early 1700s
As you can see in my likes Camper the Infantry men with the knights. They look the same, but most knights had full armor wile the infantry men were still heavily armored or medium armoredTongue

Look at thisa Knight!
Steel plate armor played in a important roll, it was the strongest type of armor ever made manly Gothic types and gave more tactics to use as in armored warfare, and their are different types of armored warfare Also steel plate armor can stop some firearms shots until the musket.
hears ne on Armored warfare!  Video: Roman Testudo
Originally posted by Top Gun

Originally posted by xi_tujue

Originally posted by Athanasios

Oh, come on ... i wrote impressive not the most effective. Samurai were killing machines , much more skillful than the westerners of the time.

Samurais are only effective vs other samurais there blades couldn pierce any kind of armour besides leather armour.

so NO

realy I thought samurais where always superior above all other swordfighters

I think they were good but not the best. 

Samurais were more isleted wile Knights and others fought agenst different peoples

Look how this Knight use his armor as a part of his fighting stile!! Armor, weapons, and fighting stiles goes to gethor in the west. Armor was not just some think a man just ware in battle!  

Look at this Video!  Smile
I think the mid-east came close and were reveals on armor technologies!  Just look at the cool looking mid-east Muslim armor next to the cool looking Christen armor!   Look at this Video! 
Chain-mail was a very well armor too. Arabs historians describe European soldiers and knights walking around just fine in Jerusalem with a dozen arrows on them.

Chain Mail is bettor for hand to hand combat then the Lamellar armor or Scale Armor . Chain Mail provides excellent protection against slashes, chops, good agents thrust, and pretty good agents missiles. Chain mail is vulnerable against spears I think. I believe it is also the most flexible armor made! It is over all lightweight, wing about 13 lbs. to 30 lbs. the heaviest depending what type of Chain Mail and how much you cover your self. But I think the Roman Lorica Hamata wing about 20 or 25lbs. I think Chain Mail came from the Gals or the Goths not so shore were though. But its from Europe some were.

Look at this Video!  
These men are going slow to show you how its done!

This two videos are to give you all a peek in true western stile of fighting.



PEOPLE OFTEN THINK that plate armor is clumsy and stiff. But if it were, it would be little use on the battlefield. In fact, a man in armor could do just about anything a man can do when not wearing it. The secret lies in the way armourers made the plates so that they could move with each other and with the wearer. Some plates were attached to each other with a rivet, which allowed the two parts to pivot (turn) at that point. Others were joined by not in a round hole but in a slot,so the two plates could move in and out.internal leather connecting straps,called leathers, also allowed this type of movement. Tube-shaped plates could also have flaned edge or projecting rim, to fit inside the edege of another tubular plate sothat they could twist around.

A suit weighed about 44-55lbs (20-25kg), and the weight was sread over the body so that a strong man could run, lie down, or mout a horse unaided in his aromr. Stories of cranes being used to winch knights into the saddle are pure fantasy


Their are 5 different types of Sallets that I know of but 3 out of 5 had the same thing going on. The 5 different are I personally like to label them as.

The Open Sallet

The Sallet or Basic Sallet 

 I happen to have this same exacted one hear! And yes with the same exacted Bevor.                                           

Closed Sallet

Wide Visor Sallet

Sallets with bevors provides excellent protection for the sides, back, and front parts of neck as you can see. And yes Sallets and other helmets were frequently worn with a bevor, which provided protection for the front and lower part of the face. The Sallet needed no breathing holes because in the ready position, there was a natural gap where it overlapped the bevor near the wearer's mouth. With personal experience this helmet actually improved airflow! This helmet was popular with both the knight and regular infantry for a long, long time. Oh and most Sallets can be used in Jousting to my knowledge.
Roman Arm Manica flexible arm defense. This Roman armed defense will be just like any armor, protection against swords, arrows, and etc.
There are many types of Jousting helmets but this is one of them and the most use I assume. I think these rite hear are capable for using in foot combat as well. As you can see, jousting helmets like most others and the Bevor have a slope or a pointed jaw or nose (the visor on this one), but unlike most others the Jousting helmets were very sloped and pointed to bettor deflect blows as well as arrows, spears, bolts, a lance, and any other weapons...
Some Kettle-hats
General info: there are so many different types, even the Byzantines use them

Kettle-hats have a wide brim to deflect arrows and spearheads from above.


Visor Kettle-hat

Steel Gauntlets and Medieval Leather gloves

With Steel Gauntlets and Leather gloves troops and knights were capable of disarming their appoints. Also using other parts of the swords by grabbing their won blades as well It also gave bettor grip to the user.

It is know doubt that Leather gloves apishly Steel Gauntlets gave a level of defense to the user.

Horse's armor and Kinght's armor. (Europe)
 A= Byzantine Calvaryman and Turkish armor looks similar. B and C=West European armor (Europe)
 Mongol%20heavy%20cavalryman%20wearing%20lamellar%20armour.(Islam and India ) Agen I think the mid-east and India came close and were reveals on armor technologies!
Western armor are very, very advanced, modern designers look to them and make modern armor and padding based on them like the British helmets of WW1 and WW2 look like the Kettle-hat. Swiss and German helmet, its based off Roman and Sallet helmets from Roman and medieval times, American Football armor and biker armor is based off the medieval armors. Funny thing is the modern American helmet is based off German helmets. 
The best helmets, body armors, and armored vehicles are still to day in the western world!

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Kevlar Armour is the best!?!Look at this man is dancing with it!?!
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